Bodrum Guide

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Tips for a Beautiful Holiday in Bodrum

The first thing you need to do for a nice holiday! Keep nature clean and protect.
30 October 2019by Hande Çelensu

Bodrum Center

 “When you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bodrum. Don’t assume that you’ll leave as you came. The others before you were the same, too. As they departed, they all left their souls behind.” If you see the sign with these...

Bodrum Gümbet
8 October 2019by Hande Çelensu

Bodrum Gumbet

Gumbet is one of the closest neighbourhoods to Bodrum centre and is one of the rare spots which is lively in summer as well as the winter. Which some people call “little England” due to the high number of British residents and tourists...

Bodrum Hava Durumu Rehberi
30 August 2019by Hande Çelensu

Bodrum Weather Guide

When planning a vacation, almost everyone will first look at the weather of the period they will go on holiday, after reading this article you will not need it for Bodrum. Although the Bodrum weather is not much of a problem for those...


Three go-to breakfast places in Bodrum

Well known breakfast places not to be missed.