Gümüşlük Gezilecek yerler


Gumusluk, located on the Bodrum peninsula, stands out as one of the neighborhoods with the least damage to its natural structure. The coastal area remains untouched and has not been transformed into a concrete jungle. This is particularly significant considering Gumusluk’s historical background. Known as Myndos in ancient times, it has been ruled by various civilizations such as the Lelegs, Dorians, Persians, and Carians. The remnants of the Myndos Ancient City can still be found scattered throughout Gümüşlük, adding to its historical allure.

Gümüşlük, often referred to as the cool neighborhood of Bodrum, offers a unique charm. Its fish restaurants along the coast, Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar, Municipality Cafe, bohemian atmosphere, and breathtaking views contribute to its appeal. To truly grasp the enchantment of this place and fall in love with it, a visit to Gümüşlük is a must. However, it is advisable to come in the afternoon as Gumusluk beach is quite distant from residential areas. This allows visitors to enjoy themselves until late at night. Additionally, due to the hot weather, Gümüşlük typically starts its day around 13:00.

Additionally, ensure to secure a booking at one of the seafood eateries for the evening. The vibrant atmosphere and dynamic ambiance of the coastal fish restaurants in this area are sure to captivate you.

If you were to observe the Earth from space during the evening, you would witness Gümüşlük glowing radiantly. This is due to the fact that during the evening, the sounds of laughter, clinking glasses, and lively conversations emanate brightly from Gumusluk into the vastness of space!

Bodrum Gümüşlük
Gumusluk, the trendy district of Bodrum, possesses a distinct allure.


Bodrum Gumusluk is a vast neighborhood, but for tourists, it mainly revolves around the beach area. The ‘inner village’ part, located further away from the beach, doesn’t offer much of interest to holidaymakers. 

Both tourists and locals in Gumusluk prefer spending their time at the beach, enjoying the sea breeze and indulging in delicious meals at fish restaurants. Let’s now provide you with some information about the Gumusluk coast. 

At the entrance of this coastal area, there is a spacious car park, and on the left side of the car park, you will find the Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar. Below, we will give you a detailed overview of the Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar, a place we highly recommend you visit.

Upon completing your visit to the Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar, you will find yourself surrounded by a variety of fish restaurants on both sides. Some bars are interspersed among these eateries as well. Most of these fish restaurants are conveniently situated along the waterfront. 

It only takes about fifteen minutes to explore this charming coastline, but the beauty of Gumusluk will linger with you long after. Take a moment to relax at one of the beachfront establishments, enjoy a cup of tea or perhaps a beer, and savor the picturesque scenery of Gumusluk. Make sure to stop by the municipality’s cafe for a traditional Turkish coffee or tea. 

The captivating view of Gumusluk, especially when admired from a higher vantage point, is truly unforgettable. We find ourselves falling in love with Gumusluk’s scenery time and time again. Particularly in September, the sun sets perfectly behind Rabbit Island, bidding a serene ‘good evening’ to Gümüşlük as it slowly disappears from view.


Muğla province’s most renowned holiday destination, Bodrum, is home to Turkey’s most sought-after holiday resorts. Among the popular neighborhoods in Bodrum, Gumusluk stands out. 

Situated in the westernmost part of the peninsula, Gumusluk is not in close proximity to the center of Bodrum. It is positioned amidst the neighborhoods of Gumusluk, Yalıkavak, and Turgutreis. As a result, it is more convenient to access Gümüşlük from Turgutreis and Yalıkavak.

 However, it is also possible to reach Gumusluk from the center of Bodrum and all other areas of Bodrum with a short car ride.


Minibuses frequently depart from Bodrum bus station, providing regular transportation to the town located 23 kilometers away from the center. The journey typically takes around 45 minutes. During the summer season, the minibus services operate until late at night, while in winter, they conclude earlier.

Minibuses to Gumusluk can also be found departing from Turgutreis and Yalıkavak. It is worth mentioning that Turgutreis and Yalıkavak are vibrant neighborhoods of Bodrum, particularly during the winter season when the local community thrives. If you are interested, we highly recommend checking out our comprehensive Yalıkavak Travel Guide and Turgutreis Travel Guide articles.

If you plan on visiting Gumusluk in the evening and have already booked a table at a fish restaurant, we suggest considering taking a taxi or minibus, or arriving a few hours ahead of your reservation time. This is because Gumusluk tends to get extremely crowded during the summer season, resulting in parking lots reaching maximum capacity. To alleviate transportation congestion during peak hours, security teams may restrict vehicle entry.

Due to this, it is recommended to utilize alternative transportation methods like taxis and minibuses instead of driving your own vehicle. Another possibility is to park your car in Gumusluk village and walk to the beach. A taxi stand is conveniently located at the entrance of Gumusluk, ensuring easy access to taxis at any time. Opting for a taxi is advisable if you plan on consuming alcohol. Please be aware that security teams conduct thorough alcohol checks at both town exits!

In case a brief mention is required regarding the operating hours of the minibus, it is important to note that during the summer season, the final minibus leaves Gumusluk at midnight (00:00). For comprehensive information on transportation, we recommend referring to our article, the Bodrum Transportation Guide, where you can find answers to all your queries.

