The concept of an adult hotel, also referred to as “Adults Only,” may raise concerns for some individuals. However, there is no need to worry as an adult hotel is specifically designed for those seeking a tranquil and serene vacation. This type of hotel concept is gaining popularity among individuals who desire a more peaceful and calm holiday experience. Additionally, travelers also prefer this hotel concept. In essence, adult hotels are tailored to cater to the preferences of adults, providing them with a serene environment away from the commotion and noise typically found in other hotels. Here are some adult hotels in Bodrum.


Adult-only hotels exclusively cater to guests who are 18 or 16 years old and above, ensuring a tranquil environment for adults seeking a peaceful getaway. While some establishments may have a lower age limit of 12, adult hotels typically enforce a strict policy of not allowing guests under the age of 18 or 16.

Adult-exclusive hotels are known for their peaceful, serene, and romantic environment. Naturally, offering comfort and a hint of luxury is vital for the adult hotel concept. The romantic and relaxing atmosphere often makes it the top choice for couples on their honeymoon.

These hotels provide a luxurious and sophisticated vacation experience, ensuring meticulous attention to every aspect and placing customer satisfaction as their top priority. With a focus on catering exclusively to adult guests, the range of activities offered within the hotel is limited and tailored specifically for adults. These include indulgent amenities such as massages, spa treatments, saunas, and an on-site night club. While there may be other adult hotels that offer a more vibrant and lively atmosphere, Bodrum adult hotels generally offer a serene and tranquil environment.

We suggest couples seeking a private holiday away from their children, in search of a tranquil and serene atmosphere, or those desiring a peaceful getaway to consider Bodrum adult hotels. Those in pursuit of a romantic holiday should opt for this hotel concept without any hesitation.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük
Make sure not to overlook the chance to experience a stay at this elegant hotel, located right in the center of Gümüşlük.


Liman Hotel in Gümüşlük is a hidden gem on the coast. Despite its age, the recent change in ownership has transformed it into a modern and stylish hotel. The updated rooms and decor took us by surprise in the best way possible. The new Liman Hotel is truly impressive.

Liman Hotel offers a boutique experience with 10 rooms. As an adult-only establishment, they do not accommodate children. They provide a bed and breakfast concept and are open year-round.

Seven of their rooms boast stunning sea views of Gümüşlük, with some featuring a stylish jacuzzi in front of their windows overlooking this exceptional scenery. We highly suggest these rooms for guests who want to indulge in the jacuzzi experience.

We were able to explore a few rooms that had charming French-style balconies overlooking the breathtaking sea. These rooms and their balconies truly captured our hearts, as they provided a picturesque view of Gümüslük’s stunning coastline. It’s hard not to feel a tinge of envy towards those fortunate enough to stay in these rooms.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük
The decor exudes a high level of sophistication, yet your perspective radiates an even greater sense of refinement.
Liman Hotel Gümüşlük
The hotel has been meticulously decorated in every detail.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük boasts a spacious rooftop terrace where guests can enjoy their breakfast in the mornings. We can’t help but mention again how breathtaking the view from the terrace is. You’ll have the entire Gumusluk coast right at your feet. The terrace has a cozy cafe/bar vibe, with stylish tables and a bar for your convenience. In the evenings, unwind with a drink and soak in the stunning view from the terrace.  Enjoy a variety of Turkish breakfast options on the terrace, including a mixed spread. You can also choose from bowl-style breakfast dishes. Don’t forget, dinner is also served on the terrace. And please note that the terrace has its own entrance and welcomes outside guests.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük has become one of our favorite boutique hotels in Bodrum. The hotel’s sophistication and its prime location in one of the most stunning towns in Bodrum make it a top choice. Feel free to make a reservation without any doubts, as it is situated in Gümüşlük, one of the most picturesque towns in Bodrum.

You can make a reservation at Liman Hotel Gümüşlük using this link. —-> Liman Hotel Gümüşlük

Bodrum Yetişkin Otelleri
Prive Bodrum is conveniently located near the top restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Bodrum, all within walking distance.


