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Novikov Italy Bodrum

Novikov Italy, which has the same signature taste quality as all Novikov Restaurant & Bars, contains unique, delicious recipes and unique specialities of Italy on its menu. The Italian cuisine, which has different tastes, manages to appeal to all tastes.

Among the signature dishes of Novikov Italy, there are; “Carpaccio with Red Mediterranean Shrimp and Lemon Sauce, “Baked Eggplant Parmagianna”, “Scottish Salmon Tartar with Yogurt Sauce”, “Pomegranate, Quail Eggs” and “Avocado and Datterino Sicilian King Crab Salad”.

In terms of cocktails, the Novikov Group gives freedom to make its own menu and cocktails according to the local tastes of the locations that it operates. Among these delicacies, it is possible to experience a variety of teas.

At the heart of Yalıkavak Marina, the brand ambassador of Turkey’s luxury life and yacht tourism, Novikov Italian will take all necessary disinfection and precautions to offer its customers a safe and healthy service.


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Şu An Kapalı UTC + 3
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