Accessing Tavsan Island by foot from the sea is strictly prohibited.


Gumusluk may not have a plethora of historical sites to explore, but there are a select few places that we suggest you visit. Strolling along the beach in Gumusluk is a delightful experience that appeals to nearly everyone, and we highly recommend it to you as well. Take a leisurely walk along the entire coast of Gumusluk and soak in the picturesque views.

Gümüşlük El Sanatları Çarşısı
Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar is a must-visit destination we highly recommend.


It is highly recommended for all visitors to Bodrum to make a stop at Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar during their holiday. This unique bazaar, designed in a bohemian style, offers a variety of small shops selling souvenirs. It is advisable to plan your visit in the afternoon, as most shops tend to open later in the day. As evening approaches, many holidaymakers head to the fish restaurants in Gumusluk, causing the shops to open around 16:00. 

Upon arrival in Gumusluk, after passing by the ATMs and taxi stand, you will immediately encounter Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar. The bazaar is filled with numerous small stands lined up across from each other and next to each other, providing easy access to Gümüşlük beach.

You have the opportunity to purchase unique handmade items like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, sculptures, and bags at these stalls. Due to the fact that these items are crafted by hand, they are exclusive to Bodrum and cannot be found in other towns. 

As you continue walking, the path will split into two directions; the stalls will be on the right, while the left path will lead you to Gumusluk beach. 

Just before reaching the beach, you will notice a high-end jewelry store named Cadı on your left. Despite the steep prices, the stylish products at Cadı, which also has a branch in Bodrum marina, are sure to catch your eye. Adjacent to Cadı is Etnika Boutique, a clothing store specializing in local garments that will surely appeal to our female readers.

Opposite Etnika Boutique, there is a shop that specializes in selling beautifully crafted ceramic plates and bowls. This particular shop stands out due to its larger size compared to the other stands. It is impossible to miss. The products available here are not only stylish but also of great quality. We always make it a point to purchase something from this shop whenever we visit. 

Continuing on the road, you will come across the renowned fish restaurants of Gumusluk and the beach. A visit to Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar is highly recommended, where you can explore the various souvenir stands and make a purchase. Don’t forget to treat yourself or your loved ones with a special gift from this place.

Gümüşlük Kral Yolu
Strolling along the King’s Road is a popular activity among vacationers in Gumusluk.


Tavşan Island, situated right in front of the beach and accessible by walking from the sea, is the most renowned historical site in Gumusluk. According to rumors, King Mausolos had a stone road constructed to reach Rabbit Island, which was previously known as Asar Island. However, there is a contradictory account to this narrative. Scientists argue that the stone road is not actually a road, but rather a protective barrier that safeguards the harbor against waves. 

Over time, this road became submerged due to earthquakes and rising water levels. Nowadays, walking on this road gives the illusion of walking on the sea. 

Despite the fact that the King’s Road is submerged, it is still possible to reach Rabbit Island by walking through the sea. However, as the island is a historically protected area, access to it is prohibited. Nevertheless, tourists who visit this place enjoy walking on the King’s Road, which creates the illusion of walking on water. The King’s Road can be accessed from the end of Fenerci Restaurant. 

When visiting Bodrum Gumusluk, it is advisable to remove your shoes or wear water shoes while walking on the King’s Road. Additionally, it is important to remember that beneath your feet lie the ruins of the ancient city of Myndos, adding to the historical significance of the area.


Rabbit Island, formerly known as Asar Island, is a renowned destination in Bodrum Gumusluk that should not be missed. However, access to the island has been prohibited for quite some time due to the presence of numerous ancient structures. The restriction was imposed to safeguard the historical ruins from potential damage caused by visitors.

Rabbit Island is accessible by foot through the King’s Road. Although direct access to the island is not possible, one can get a closer look by visiting the shores. To explore the historical ruins, one must traverse the submerged King’s Road.


Upon reaching the conclusion of Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar, you will be greeted by Gümüşlük beach. A multitude of fish restaurants are situated on both your right and left sides. As you proceed to the right, you will encounter numerous fish restaurants and eventually reach Gümüşlük Liman Beach at the end of the road.

To your left, a lengthy coastal road extends. Along this coastal road, you will find Gumusluk Municipality Cafe, a popular seafront establishment among the locals.

Past Gumusluk Belediye Cafe, a series of fish restaurants are lined up consecutively. The positioning of these fish restaurants is slightly more advantageous compared to others. Continuing on, you will come across Club Gumusluk, a highly favored entertainment venue in the town, on your left, while the long sandy beach of Gumusluk lies on your right.

This sandy beach stretches for meters. Following that, various small and large businesses are situated to the left of the beach. It is truly delightful to relax in these cafes or bars, savoring a drink while admiring the sea view. The sight of Tavşan Island is particularly stunning from this vantage point.

Upon your arrival in Gumusluk, take a leisurely stroll along Gumusluk beach before settling down at the restaurant you have reserved. Walking hand in hand with your beloved, the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore will enhance the romantic ambiance, akin to a beautifully orchestrated piece of classical music.

Gümüşlük Karakaya Köyü
Karakaya Village, established 800 years ago as a refuge from pirates.


