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Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort

Staggered over landscaped, levels Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort greets guests with a vast vista of that blue, blue sea on each side and keeps those views in high definition and widescreen wherever you wander. Settled in a lush, tropical cove on the Aegean coast, Le Méridien Bodrum Beach Resort sits on 83 acres of secluded beach on Bodrum Peninsula, just 15 minutes from the Bodrum International Airport. Surround yourself with warm earth tones, chic decor, elegant furniture and modern artwork in our beachfront accommodations at Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort.

Although Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort island- life simplicity sets the tone, state-of-the-art technology is everywhere, with digital touches that are up to date and refreshingly user-friendly. Uniquely designed with respect for nature and infused with an ambiance of well-being and relaxation, the Vitalica Wellness offers a holistic range of beauty treatments and unforgettable experiences guaranteed to keep you feeling reinvigorated.


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