Prive Bodrum, situated in Bardakçı Bay and offering a stunning view of Bodrum Castle, is one of the adult hotels in Bodrum that we believe will capture your interest. Wondering why? Well, its numerous advantages are sure to satisfy the majority of our guests. It’s worth mentioning that the hotel exclusively caters to individuals aged 16 and above.

Prive Bodrum is conveniently located just 900 meters away from the heart of Bodrum. Couples who enjoy vibrant nightlife or exploring new places can easily reach the center of Bodrum on foot. Its proximity to the city center also means that you have a plethora of high-quality restaurants, nightclubs, and bars right at your fingertips. While Prive Bodrum offers its own dining options, bars, and patisserie, it may not necessarily give you the impression of dining out.

Besides the extensive open buffet breakfast available at Prive Bodrum’s main restaurant, guests can indulge in the delectable tastes of international cuisine at Artemisia Restaurant, where a la carte service is provided. In addition to these dining options, the snack corner, three themed bars, patisserie, and grocery area cater to various culinary preferences. Now, let’s explore the visual delights that await…

Voyage Bodrum
The view of Bodrum Castle is another captivating feature that entices guests to the hotel.
Voyage Bodrum
A Bodrum hotel exclusively for adults, offering a wide range of amenities and services.

Prive Bodrum boasts a generously sized pool, along with a 70-meter-long beach that provides breathtaking views of the Bodrum Castle and the serene Bardakçı Bay. Its pier, sun terrace, and the pristine blue flag sea further enhance the allure of this destination, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a romantic, tranquil, and serene getaway.

 The tastefully decorated rooms at the hotel ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay, with many offering stunning vistas of Bodrum. Additionally, guests can indulge in the hotel’s SPA center, which features a Turkish bath, sauna, and massage parlour. For fitness enthusiasts, Prive Bodrum also offers a well-equipped gym, allowing guests to stay active during their vacation.

In terms of entertainment, there are various water sports available such as wakeboarding, jet skiing, and water skiing. Additionally, if you are interested, you have the option to receive wakeboarding training. It is worth mentioning that this exquisite adult hotel in Bodrum offers a unique accommodation package specifically designed for honeymoon couples.

You can find the most convenient reservation options of Prive Bodrum from this link —-> Prive Bodrum

Boho Hotel Bodrum
Boho Hotel, a chic and elegant establishment, is conveniently located near the Bodrum center and caters exclusively to adult guests.


Boho Hotel, situated along the seafront, draws inspiration from the 70s era in its architecture. This unique establishment boasts a stylish six-room layout, catering exclusively to adults. Nestled in the heart of Yalıkavak, the hotel is conveniently close to the marina and promenades. Providing a blend of comfort and luxury within a bohemian setting, Boho Hotel features a private pier and beach, making it one of Bodrum’s most fashionable adult-oriented accommodations.

Exclusively catering to guests aged 12 and above, the hotel offers five distinct lodging options: Standard, Deluxe, Junior Suite, Penthouse, and Boho House. Each room is tastefully decorated for a stylish and comfortable stay, with variations primarily in size and views.

Operating on a bed and breakfast basis, Boho Hotel also offers a tapas menu featuring classic dishes from around the world. The menu emphasizes locally sourced ingredients and homemade products. Guests can savor their meals on the beach or in the garden. Additionally, the hotel bar presents an extensive selection of beverages for guests to enjoy.

The decor in every room is striking. 
The pier prioritizes comfort and convenience, just like every other part of the hotel.

If you decide to visit the beach, it is important to prioritize cleanliness, comfort, and tidiness in order to enhance your overall satisfaction. At our carefully designed pier, you will find comfortable sun loungers that will warmly welcome you. Some may wonder if there are any activities available at Boho Hotel. Our response to those inquiries is that the best activity at our adult-oriented Bodrum hotel is to simply enjoy the serene environment while admiring the breathtaking view.