Certainly, the town encompasses more than just its coastline. One of the noteworthy attractions in Gumusluk, situated inland from the coast, is Karakaya Village. Nestled on the hills of Peksimet Mountain, Karakaya Village boasts a rich history spanning 800 years. 

This village showcases stone houses dating back to that era, as it was established as a refuge from pirates. However, it is important to note that access to Karakaya Village is limited to a certain point by car, after which visitors must continue on foot. Offering a breathtaking panoramic view of Gumusluk Bay, Karakaya Village is also designated as a historically protected area.

Gümüşlük Liman Hotel
The Liman Hotel stands out as one of the finest accommodations in Bodrum Gumusluk.


Due to its status as a historical protected area, Gumusluk does not offer luxury hotels or large-scale facilities. However, there are a few more minimalist accommodation options available. One such option is Hotel Gumusluk, which is situated near the seafront and is highly popular among visitors. While it offers slightly more rooms compared to other options, the main draw of this hotel is its pool and close proximity to the sea.

Liman Hotel, on the other hand, is one of our preferred choices among Gumusluk hotels. It is conveniently located in the heart of the Gumusluk coast. This boutique hotel underwent a change in ownership two years ago, and the new owners, Özcan and Yasemin, have made remarkable improvements to the property. The rooms are comfortable, the decor is tasteful, and the service approach is exceptional. The highlight of the hotel is the terrace on the upper floor, which offers a breathtaking view. Some rooms even have small French-style tables on their balconies, providing a picturesque view of Gümüşlük. We were particularly captivated by this charming detail. Additionally, certain rooms feature a spacious jacuzzi positioned in front of a window, allowing guests to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Gümüşlük.

The Benjamin Hotel is a charming boutique hotel nestled in a serene green setting, just a short 7-8 minute stroll from Gumusluk beach. Established in 2022, this relatively new hotel has meticulously curated its decor to provide guests with a tranquil and restful stay.

We were impressed by the tasteful design elements and thoughtful touches found throughout the rooms and bathrooms. With picturesque views of Gümüşlük’s coastline and verdant surroundings, Benjamin Hotel offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking a quiet getaway. While not particularly suited for families with children, it presents an excellent and budget-friendly choice for individuals in search of serenity.

For those seeking a hostel, Myndos Bed & Breakfast Gumusluk comes highly recommended. This hostel offers rooms in separate buildings, ensuring privacy as none of the rooms are interconnected. Spanning a vast area, the hostel is surrounded by lush greenery. While it may not boast luxury amenities, it is a tidy hostel located in close proximity to the sea.

Another popular accommodation choice in Bodrum Gumusluk is Wanderheaven Camping. Located around 110 steps away from the sea, this facility offers a unique camping experience amidst tangerine trees. Emphasizing cleanliness, the facility maintains high standards of hygiene, particularly in areas such as toilets and showers within the camping grounds.

Featuring six bungalow houses, a tent area accommodating 80 people in a bring-your-own-tent setup, as well as Viking war tent concept tents, Wanderheaven Camping provides a variety of accommodation options. Each bungalow house is equipped with essential amenities such as air conditioning, television, shower, toilet, and a seating area. The mini Viking war tents include fans and electricity. Additionally, this year, the camping site has introduced a few tiny houses for guests.

To explore all accommodation options in Bodrum Gumusluk, you can visit the following link.

Bodrum Gumusluk Fish restaurant
Don’t miss out on the renowned fish restaurants of Gumusluk, a must-experience.


There are a total of 13 fish restaurants along the Gumusluk coast, offering tables that are either right by the sea or even in the sea. The fish restaurants in Gümüşlük are one of the main reasons why it is such a popular destination. If you happen to be in Bodrum for your vacation, it is highly recommended to have lunch or dinner at one of the fish restaurants in Gümüşlük. Now, the question arises, which fish restaurant should you choose?

No matter which fish restaurant you decide to visit, you can expect a warm welcome. Some of the popular fish restaurants stand out with their unique decor, pleasant atmosphere, and a wide variety of appetizers. Let us briefly describe the distinguishing features of these restaurants.

As you make your way down to the beach from Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar, you will come across Fenerci Restaurant on the left side, directly across from Tavşan Island. This restaurant boasts the most advantageous location in terms of the breathtaking view it offers. The tables here provide the most stunning view of Gümüşlük, and during the summer season, they are always occupied. Furthermore, Fenerci is renowned for its exceptional service and attentive staff, making it a popular choice among fish restaurants in Gümüşlük.

To the left of Fenerci, you will find Siesta, and to the right, Nazmi Restaurant. Although they may not be as well-known as Fenerci, both establishments will surely satisfy you with their delectable dishes and excellent service.

When you descend to the beach from Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar, Aquarium Fish Restaurant will welcome you on your right-hand side. Adjacent to it, Yakamoz, Ocean Fish Restaurant, Ali Rıza’s Place, Karafaki, Zeytun, Karafaki Erhan Usta, and Gönülçelen fish restaurants are arranged in a row. The only drawback of these fish restaurants is that the seating areas are somewhat limited and the tables are in close proximity to each other. 

In terms of taste and service, we believe that there are no significant differences. Among these establishments, Zeytun Balık offers a pleasant terrace. You can opt for the tables on the terrace to enjoy a slightly elevated view of Gumusluk and escape the crowd. 

