We can say that the first important step to a pleasant holiday is to choose the right hotel. It will not be very satisfying for a family with children to go to a hotel with no children’s activities. Or someone who spends all his time sunbathing on vacation would be disappointed at a hotel that does not have a good beach.

In order to give you Bodrum hotel suggestions, we need to get to know you first, but it is not possible for us to get to know every holidaymaker individually. So, we tried to give Bodrum hotel suggestions by taking into account the general needs, hoping that it will make your job easier when choosing a hotel.

Voyage Torba
You may have difficulty finding availability in the hotel, which was renewed throughout in 2021, in coming years. We recommend you to plan your holiday and make your reservation in advance…



It is certain that Voyage Torba, which has recently been completely renovated, will be one of the most special hotels in Bodrum. It promises a very special holiday with new room types designed for your comfort, renewed concepts and living spaces. Voyage Torba is located six kilometres from the centre of Bodrum and 30 kilometres from the airport.

Voyage Torba, which stands out for its renewed appearance among our Bodrum hotel suggestions, provides a service with an ultra-all-inclusive concept. In addition, you have the option of ‘Voyage Private‘ accommodation. You can enjoy a luxurious holiday in the private villas with their private pools. In short, with special facilities.

Voyage Torba offers ten different room concepts. Instead of listing them one by one, let’s say that whether you choose a room with a garden, a family room, a deluxe room or a room with the sea view, all rooms are very spacious and modern with their renovated interiors. We liked the rooms very much; we think you will too.

Meals are served as an open buffet in the morning, noon and evening at the Cuisine 24 restaurant. Apart from Cuisine 24, there are seven a la carte restaurants in the facility. In these restaurants, you can taste flavours from Italian, Mexican, Turkish, Mediterranean, Far Eastern and Japanese cuisines. In addition, Carino Restaurant is a restaurant where steak lovers will be regulars throughout the holiday. As a very nice detail, Voyage Torba also has a large children’s buffet for little guests.

There are 15 bars throughout the facility, where all local and imported alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are free of charge within the brands determined by the management. But only Cuisine 24 Bar and Private Lagoon Bar serve 24 hours.

Voyage Torba
We love the understated luxury. How about you?
Voyage Torba
One of the biggest and most fun waterslides we’ve seen.

Located by the sea, the facility has a 300-meter-long sandy beach and a pier. Although the sunbathing area on the pier is comfortable, the renewed appearance of the sandy beach is very beautiful. Both the sand on the beach is clean, and the sunbeds are more spacious.

Apart from this, there are eleven pool options of different sizes in the facility. Of course, a few of them are children’s pools. Apart from these, there are two aquaparks on Voyage Torba where both children and adults can have fun. There are six water slides for adults and three for children in the aquaparks with a very fun and stylish design. There is also a mini club for children called Tugi Kids World. The aquapark for adults looks a lot of fun. We recommend the aquapark to all adults who have a fun-loving spirit.

The activities are, of course, not limited to these. In the concept of the ultra-all-inclusive hotel, there are activities and amenities, such as Danza Bar, Fitness Centre, water gymnastics, windsurfing, canoeing, tennis court, wellness activities and animation shows throughout the day, live music, which you can enjoy free of charge. Those who want to add adrenaline to their holiday can experience water sports alternatives such as banana, jet ski, ringo, fly fish and water ski.

Voyage Torba also has a very large Spa centre. You can get rid of all your tiredness at Sense Spa, where you will be hosted with special massage techniques, unique treatments that renew your soul, and attentive service.

Voyage Torba, which won our admiration with its renewed appearance, is one of the most striking of our Bodrum hotel suggestions. You can find the most suitable reservation options of Voyage Torba through this link —-> Voyage Torba

The Bodrum Edition
The sea of the bay where The Bodrum Edition’s located is magnificent too!



We start our Bodrum hotel suggestions with The Bodrum Edition in Yalikavak. In recent years, it has started to be the choice of young people and increasing its popularity. The Bodrum Edition is not a hotel that families with children will prefer, as there are no activities for children.

The reason why young people and those looking for a quiet holiday prefer it is not just because it is a peaceful and comfortable hotel. The design of the hotel and the comfort of the rooms, the Brava Restaurant serving Latin American cuisine and Morena Restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine are the reasons for the popularity of the hotel.

