Some people prefer coziness over luxury when choosing their holiday accommodation. Bodrum guesthouses are ideal for those who want to experience both coziness and luxury. The guesthouses in Bodrum are usually located close to the center and therefore they are preferred by people who rather spend their time exploring outdoors and having fun instead of spending time at the place of accommodation. Our guesthouse suggestions will be useful when you are planning your holiday in Bodrum.  

Bodrum Pansiyon Tavsiyeleri
 L’onda Oda Bodrum – Downtown


L’onda Oda is a guesthouse with 8 rooms, 10-minute walk away from the bar street. You can find comfort at L’onda Oda where they offer more than a standard guesthouse service. You can enjoy the breakfast made from local products served under the lemon trees of their garden from 09:00 to 11:00. There is also a bar for guests staying in and guests from outside. They offer free wi-fi, snacks and room service when requested. The guesthouse is also pet friendly. You can consider L’onda Oda for its location, comfort and sincere atmosphere. If you plan on staying at L’onda Oda, you can find the best price options at this link. 

Ağan Pansiyon
Ağan Pansiyon – Çarşı


Located at the end of Ataturk Street, only a street above Bar Street which the heart of the night life, Agan Pansiyon is ideal if you want to enjoy Bodrum’s night life within walking distance to your guesthouse. The rooms are air conditioned and there is also a mini fridge. You can choose a smoker or non-smoker room and the guesthouse accepts pets. There is also a breakfast service early in the morning, from 08:00 to 11:00. The sea is only 10 minutes from the hotel. As it is usually full during high season, it is best to book upfront. You can find the best reservation options at this link.

Roma Pansiyon
Roma Pansiyon – Downtown


Roma Pansiyon is one of our top suggestions amongst Bodrum guesthouses. At the street opposite to Bodrum post office, Roma Motel is within 5-minute walking distance to the sea, the bus terminal and bar street. The guesthouse has a terrace with an amazing view where you can enjoy watching the Bodrum Castle. You could choose to stay at Roma Pansiyon just for its terrace. 

The rooms have air conditioning and TV and some rooms have a view of the castle. Decorated under a Roman influence as its name suggests, this unique guesthouse is open all year round. Open buffet Turkish breakfast is served at the amazing terrace from 08:00 to 11:00. This centrally located guesthouse is usually full in the summer, you should make a reservation in advance. You can make a reservation and find best available prices at this link.

Dinc Pansiyon
Dinc Pansiyon – Downtown


Located in Cumhuriyet Street, also known as Bar Street, Dinc Pansiyon is one of the oldest guesthouses in Bodrum. Since it is located in the Bar Street, the guesthouse is highly preferred by guests who want to enjoy the night life but the castle or sea view from the rooms are also reasons to stay here.

Open all year round, the motel is usually full from June to August so the managers suggest booking at least a month in advance. The rooms with en-suite showers are equipped with TV, mini bar, air conditioning and hair dryer. Classic Turkish breakfast is served from 08:00 to 11:00. You can find best available prices for Dinc Pansiyon at this link.

Bodrum Pansiyon Tavsiyeleri
Bac Pansiyon – Downtown


Also located in the Bar Street, Bac Pansiyon is right by the sea and some rooms have a view of the castle. One of the oldest guesthouses in Bodrum, Bac is preferred for its private beach as well as its café. The guesthouse has 19 rooms and because of its location it usually fully booked during high season. If you want to stay here, it is best to book in advance. The rooms are equipped with fridge, hair dryer, desk, wi-fi, air conditioning and mini bar. We should mention that you might hear the music coming from bar street where the fun continues up until the small hours. Here is the link for best available prices for Bac Pansiyon.

Halikarnas Pansiyon
Halikarnas Pansiyon – Downtown


Opened in 2019, Halikarnas Pansiyon is a good option with its warm atmosphere, clean rooms and location. The guesthouse has a terrace with an amazing view of Bodrum which might just be the reason to stay at Halikarnas Pansiyon. The guesthouse which has smoker and non-smoker rooms and a restaurant also offers services such as free high-speed wi-fi and laundry. 

You could book a room with breakfast or pay additionally for breakfast. If you don’t normally wake up early, booking room only can be more reasonable. You can find best available prices at this link.

Sade Butik Pansiyon – Kumbahce


Located at Kumbahce neighborhood at the town center, Sade Butik Pansiyon deserves the top spot amongst our Bodrum guesghouse suggestions with its Aegean inspired decoration and central location. The guesthouse with 11 rooms is in walking distance to the bar street and the sea. The rooms have air conditioning, TV and free wi-fi. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. 

The Aegean breakfast they serve is included in the room price. You can find best available prices at this link. 

Cuneydi Butik Pansiyon – Yalikavak


Best described as family guesthouse, Cuneydi Butik Pansiyon is one of the best guesthouses in Yalikavak. Other than its warm, friendly atmosphere, its central location that is also close to the beach is also ideal for those who want to enjoy a calm holiday away from town center. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. All rooms are equipped with a hairdryer, LED TV and en-suite showers. With both a double and a single bed in each room, the rooms have been designed for families with kids. 

The guesthouse offers breakfast and they also have a restaurant where you could enjoy fresh, natural food and seafood. You can find best available prices at this link. 

Myndos Bed and Breakfast
Myndos Bed and Breakfast – Gumusluk


Located at waterfront Gumusluk, Myndos Bed and Breakfast used to be known as ‘Hasmet’in Yeri’. Surrounded by greens, bougainvillea, tangerine and oleander trees, this guesthouse is a nice option for those who wish to feel in touch with nature. The rooms have hot water and air conditioning. They also accept pets as long as they don’t cause discomfort to other guests

Breakfast is served in an area under a gazebo in the middle of the lawn. Breakfast is not too garish, but organic and made up of products owners produce. Composed of their own butter, olive and olive oil, organic eggs, tomatoes and peppers that they have grown, the breakfast is predictably delicious and included in the room rate. Breakfast is served between 09:00 and 11:00. The distance to the sea is about 50 meters and you can hear the sounds of music from the night clubs right in front of you until the late hours of the night!

As the guesthouse is located centrally and close to the sea, they are fully booked from June to August. If you plan on going on your holiday around these times, you should book at least 10 days prior to arrival. You can find best available prices for Myndos Bed and Breakfast at this link.

Mavi Yesil Bungalov Pansiyon
Mavi Yesil Bungalov Pansiyon – Mazi


One hour away from Bodrum town center, Mazi is a village that has gained popularity over the last few years. If you are looking for a calm holiday in touch with nature and the sea, our suggestion is Mavi Yesil Bungalov Pansiyon & Restaurant located in Mazi village, away from the town center’s rush. You can enjoy a bungalow experience at the guesthouse located in Hurma Bay in Mazi. The wooden bungalows are right by the sea and have an LCD TV and air conditioning. 

Both breakfast and dinner are included in the price at Mavi Yeşil Bungalov Pansiyon&Restaurant. The mixed Turkish breakfast prepared with organic products and delicious dinner with barbeque makes the guesthouse appealing. You can find the best prices for Mavi Yesil Bungalov Pansiyon & Restaurant at this link.

We come to an end on our guesthouse recommendations. You can leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or experiences you would like to share. You could also check our article Bodrum Boutique Hotel Suggestions at the link. Enjoy your holiday…


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