Fifty meters past Karafaki Erhan Usta Fish Restaurant, you will find two restaurants, which are the most popular in the region but have slightly higher prices, situated side by side: Melengeç Gümüşlük and Mimoza.

Melengeç Gümüşlük
Melengeç Gümüşlük is the most sought-after fish restaurant in the area.
Bodrum Gumusluk
The seaside tables at Melengeç Gümüşlük are highly coveted by all visitors.

Melengeç Gümüşlük is renowned as one of the most sought-after fish restaurants, not just in Gümüşlük, but also in Bodrum. The tables situated in the sea are highly favored for their authentic appearance and unique decor. Both local and international tourists eagerly book their reservations months in advance.

Mimoza, located at the far end of Gümüşlük beach, is another highly popular fish restaurant. Mimoza stands out among the fish restaurants in Gümüşlük due to its distinctive ambiance, tasteful decoration, and comfortable tables. It is strongly advised to make a reservation before visiting Mimoza.

For further details regarding fish restaurants in Gümüşlük, you can refer to the Gümüşlük Fish Restaurants category in our Bodrum Guide section.


If you are spending your Bodrum holiday in Gümüşlük, there are certain establishments that you should definitely visit. Make sure not to overlook these restaurants that are currently gaining popularity or those that do not heavily rely on social media for promotion.

Jadem Gümüşlük
The extraordinary flavors perfectly complement the breathtaking scenery of Gümüşlük.
Şef Uğur Filiz
You will find it impossible to resist the flavors of the dishes prepared by Chef Uğur Filiz and his team.

Jadem Gümüşlük, which was established in 2022, has exceeded our expectations. Situated right across Tavşan Island, Jadem Gümüşlük offers a delightful blend of Mediterranean, Spanish, and Turkish cuisine. Chef Uğur Filiz and his team present their meticulously prepared dishes with a refined dining experience. We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy Jadem Gümüşlük, where you can indulge in a unique gastronomic journey while admiring the breathtaking sunset view of Gümüşlük.

Amidst the numerous fish restaurants along Gümüşlük beach, there is a charming little hamburger joint called Little Burger Shop By The Sea. You might question the idea of having hamburgers at Gümüşlük beach, but trust us, it’s a mistake you shouldn’t make. We made that mistake ourselves and regretted it!

The locals in Gümüşlük have embraced them with great popularity. In the past eight years, they have emerged as a popular choice for visitors who opt for Bodrum as their summer getaway but seek alternatives to fish dishes or desire a fast and tasty snack at lunchtime.

Limon Gümüşlük, a renowned establishment synonymous with Gümüşlük, stands as one of the most sought-after dining destinations in the town. Originally conceived as a breakfast spot, Limon Gümüşlük has since transformed into an elegant restaurant exclusively serving delectable Aegean cuisine. Situated not directly on the beach, but rather in a picturesque location overlooking Gümüşlük and surrounded by lush greenery, it offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. For those seeking a romantic evening and a chance to savor the unique flavors of the Aegean, Limon Gümüşlük promises an unforgettable experience.

Greta Gümüşlük
The unique view of Greta Gümüşlük will make you want to visit again and again.
Greta Gümüşlük
Despite offering luxurious service, Greta Gümüşlük does not follow luxurious price policies.

Greta Gümüşlük has quickly established itself as a standout destination, not just in Gümüşlük, but also in Bodrum. Since its opening in 2021, this venue has distinguished itself with its innovative concepts, diverse menus, sophisticated decor, and breathtaking views.

We are confident that you will enjoy the recently opened Greta Gümüşlük, which has quickly gained popularity. Situated atop the area known as ‘Inner Gumusluk Village’, Greta Gümüşlük offers a panoramic view of Gümüşlük, the neighboring islands, and the vast sea. We advise against walking up the hill; it is best to reach the restaurant by car.

When perusing the menus at Greta Gümüşlük, one will notice that the prices do not reflect those of a high-end restaurant; however, the service provided mirrors that of a luxury establishment in every aspect. It is safe to say that the prices are more affordable compared to most restaurants in Bodrum.

Apart from the indoor seating areas, there is also a spacious and well-maintained outdoor section at Greta Gümüşlük. This venue serves as a restaurant, cafe, bar, and a peaceful spot to unwind. Greta Gümüşlük offers a pleasant atmosphere where you can socialize with friends and enjoy a drink. The establishment caters to a diverse clientele. It is evident that they prioritize attention to detail in all aspects.

At the gateway of Gumusluk Village stands Piri Piri Pizza, renowned as one of the top pizzerias in the area. This cozy yet delectable spot offers artisanal pizza and handcrafted cocktails, garnering a strong following among the residents.

If you wish to explore all the noteworthy spots in Gumusluk, please refer to the Gumusluk category within our Bodrum Guide section.


Gümüşlük Municipality Cafe is a well-known spot in Gümüşlük, both during the summer and winter seasons. Situated by the sea, this cafe is a favorite among locals for its cleanliness and cozy atmosphere. Similar to other municipal cafes in Bodrum, Gümüşlük Municipality Cafe operates on a self-service basis. 