Another reason why we recommend The Bodrum Edition is the breakfast area with a sea view and its delicious breakfast. Here’s a little tip; if ‘lemon jam’ is not served on the breakfast table, make sure to ask for it, you will love the taste.

The sea of ​​the bay where The Bodrum Edition is located is also magnificent. The sea of ​​this bay, which is ideal for those who love to swim, is calm and incredibly clear. Of course, the wonderful white sandy beach is another factor that makes The Bodrum Edition even more special.

The Bodrum Edition
White sandy beach and a calm, clear sea.
The Bodrum Edition
Brava Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Bodrum.

The hotel, which has 108 rooms, suites and villas, offers accommodation options with private pools, gardens, balconies and most importantly, wide sea views. The full-range SPA includes a sauna, Turkish bath, eight massage rooms and an infinity pool.

Another feature of the hotel that we like the most is its hospitality and friendly service. On the other hand, the fact that the hotel is close to the centre of Yalikavak and Yalikavak Marina is also ideal for those who like to wander around. Also you should read our Hotel Review: The Bodrum Edition article.

You can find the most suitable reservation options for The Bodrum Edition, which we think you will have a pleasant holiday experience, through this link. ——> The Bodrum Edition

Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa also hosts the world-famous Buddha Bar Beach.



The fact that Caresse, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, located in Bodrum’s Asarlik Mevkii, hosts its own private white sandy beach, stylish pier and, most importantly, Buddha Bar Beach is a reason enough in itself to prefer it. Other prominent features of the facility are the SPA and wellness section, which provides comprehensive service in a wide area, with options such as massage rooms with different features, a Turkish bath and a sauna.

Gym, tennis court, outdoor swimming pool and yoga course are other activity options. Although there is a children’s club in the facility, let us remind that it does not have much else to please families with children!

Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
You can watch one of the most beautiful bays of Bodrum from your room.
Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
The sun loungers on the beach are simple. If you are looking for comfortable sun loungers the loungers on the pier await.

Accommodation options at Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa consists of 67 rooms, 9 suites and Caresse King Villa. All rooms have nice details like Marriott’s Signature Luxury Collection beds. We should also mention that each room’s own private terrace or balcony overlooks Bodrum’s unique sea.

You can find the most convenient reservation option for Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, our Bodrum hotel recommendation for those who want to experience entertainment and luxury together, through this link ——> Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort
A 3–5-day holiday might not be enough for you at Le Meridien Bodrum Beach!



We now take you to a hidden paradise with our Bodrum hotel recommendation: Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort. Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort has brought a breath of fresh air to Bodrum. The long list of outstanding features of the hotel includes the amenities, location, comfort and view. Located in the most privileged bay of the Bodrum Peninsula, Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort is like a paradise hidden in 83 thousand square meters of landscaped gardens.

It is, however, a little far from the centre of Bodrum, about 30-40 minutes by car. On the other hand, it is only 15 minutes away from the airport. Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort is such a comprehensive hotel that if you have planned a short vacation of 3-5 days, you will not want to leave your hotel anyway.

Offering a choice of rooms, suites, residences and villas with breath-taking panoramic views, the hotel also offers a series of holistic beauty treatments and unforgettable experiences to ensure you feel revitalized by Turkey’s leading holistic and health services, Vitalica Wellness.

Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort
You are guaranteed to get two things throughout the resort; Comfort and View…
Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort
Put your feet up and enjoy your drink while watching the view.

The elegant 650-meter sandy beach stretches on a private bay and the sea is so beautiful that you will never want to leave. Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort has five restaurants and four bars; you can taste authentic Mediterranean flavours at Bodrum Blue Mediterranean Restaurant and Aegean special appetizers and fresh herbs at Bodrum Blue Seafood Restaurant. In Stella Restaurant, dry aged meats are served according to your taste, accompanied by a panoramic view of the bay. Tastes from Asia-Pacific cuisine meet you at Toro Pan-Asian Restaurant.

You can pamper yourself with special cocktails and delicious drinks by the sea at the Beach Bar and Peninsula Bar. And of course, guests who want to spend a quiet day can enjoy the 24-hour room service by ordering a drink in their room, putting their feet up and watching the beauty of the peninsula.