However, if you are interested in participating in daily sightseeing tours, our hotel staff will be more than happy to assist you. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Boho Hotel is conveniently located near the center of Yalıkavak, allowing you to easily access numerous restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and shops whenever you desire. As a small boutique hotel, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care to our guests, ensuring a tranquil and peaceful holiday experience. Due to our popularity, it is advisable to make an early reservation in order to secure a spot at our intimate and stylish hotel during the busy summer season.

You can find the most suitable reservation options of Boho Hotel from this link —-> Boho Hotel

4reasons Hotel + Bistro
4reasons Hotel + Bistro is one of the most peaceful adult hotels in Bodrum.


4reasons Hotel + Bistro is an exclusive adult hotel located in Yalıkavak, surrounded by lush greenery and away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The hotel caters only to guests aged 12 and above, ensuring a tranquil and serene atmosphere. There are no children’s activities available on the premises. If you plan to bring your child who is over 12 years old to 4reasons Hotel + Bistro, make sure they are mature enough to appreciate the peaceful ambiance or have agreed not to be glued to their tablet throughout the vacation. This hotel is an excellent choice for those seeking relaxation and a quiet holiday, making it a top favorite among visitors.

The hotel’s rooms boast comfort, spaciousness, and impeccable cleanliness, guaranteeing a high-quality stay in an adult-oriented setting. Each room is uniquely designed with different themes to cater to various preferences. With a total of 20 rooms, each more stylish than the next, guests can choose the level of comfort that suits them best. The owner of the hotel, Ali Bey, has personally overseen the design of the rooms, showcasing his passion for architecture through the elegant and sophisticated interiors.

Bodrum Yetişkin Otelleri
Ali Bey is not only the owner of the hotel but also the mastermind behind the decoration of the hotel rooms.
4reasons Hotel + Bistro
4reasons Hotel + Bistro offers a combination of pleasure, peace, and stunning views, making it the perfect destination.

Among the adult hotels recommended in Bodrum, 4reasons Hotel + Bistro stands out for those seeking a tranquil and serene holiday, appealing to guests with its stunning views. Indulging in the breathtaking scenery, participating in yoga sessions, and receiving massage treatments are some of the most enjoyable activities offered at this hotel nestled in lush surroundings.

4reasons Hotel features a spacious outdoor pool and is conveniently located just a 15-minute walk from Yalıkavak center. If you find the swimming pool at this peaceful boutique hotel insufficient and wish to experience a beach setting, we encourage you to explore our article on Bodrum’s Best Beach Clubs. Within the article, you will discover a beach club in close proximity to the hotel.

There are two distinct dining options available at 4reasons Hotel; one is situated outdoors by the pool, while the other is located indoors. Chef Esra Akın, who has been part of the team for many years, will introduce you to a variety of dishes from different cultures around the world, with the added bonus of being able to savor Mediterranean cuisine. 

Moving on to the Bistro, which is a prominent feature in the hotel’s name. The bartender at 4reasons Hotel + Bistro, Kaan Bey, is a skilled professional who has won awards for his craft; he secured third place in a global mixology competition. The inclusion of the word ‘bistro’ in the hotel’s name was certainly not done without reason.

You can find the most suitable reservation options from this link —-> 4reasons Hotel + Bistro

Kocadon Hotel
Kocadon Hotel boasts a convenient location near Bodrum center, numerous popular attractions, and entertainment venues.


In our list of recommended adult hotels in Bodrum, we present Kocadon Hotel as a top choice. This recently established hotel commenced its operations in November 2021. Owned by the family of the former mayor of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon, the hotel is managed by Mehmet Bey’s sister, Dilek Hanım. Situated just a five-minute walk away from Bodrum Castle, Halicarnassus Mausoleum, popular dining spots, bars, and numerous shopping centers, this splendid hotel is housed in a building of historical significance with a fascinating backstory. 

For more information on the history of the hotel, you can refer to our detailed article on Bodrum Boutique Hotel Recommendations. The same company that restored the Esma Sultan Mansion in Istanbul meticulously decorated this mansion, which has been passed down through generations within the family. The incorporation of historical motifs, colors, and designs throughout Kocadon Hotel is truly remarkable, earning them the title of a museum hotel.