During the winter, it offers indoor and outdoor seating areas, while in the summer, the entire space is open for guests to enjoy. You can indulge in a variety of dishes and beverages at Gümüşlük Cafe while taking in the beautiful views of Gümüşlük Bay. The menu includes a selection of breakfast options, snacks, toasts, hamburgers, salads, and ravioli. 

When it comes to beverages, you can choose from tea, Turkish coffee, filter coffee, espresso, as well as alcoholic drinks like beer and wine. It’s worth noting that being a municipality establishment, the prices at Gümüşlük Municipality Cafe are quite reasonable compared to other places in the area.

Where is Gumusluk Municipality Cafe : googlemaps


Gümüşlük Fırın, situated just behind Belediye Cafe, is a prominent establishment for the locals along the coast. Operating throughout both summer and winter, it offers an extensive range of delectable breads and an array of other mind-blowing products. 

The bakery boasts a variety of mouthwatering pastries, including those filled with vegetables, dill-cheese, and cheese-butter. For a quick and delightful breakfast, you can opt for Simit, Açma, or various pastry options. Additionally, during the summer season, you can indulge in hot breakfast items like Fried Eggs, Eggs with Sausage, and Menemen. Of course, you can complement your meal with a refreshing cup of tea, coffee, or freshly squeezed orange juice.

We had the opportunity to sample the delectable sweet and savory cookies that always caught our attention during each visit. Forest fruit cookies are a must-try. Koko and Acıbadem are some of the recommended products at this establishment. Additionally, there are gluten-free and vegan peanut cookie options available.

An important detail to note is that you can visit Gumusluk fish restaurants and order cakes for special occasions like birthdays. The restaurant also offers a variety of delicious cakes that are quite impressive. However, it is advisable to place your cake order at least one day in advance. Gumusluk Bakery is able to provide catering services to your restaurant.

The desserts displayed in the glass section of Gümüşlük Fırın, which overlooks the street, are simply irresistible. From macaroons to various cheesecake options, eclairs, homemade baklava, and the increasingly popular cold baklava, there is no shortage of delectable treats to choose from. Additionally, the Russian dessert with walnuts and honey, as well as the Magnolia varieties, are sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s worth noting that Gümüşlük Fırın offers a wide range of other dessert options that we haven’t even mentioned yet. 

During the winter season, Gümüşlük Bakery opens its doors at 07:30 in the morning and closes at 21:00 in the evening. However, in the summer season, the closing hours are extended until 02:00 at night. Furthermore, Gümüşlük Fırın also provides takeaway service to the surrounding area.

Where is Gümüşlük Fırın : googlemaps
Gümüşlük Bakery Reservation
: 0850 309 45 25
WhatsApp Order Line
: 0533 819 25 48


While many accommodations in the area offer breakfast options, it is important to recommend alternative dining spots for guests seeking a more substantial breakfast experience beyond what hotels and hostels typically provide.

Bodrum Gumusluk breakfast place
Bahçe Gümüşlük stands out among the breakfast spots in Gümüşlük due to its exceptional view.


Bahçe Gümüşlük, a place with an enchanting view, will captivate you and make you a regular customer with its delightful breakfast offerings. The breakfast service at Bahçe Gümüşlük starts at 09:00 in the morning and concludes at 14:00. In the evenings, the venue also offers a personalized tavern experience, which we will briefly discuss later.

At Bahçe Gümüşlük, there are two types of mixed breakfast menus. These menus, known as Mixed Breakfast and Garden Breakfast, differ in terms of variety. The Garden Breakfast, in particular, offers a wider range of products. In addition to the items included in the Mixed Breakfast, the Garden Breakfast includes Mıhlama, Roasted Eggs, Sucuk Pan, and Pastrami. Furthermore, starting from next year, freshly squeezed orange juice will be added to the Garden Breakfast. The Garden Breakfast menu is so extensive that if desired, a group of six people can order a Garden Breakfast meant for four people.

The delightful breakfast spread at Bahçe Gümüşlük includes a selection of cheeses, three varieties of olives, honey, cream, and four different types of jam. The jams offered are Watermelon, Mulberry, Orange, and Apricot. Additionally, a plate of tomatoes and cucumbers, fried rice, spring rolls, and crispy, hot French fries are served, providing a fresh and flavorful experience.

You may inquire, “Are there no eggs available?” Rest assured, there are indeed eggs. Your eggs will be served to your liking, whether it be fried, boiled, in a menemen dish, or as an omelette. We greatly appreciate the variety of options provided. 

Furthermore, a thermos filled with unlimited tea is conveniently placed on the corner of your table. Lastly, a breakfast spread includes a Fruit Plate containing refreshing watermelon and grapes.

The French Fries, Bagel, and Spring Rolls were served piping hot at our table, requiring us to patiently wait for them to cool down. The assorted breakfast was both satisfying and delectable. Oh, and don’t forget to try the Turkish coffee offered by Bahçe Gümüşlük! 

Furthermore, Bahçe Gümüşlük offers tavern service in the evenings, but it operates more like a private tavern with reservations required. When you make a reservation, you are asked to specify your dinner and appetizer preferences. The appetizers are prepared fresh daily according to your requests.