You can find the most suitable reservation options of Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort, our Bodrum hotel recommendation in the hidden paradise, through this link ——> Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort

Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum
Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum is a luxury boutique hotel in Bodrum’s secluded corner of paradise, Aspat Bay.



Bodrum’s new luxury boutique hotel, Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum, is located in Aspat Bay. Located about 30 minutes from the centre of Bodrum, the hotel has 80 rooms and suites with sea view balconies or terraces to admire the magnificent coastline and calm waters of Aspat Bay. It is possible to see Kos Island from the terrace or balcony of your room!

Hotel guests can enjoy facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, a beachfront restaurant serving Mediterranean and international cuisine, a bar, a spa and fitness centre, and meeting and event facilities.

Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum
You’ll enjoy its 400-metre beach and large grass sunbathing area.
Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum
Even though the rooms are on the smaller side, the balconies will tempt you to go on holiday even in the winter.

Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum has a 400-meter coastline with its own private sandy beach. Those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bodrum will love Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum, a luxury boutique hotel. Although it doesn’t offer activities for families with children, it will be one of your first choices on every holiday with its rooms with a view, sandy beach and wide sunbathing area.

Those who want to book Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum, one of the most luxurious boutique hotels among our Bodrum hotel suggestions, can find the most suitable options through this link ——-> Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum

Best Bodrum Hotels
Neither the three photos we share here, nor the two paragraphs we wrote are enough to describe Lujo Hotel!



Lujo Hotel is a huge ultra-luxury resort located on the seafront in Güvercinlik. It is located 15 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the centre of Bodrum.

Lujo Hotel has a special place among our Bodrum hotel suggestions, because it is one of our favorite Bodrum hotels. An ultra-luxury hotel may not suit everyone’s budget, but take a look at the booking options to pamper yourself and your children with an unforgettable Bodrum holiday.

With more than 20 different and comfortable room options, Lujo invites its guests to luxury. While large families prefer one of four different villa options with private swimming pools, Forest Rooms will win the hearts of romantic couples with its unprecedented architecture. With 80% of its rooms with a full sea view, Lujo’s luxuries are not limited to its rooms. Advantages include specially heated swimming pools for the spring months, Aqua Park for children and Kijo Club, where guests aged 1-17 can spend time both having fun and learning.

With an all-inclusive à la carte system, Lujo Hotel offers its guests a selection of Turkish, Mediterranean, Asian and Italian cuisines in 9 different gourmet restaurants with magnificent sea views. In addition, unique cocktails prepared by talented bartenders in 14 different bars and aged whiskeys at Pablo Esco Bar await guests.

Lujo Hotel
Would you like to enjoy a different beach every day?
Lujo Hotel
You’ll be satisfied both with the view and the delicious meals.

The resort’s one-kilometre-long Escape Beach is the choice of those who seek silence, while Joy Beach is attractive for families who want to build sand castles with their children. Those looking for a beach party will find themselves at Indigo Beach Club. There is a beach for every taste at Lujo Hotel.

Lujo Hotel also has six different pool options, including an Aquapark and a children’s pool. Facilities such as a very comprehensive SPA, yoga sessions, water sports, fitness, and beauty salon are the first options we would like to convey to you, but the list gets longer.

Lujo’s luxury travel and transfer options are also notable! You can visit dazzling beauties such as Pamukkale, Ephesus, Ölüdeniz (with paragliding) and Demre Myra Kekova with brand new seaplane tours from Lujo, or you can choose yacht tours, jet transfer and VIP transfer options.

We think it’s a bit difficult to describe Lujo Hotel in two or three paragraphs, so you’d better take a trip through Lujo Hotel’s website to explore it in detail. You can also find the most suitable reservation option through this link —-> Lujo Hotel

Best Bodrum Hotels
You’ll have difficulty finding availability in MGallery The Bodrum Yalikavak, which opened in July 2021, in the future.  Plan your holiday in advance!



Hotel brands in Bodrum have understood what kind of holiday experience the holiday makers want. Accor Group Hotel opened Yalikavak’s newest luxury boutique hotel, MGallery The Bodrum Yalikavak, in July 2021. We have no doubt that it will be one of the most popular hotels in Bodrum in the future.

Located in Yalikavak, MGallery The Bodrum Yalikavak is very close to the centre of Yalikavak and Yalikavak Marina. The design of the hotel and the rooms saluting the sea of ​​Bodrum look very stylish. Its elegant and simple rooms serve without putting luxury into the background.