The building also houses historical ruins dating back to the late Byzantine period. These ruins have been carefully preserved by the family and transformed the building from a grand mansion into a hotel. Alongside these ruins, the hotel proudly displays a collection of historical artifacts that were once owned by the family.

Guests of the hotel can embark on a historical journey during their stay.
Ottoman motifs and colors can be found throughout the entire hotel, adding a touch of elegance to every corner.

Even if Kocadon Hotel is relatively new, they have a strong presence in the hotel industry with their Müskebi Club Hotel Bodrum in Ortakentyahşi town, which has been operating successfully for years. Kocadon Hotel offers the bed + breakfast concept and boasts a very stylish and delightful restaurant. The menu features delectable dishes from Ottoman, Aegean, and World cuisine, prepared by a skilled and experienced kitchen team. 

Due to the limited eleven-room capacity, it is advisable to make an early reservation during the busy summer season to secure your spot. If you are unable to stay at Kocadon Hotel, we suggest making a dinner reservation at one of their restaurants for a memorable dining experience. 

Discover the charm of Kocadon Hotel, where you will be treated like a guest in an Ottoman mansion, by exploring the various reservation options available from this link —-> Kocadon Hotel

Casa Mare Bodrum
Casa Mare’s stylish rooms offer a breathtaking view of Bardakçı from their beautiful balconies.


Casa Mare, a sophisticated boutique hotel situated in Bardakçı, one of Bodrum’s renowned bays, is another adult-only accommodation option located one kilometer away from the center of Bodrum. Please note that guests under the age of 10 are not permitted at this establishment.

Casa Mare is a charming hotel that boasts 30 exquisite rooms. Each room is meticulously adorned and features a spacious balcony, perfect for indulging in a leisurely breakfast. Undoubtedly, beginning or concluding your day with the breathtaking vista of Bardakçı from the sea-facing balconies will be an absolute delight.

The boutique hotel boasts a generously sized pool, while the sun loungers exude cleanliness and elegance. Casa Mare maintains a consistent theme of cleanliness and comfort, extending to its pool area. Moreover, it stands out as one of the more reasonably priced options among adult hotels in Bodrum. Embracing a bed and breakfast concept, Casa Mare also offers an a la carte restaurant that tantalizes guests with delectable dishes from both Turkish and international cuisines.

Casa Mare Bodrum
The spacious balconies of its well-maintained rooms provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
Casa Mare Bodrum
The beach can be accessed by walking down a 300-meter slope.

Although the property is not situated directly on the seafront, it is a mere 300 meters away from the beach. Upon descending this 300-meter slope, you will have access to the beach of Azka Hotel, with which they have a partnership. It is important to note that there is a spending limit in place. It is worth mentioning that Azka Hotel is renowned as one of the top hotels in the area.

It should be highlighted that Casa Mare, despite being located very close to Bodrum center and Gümbet Bar Street, does not offer on-site activities. Guests can easily take a stroll to Bodrum center and discover the finest restaurants in the area. Furthermore, both Gumbet Bar Street and Bodrum center Bar Street are within close proximity for evening entertainment.

We are confident that you will enjoy a delightful vacation at Casa Mare, where the staff is known for their warm hospitality. The hotel team will be more than happy to assist you with arranging activities such as a daily boat trip to enhance your holiday experience.

You can find the most suitable reservation options for Casa Mare from this link —-> Casa Mare

In addition to the adult hotels in Bodrum that we have recommended above, there are numerous other adult hotels available. We will continuously update our recommendations for these adult hotels in Bodrum in the future. If you are interested, you can find more adult hotels in Bodrum by following this link. Furthermore, if you are traveling with children and prefer not to stay in boutique hotels, we have different options for you in our article on Bodrum Boutique Hotel Recommendations. 

For more hotel recommendations, you can visit the links provided below. Additionally, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experiences in the comments section after your stay at one of the adult hotels in Bodrum. 

We hope you have a pleasant and tranquil holiday in Bodrum.

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