Where is Bahçe Gümüşlük : googlemaps
Bahçe Gümüşlük Reservation
: 0541 113 48 48

The breakfast at Greta Gümüşlük combines both local and international flavors.
The pizzas at Greta Gümüşlük are truly outstanding.


We have provided a comprehensive description of Greta Gümüşlük earlier, so now let us proceed to discuss its breakfast offerings. It is worth noting that the breakfast menu at Greta Gümüşlük showcases an unparalleled variety that cannot be found in any other breakfast spot in Bodrum.

Upon examining the breakfast menus, it becomes evident that they have incorporated flavors from both local and international cuisines, resulting in a unique and distinctive selection. Greta Gümüşlük has already gained popularity among locals as a favored destination for breakfast.

The breakfast menus are extensive and encompass a range of options, including single and double breakfasts, Pork Sausage Breakfast, Egg Bread, Pancake, Fried Sausage, Fried Egg, Bagel Breakfast, Granola, Toast varieties, Omelet varieties, Poached Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Pancake, and Detox Mix.

Furthermore, Greta Gümüşlük takes pride in baking their own bread, and some hotels even source their bread from this establishment. As you can see, there is something to suit every palate. It is important to emphasize that this delightful breakfast experience is complemented by a breathtaking view.

Where is Greta Gümüşlük : googlemaps
Greta Gümüşlük Reservation
: 0532 171 49 74

Fonda Gümüşlük
If you are curious about the high interest in Fonda Gümüşlük as you pass by, step inside to find out why!
Fonda Gümüşlük
We are also big fans of the breakfast at Fonda Gümüşlük.


Fonda Gümüşlük in Gümüşlük is a place that brings excitement and liveliness to the area, focusing on coffee and desserts. However, their breakfast options are equally extensive and well-received. 

Situated on the left side as you descend to the beach from Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar, Fonda Gümüşlük offers seating for around 60-70 guests with tables by the seaside. At Fonda Gümüşlük, you can enjoy a variety of coffee options including Turkish coffee, espresso-based coffees, filter coffee, and specially brewed coffees made with coffee beans sourced from countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Brazil. These beans are freshly ground and served to your table. 

The dessert menu features treats such as Brownie, Cheesecake, San Sebastian, and Waffle. Among the special desserts, Amber stands out with its white caramel, dark chocolate, and lotus toppings, making it a popular choice among diners. Another crowd favorite is the Fonda Special, a dessert made with Bodrum tangerines.

Fonda Gümüşlük is well on its way to establishing itself as a renowned ice cream producer. If you’re interested in witnessing the process of their ice cream production, you can visit their kitchen area. Ice cream is manufactured twice a week.

Another factor contributing to Fonda Gümüşlük’s popularity is their breakfast offerings. The attention they devote to their breakfast tables is indicative of the delectable breakfasts they serve. Their menu includes delectable options such as Spread Breakfast, Omelet, Fried Egg, and Egg with Sausage. The mixed breakfasts, made from locally sourced ingredients, consist of three varieties of Jam, three varieties of Cheese, three varieties of Olives, Fried Eggs, Milas Pastry, unlimited Tea, and French Fries.

Where is Fonda Gümüşlük : googlemaps
Fonda Gümüşlük Reservation
: 0252 394 38 48

Yalı cafe Gümüşlük
Yalı Cafe may be modest, but it offers a cozy atmosphere and is quite affordable.
Yalı cafe Gümüşlük
Yalı Cafe is a great choice not only for breakfast but also for a variety of snacks.


Yalı Cafe stands as an initial stop on the left side of Gümüşlük beach. Its exterior may not fully reveal the ambiance and offerings within. Nevertheless, Yalı Cafe remains a popular spot among the locals of Gümüşlük and returning visitors alike.

Yalı Cafe boasts an expansive open seating area, with ample space between tables. This establishment not only serves as a breakfast spot, but also as a social hub, a café, and a cozy restaurant for lunches and snacks. In essence, Yalı Cafe Gümüşlük is a budget-friendly destination that caters to all preferences with its inviting ambiance.

You may opt for Yalı Cafe Gümüşlük as your breakfast destination. They offer a variety of choices including freshly squeezed fruit juices, mixed breakfast, breakfast plate, and light breakfast options. 

The mixed breakfast includes Local Jams, Pastry, Cheese Varieties, three types of Olives, Bagel on weekends, French Fries made from fresh potatoes, Fried Eggs, Acuka, and unlimited Tea. Additionally, you have the option to indulge in delicacies like omelettes, Menemen, Sucuklu, and Roasted Eggs.

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Gümüşlük eğlence mekanları
Gümüşlük is a popular town known for its entertainment venues.


Bodrum Gumusluk nightlife is undeniably one of the most thrilling aspects of the town. When the sun sets, the town comes alive with an energy that surpasses your imagination. Along the beach, you will find a plethora of venues catering to various entertainment styles, ensuring there is something for everyone.

One of the standout live music venues in Gumusluk is Off Gümüşlük. This place has gained immense popularity, thanks in part to the renowned artists who grace its stage. Securing a seat in this venue, where the most exceptional names in Turkish music perform, can be quite challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to make your reservation well in advance while planning your holiday.