The elegance of the rooms and the view will energize you while you start your day.
The beauty of its sandy beach will exceed your expectation from a boutique hotel.

Its own private sandy beach and pier are large enough. The beauty of the bay and the clear sea are among the factors that will make MGallery The Bodrum Yalikavak indispensable. You can have a pleasant time at the Bohemy Yalikavak restaurant, where you can taste Mediterranean cuisine, and at the Pool Bar, where you can taste international cocktails accompanied by small snacks.

Although it is a boutique hotel, it has facilities such as a meeting room, health centre, fitness centre and babysitter on request.

One of our Bodrum hotel suggestions, you can see the most suitable reservation options for MGallery The Bodrum Yalikavak through this link ——> MGallery The Bodrum Hotel Yalikavak

Best Bodrum Hotels
Rixos Premium Bodrum has countless activities both for children and the adults.



Rixos Premium Bodrum is located 10 kilometres from Bodrum centre and 25 kilometres from Milas Airport. Rixos Premium Bodrum is a perfect ultra-luxury hotel with its Blue Flag awarded sea, private beach, indoor and outdoor pools, rooms equipped with the highest level of comfort, suites, a la carte restaurants and SPA services.

One of our Bodrum hotel suggestions for families with children is Rixos Premium Bodrum. The hotels we mentioned above did not offer much for children, but Rixos Premium Bodrum also has many opportunities for families with children. Considerably large water slides, special kid’s club, children’s playground and aqua park will provide your children with a wonderful holiday experience.

For adults, SPA services, sauna, water skiing, surfing, diving school, fitness centre, beach volleyball are just a few to mention from the long activity list.

Rixos Premium Bodrum
Rixos Premium Bodrum has one of the most beautiful beaches among Bodrum hotels.
Rixos Premium Bodrum
You’ll see the luxury throughout the hotel.

Located by the sea, Rixos Premium Bodrum has a 200-meter beach and a 500-square-meter pier. We can say that Rixos Premium Bodrum is among the hotels with the best beaches. Sun umbrellas, mattresses and towels at the beach and pool are, of course, free. Pavilions are paid.

Open buffet meals in the morning, lunch time and evening are free in the main restaurant, Zeytinalti Restaurant. Local and imported alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within the brands determined by the management are free of charge for 24 hours. There are two a la carte restaurants in the property, the Kalamata A la Carte Restaurant serving Cretan cuisine and the Cento Per Cento A la Carte Restaurant for those who love Italian cuisine.

One of the most popular facilities among our Bodrum hotel suggestions is Rixos Premium Bodrum. You can use this link to make a reservation with the most suitable reservation options ——> Rixos Premium Bodrum

Bodrum Hotel Recommendations
Swissotel Resort Bodrum is a calm, yet energetic resort.



The property, which has a special place with its location on the Turgutreis coast, is our recommendation for those looking for an energetic and comfortable holiday. First of all, we should mention that Swissotel Resort Bodrum, which we think is overlooked by most holiday lovers, is one of the hotels with the most beautiful beaches.

Interpreting luxury according to the Swiss service concept, the luxury hotel rooms with both sea and forest views and the comfort in the interior design will make you feel like you are in a special facility. Although there is a children’s club, it should be noted that there are not many activities for children. The beach of the facility, which has both an indoor and an outdoor pool, is worth seeing again.

Swissotel Resort Bodrum
Another hotel whose beach we admire; Swissotel Bodrum Resort.
Swissotel Resort Bodrum
Though only the front row rooms have this vies, all rooms are comfortable and spacious.

A comprehensive SPA, gym, steam room, sauna and hammam are the highlights of the facility. Swissotel Resort Bodrum has three restaurants and two bars; International favourite flavours and the most popular flavours of Turkish cuisine are served in the indoor and outdoor areas of Cafe Swiss Restaurant. The Beach Restaurant, on the other hand, carries those who cannot leave the sea shore to the pier. Trattoria La Scarpetta adds delight to elegant dinners with 360-degree views of Bodrum, while The Roof Bar offers entertaining nights with delicious cocktails.

Swissotel Resort Bodrum will give you an unforgettable Bodrum holiday. Swissotel Resort Bodrum is a hotel we would especially recommend to those looking for a quiet but energetic hotel and a beautiful beach.

Those who want to book Swissotel Resort Bodrum, one of our Bodrum hotel suggestions, can find the most suitable reservation options through this link —-> Swissotel Resort Bodrum

Bodrum Hotel Recommendations
Kefaluka Resort Hotel benefits from the magnificent view of Akyarlar.



Kefaluka Resort Hotel is our Bodrum hotel recommendation for families with children and those who want to spend a quiet and enjoyable holiday away from the hustle and bustle of Bodrum centre.

Kefaluka Resort Hotel in Akyarlar, one of the most beautiful and calmest bays of Bodrum, is 25 kilometres from Bodrum centre and 60 kilometres from the airport. But don’t worry, the facility will pick you up from the airport.

The hotel, which is located at the seaside and provides service with an ultra-all-inclusive concept, also has a wonderful view of Akyarlar. We mean it when we use the term ‘wonderful view’. Maybe you have heard how beautiful the sea of ​​Akyarlar is. We can say it’s like an aquarium, you can see the fish passing under you while swimming, and most of the time the sea is still.

The biggest reason we added Kefaluka Resort Hotel to our Bodrum hotel suggestions was its sea and view, but that’s not all. Kefaluka Resort Hotel will be a very good option for an unforgettable holiday with the family. Adults will also have a good time in the huge water slide where children will have a lot of fun.

Your children will not be bored at all at this hotel.
Bodrum Otel Tavsiyesi
The pier of the hotel, which has plenty of sunbathing space, is for those seeking a quiet spot.

The hotel has a playground, a children’s pool and 5 water slides. The hotel’s mini club has everything imaginable for children to provide a comfortable and enjoyable time, such as an art workshop, a special game room for small age groups, a children’s pool with slides, a sleeping room and children’s shows.

You have seven different room options, ranging from standard rooms to prestige rooms. Kefaluka Resort Hotel, which has five different restaurants serving international and Turkish cuisine, also has a tavern and a kebab restaurant. Turkish holiday lovers will be delighted with this detail, and we strongly recommend foreign holidaymakers to experience the tavern. You should taste the choice of delicious Turkish appetizers, but beware of raki, do not exceed three glasses! We recommend you to read our article on Bodrum’s Best Taverns.

You can find the most suitable reservation options for an unforgettable holiday at Kefaluka Resort Hotel thorough this link ——> Kefaluka Resort Hotel

Bodrum Hotel Recommendations
Although Ramada Resort Bodrum does not have a beach of its own, it has a magnificent view overlooking Bodrum.



Ramada Resort Bodrum is a very comprehensive hotel located in Bitez. Although it is not on the seafront, we can say that it is one of the best hotels in Bodrum. The hotel, which is only four kilometres from the centre of Bodrum, has numerous facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam bath, Turkish bath, tennis court and fitness room.

Although it does not have a beach of its own, it has services to contracted beaches during the summer season. Ramada Resort Bodrum is a perfect option where you can combine business and vacation. Ideal for group activities such as sports events, weddings, meetings, the hotel has areas such as meeting rooms that can host 500 people, which offers special opportunities for such activities.

The hotel, which also has villa type accommodation options, also hosts organizations such as sports events, weddings and meetings.
Free of unnecessary details, the rooms have a modest elegance. 

There are also villa type accommodation options at Ramada Resort Bodrum. The hotel has two restaurants and two bars. Providing service with a professional approach, the hotel was indispensable among our Bodrum hotel suggestions.

Ramada Resort Bodrum is our Bodrum hotel recommendation especially for sports, wedding and meeting activities. You can find the most suitable reservation options thorough this link ——> Ramada Resort Bodrum

There are 11 hotels in our Bodrum hotel suggestions. These hotels are the most sought after Bodrum hotels, and their popularity must have something to do with the quality service they provide, right? The reservation links we have provided have been analysed and prepared for you to reach the most suitable reservation options. We recommend you to make your reservation through these links.

We recommend that you take a look at TripAdvisor’s ‘Best Bodrum Hotels’ category to check out other prominent hotels in Bodrum. If you could not find the hotel you are looking for among our Bodrum hotel suggestions, you can find the hotel you are looking for in our hotel suggestions below.

We will be happy if you share your accommodation experiences under this article. We wish you a happy Bodrum holiday in advance…


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