Prior to arriving at the parking lot of Gümüşlük Municipality, there exists a location known as Non Stop Gümüşlük. This establishment is renowned as one of the most vibrant entertainment spots in the town, hosting live music concerts nearly every evening. At Non Stop Gümüşlük, you have the opportunity to enjoy both Turkish and foreign music. On certain days, DJ performances replace the live music. In a brief period, this venue has successfully established itself as one of the favored entertainment destinations in Gümüşlük.

Club Gümüşlük
Club Gümüşlük is a venue that is synonymous with the name Gümüşlük.
Club Gümüşlük
Club Gümüşlük’s beach transforms into a charming restaurant during the evenings.


Club Gümüşlük, a well-known entertainment spot in the town, offers a variety of options for visitors. As one of the oldest nightclubs in the area, guests can enjoy the sun loungers located directly in front of the venue, provided that they are customers.

 The concept of Club Gümüşlük can be experienced in different ways – whether as a beach club, a restaurant, or a lively nightclub with plenty of entertainment options.

You have the opportunity to enjoy views of both the beach and the sea while seated at the tables that overlook the sea at the venue, which covers a vast area. Inside, there is a spacious and well-established bar area. Apart from offering a diverse selection of beverages, they serve delectable cocktails. Make sure to sample their unique cocktail creations.

By approximately six o’clock in the evening, the sun loungers on the beach are cleared away and replaced with dining tables. The dining tables set on the sandy beach contribute to a delightful and romantic ambiance that we believe you will find enchanting.

Live music concerts at Club Gümüşlük have been temporarily suspended, with competent DJs occasionally taking the stage instead. The music played ranges from Turkish pop, rock, and nostalgic hits from the 80s and 90s to popular foreign songs. It’s worth noting that Club Gümüşlük is known for being a lively and enjoyable spot.

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Club Gümüşlük Reservation
: 0252 394 34 01


Eklisia, located in Bodrum Gumusluk, is a popular entertainment venue that operates throughout the year. Despite its proximity to Gümüşlük beach, it is just a short two-minute walk away. Below, we will provide you with the exact location details.

At Eklisia, you can enjoy live music once a week and DJ performances on other days. The venue primarily plays Techno, jazz, House, Rock, Rap, and occasionally nostalgic Turkish music. They organize events with unique themes every day, aiming to cater to a diverse audience.

Eklisia cannot be simply categorized as a nightclub or a bar. It has a distinctive concept that falls somewhere in between. While calling it a bar would be too simplistic, it would be more accurate to describe it as a sophisticated nightclub. This venue offers a multi-level rhythm of entertainment, ranging from wild parties to more relaxed vibes. Both young individuals and serious couples can find enjoyment at Eklisia.

Eklisia boasts a vast open area encompassing a large bar, a performance stage, and seating areas spread throughout the expansive space. The presence of the historic Eklisa Church, from which the place derives its name, further enhances the grandeur of this open area.

In addition to the open space, Eklisia also offers a closed area that is primarily utilized during the winter season. This indoor section features a performance stage, a generously sized bar, and tables resembling a restaurant setting. These two interconnected spaces contribute to the extensive expanse of Eklisia.

Within the indoor area, there is a food service that exudes a restaurant-like ambiance. However, it is important to note that the menu primarily consists of quick-serve dishes such as pasta, hamburgers, pizzas, and beer plates, rather than an extensive selection. 

The bar sections at Eklisia are particularly renowned for their cocktails. The establishment takes pride in offering a variety of special cocktails crafted with their own unique recipes. We highly recommend indulging in these delightful concoctions.

At Eklisia, you can enjoy quality music, engage in conversations with friends, and have a memorable time. The entertainment at the venue typically commences around 19:00 and continues until 02:00 in the morning. It is worth mentioning that during the summer season, the closing hours may be extended.

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Eklisia Reservation
: 0507 237 27 48

Bodrum Gumusluk Beach
The beach is home to numerous stray dogs, all of whom are affectionate and deserve your love and care.


In Gümüşlük, there are three distinct areas where you can enjoy a swim. These include Gumusluk Public Beach, Liman Beach where boats anchor, and Champagne Bay. Upon arriving at Gümüşlük beach, you will find fish restaurants on your right side and Gümüşlük Municipality Cafe on your left side.

 If you proceed past Gümüşlük Belediye Cafe, you will come across Club Gümüşlük. The sandy beach, perfect for swimming, begins from this point and stretches along the coastline.

You can find sun loungers in front of Club Gümüşlük along with various businesses nearby. Simply patronize these establishments by eating or drinking to enjoy the sun loungers. If you prefer not to pay any fees, just continue walking. 

A bit further down is where Gümüşlük Public Beach is situated, offering only sun umbrellas. Feel free to lay out your towel, sunbathe, and swim in the sea at this location. Bodrum Municipality typically does not provide sun loungers at most of its public beaches to avoid any potential confusion or misunderstandings.

Liman Beach in Gümüşlük is another spot where you can enjoy swimming. Simply head towards the right side of Gumusluk beach until you reach the end. As you walk towards the port where the boats are anchored, you will come across a small public beach. This particular area, where the boats anchor, offers a more peaceful atmosphere. 

Although it may not be the most ideal for swimming due to the boats limiting the area, it is still a great place to cool off and sunbathe. Families with children will especially appreciate this location. However, it’s important to note that there are no market or toilet facilities available here. This public beach is situated around 200 to 300 meters away from the center. Therefore, it is advisable to do your shopping beforehand for food and drinks. Additionally, please be aware that there are no amenities such as sun loungers or parasols in this area.

Champagne Bay is the last spot in Gümüşlük where swimming is allowed. Adjacent to Liman Beach, there is a private villa with a small fence gate on its left side. Once you pass through this gate, you can begin your walk towards the hill. Please note that the path is quite lengthy, taking approximately 7-8 minutes to reach your destination.

It is worth mentioning that this path holds historical significance as well. As you make your way, you will encounter remnants of the ancient city of Myndos, such as large stones and intricately carved beams. However, it is important to note that families with young children may find it challenging to navigate this approximately one-kilometer-long path. Therefore, we do not consider Champagne Bay to be a suitable location for families with children.

This route will lead you to the area behind the flag hill that is visible from the Gümüşlük coast. As you proceed, on your right side, there will be a slope filled with rocks, but as you reach the end of the path, it will gradually descend towards the sea level. Champagne Bay is a petite bay, featuring a small beach. However, it is important to note that the beach is not sandy and covered with pebbles, rather it can be described as gravelly.

The ocean bed is rocky as well, however, the water is exceptionally transparent and pristine. This fact remains unknown to many, which is why it remains so clean. Please ensure to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings when visiting Champagne Bay.

Naturally, there are no amenities available on site such as restrooms or markets. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase food and beverages before arriving. The elevated section of Champagne Bay consists of a lush grassy hill, providing a picturesque setting for sunbathing with a panoramic view of the sea. This spot is particularly appealing to young individuals and those seeking a peaceful environment.


The expansive sandy shoreline adjacent to Gümüşlük beach may not be particularly broad, but it certainly offers ample space. Rest assured, you will relish soaking up the sun in this area. Additionally, there are several cafes and bars conveniently situated nearby to enhance your experience. While the sea is crystal clear, it is not excessively shallow.

Liman Beach is an ideal choice for those seeking solitude and tranquility, away from the bustling crowds. The crystal-clear waters and sandy sea bottom add to the allure of this location, although it may not be the most suitable for swimming. Families with children might find this place appealing, as the sandy beach offers ample space to relax and play.

The sea of Gumusluk is truly remarkable. It boasts a crystal-clear sea, but one must exercise caution due to the rocky seabed. This bay remains relatively undiscovered, offering tranquility and an awe-inspiring, boundless view of the sea. 

However, while the bottom of the sea in Gumusluk is sandy, it is advisable to be cautious when swimming near rocky sections. There is a possibility of encountering sea urchins, so it is important to take care and ensure that your holiday remains unspoiled.

Gümüşlük Müzik Festivali
Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival stands as one of Bodrum’s most renowned and beloved festivals.


The Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival, held in Gümüşlük, a renowned neighborhood of Bodrum, has been taking place since 2004 and is recognized as a significant event in the realm of classical music festivals. 

It spans over a duration of around two and a half months, featuring performances by globally acclaimed artists categorized under Water, Stone, and Sand themes. Throughout this period, an estimated 20-30 concerts are presented to the audience.

In the initial years, the festival took place at the historical church Eklisia in Gümüşlük. However, in order to accommodate the increasing demand, it was later relocated to the Historical Stone Quarry in Gümüşlük. It is worth mentioning that this quarry holds great historical significance, as it is the very place where the stones for the construction of the Mausolleion Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, were extracted.

The festival has previously featured performances by renowned musicians like Cyprien Katsaris, Alexander Markov, and Gülsin Onay. Additionally, attendees can enjoy concerts by talented young artists who are studying at the Gümüşlük Festival Academy. 

If you have a passion for festivals, you might also find our article on Bodrum Festivals intriguing, as it provides detailed information about all the festivals in Bodrum.


The public market in Gumusluk is relatively small compared to other markets in Bodrum. Taking place on Wednesdays, this market mainly consists of fruit and vegetable stalls.

 Situated on a clean, stone ground, Gumusluk public market may be compact but it is well-organized, free from the usual hustle and bustle found in traditional markets. It is a market that we appreciate for its cleanliness and orderliness.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable stands, one can also come across stalls that offer a diverse selection of cheese, olives, and breakfast items. As customary in every Bodrum market, towards the end of these stalls, there is a sizable stall where Gozleme, Pastry, Baklava, and Village Breads are sold. Furthermore, right at the entrance of the market, there is a considerably large stall dedicated to nuts and spices, as well as a spacious plant selling stall.

We have made every effort to provide a comprehensive explanation of Bodrum Gumusluk. However, we acknowledge that there may be additional attractions such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and other places to visit that we may have overlooked. If you have any recommendations, we would greatly appreciate it if you could share them with us.

Furthermore, we are aware that there are numerous destinations beyond the Gümüşlük coast that are worth exploring. As time goes on, we will continue to discover and include these places in our article. Rest assured, our Bodrum Gumusluk Travel Guide will be regularly updated each year.

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