Best Bodrum Gifts


Everyone enjoys receiving gifts or souvenirs while on vacation. However, it can be challenging to decide what to buy or end up purchasing unnecessary items that don’t serve their purpose. In such cases, we often resort to buying a magnet and heading back to our hotel. To save you from this dilemma, we are here to guide you on what to buy as a gift in Bodrum and where to find these gifts. We will direct you to exclusive places where you can purchase a special Bodrum gift for your loved ones or a souvenir for yourself. Our list includes various locations and special stores in Bodrum where you can buy souvenirs. 

For those who have visited Bodrum before, they might already be familiar with the main places to buy gifts. However, we will briefly discuss these places as well. So, what kind of gift can you buy in Bodrum that will allow you to cherish your time in this beautiful city and bring back wonderful memories? Let’s delve into our article on the best places to buy gifts in Bodrum…


If you are looking to purchase a unique gift from Bodrum, there are several options to consider. Some popular Bodrum gifts include Bodrum Sandals, Authentic Carpets, Tangerine Delights, Tangerine Jam, handmade necklaces or bracelets, and local clothing. 

Additionally, you can find beautiful sculptures created by local artists, ceramic vases and plates, and more local clothing options. These items make for great gifts that capture the essence of Bodrum. Now, let’s delve into more details about where you can find these wonderful Bodrum gifts.

Best Bodrum Gifts
Bodrum Sandals would make a wonderful gift from Bodrum.


When Bodrum is mentioned, one of the first things that comes to mind is Bodrum Sandals. And when it comes to Bodrum Sandals, there is only one name that stands out: Ali Güven. It was in 1966 when Master Ali Güven first laid eyes on a unique pair of sandals worn by foreign archaeologists visiting Bodrum. He was instantly captivated by their beauty and craftsmanship.

Without wasting any time, Master Ali Güven started creating his own version of these sandals in his workshop, using only the finest quality leather and leather soles. The sandals made by him quickly gained immense popularity and caught the attention of many.

The fame of Bodrum Sandals and Master Ali Güven reached new heights thanks to the influential guests brought to Bodrum by the renowned Turkish music producer, Ahmet Ertegün. Today, Bodrum Sandals and Master Ali Güven have become a global brand, known and admired by people all around the world.

Master Ali Güven outfits renowned celebrities like Mick Jagger, Donna Karan, and Bette Midler in Bodrum Sandals. These sandals have also been featured in numerous historical Hollywood films.

The apprentices under Master Ali Güven’s guidance have established various shops over time. Among them, Sur Sandals stands out with its long-standing presence in the heart of Bodrum.

For years, Sur Sandals has been operating its stores on Cumhuriyet Street in Bodrum. Their collection includes sandal models for women, men, and children. Sur Sandals ships its products worldwide and offers online sales as well. Customers can conveniently purchase Bodrum sandals through their website.

Bodrum sandals are ideal for warm climates like Bodrum, as they are comfortable, breathable, and durable. Crafted with leather soles and genuine leather, these sandals can last up to a decade. In the rare event of damage, Sur Sandals assures customers of complimentary repairs.

Bodrum Sandals make for an exceptionally unique present if you are looking to purchase a distinctive Bodrum gift for your loved ones or even for yourself.

Bodrum Hediyesi
Bodrum’s traditional carpets will create a unique ambiance in any room of your home.
Best Bodrum Gifts
Authentic carpets from Bodrum are purchased by thousands of tourists annually.


Local carpets, which are highly sought after by tourists from abroad, make for a truly exquisite and unforgettable souvenir from Bodrum. These meticulously crafted carpets are woven on traditional looms in the homes of women residing in the surrounding villages and Anatolian towns, or in cooperative-style establishments.

In Bodrum center, you will find a number of exclusive carpet stores. Neyzen Tevfik Street and Cumhuriyet Street are home to some of these establishments, where you can explore a wide selection of carpets. Additionally, Bodrum’s public markets also feature stalls selling local carpets. If you happen to visit the Turgutreis public market on Saturdays or the Yalıkavak clothing market on Thursdays, you will be able to purchase these stunning carpets. Both markets proudly showcase large, authentic carpet looms.

Etrim Halı offers a stylish store in Etrim Village, located in Mumcular District, approximately 24 kilometers away from Bodrum. 

Adjacent to the store showcasing carpets, visitors can find carpet weaving looms in an open area. Here, women are seen weaving carpets, and guests can even participate in the weaving process. Further details about Etrim Halı will be elaborated below. 

We highly suggest handmade carpets, which will not only appeal to international customers but also to local residents. The addition of a handmade carpet is sure to bring a unique ambiance to any room.

Where to buy Bodrum Gifts
Handmade jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are highly sought after in Bodrum.


The most sought-after item in Bodrum is undoubtedly handmade jewelry. Jewelry shops across Bodrum offer a wide range of handmade bracelets and necklaces. This type of jewelry is so popular in Bodrum that there are even workshops dedicated to creating handmade pieces. You can purchase these exquisite items from various stores in the city center, as well as from the small stalls along Çarşı Street in Yalıkavak and near the marina in Turgutreis. However, if you are looking to buy jewelry as a gift, be sure to visit Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar.

If you inquire about the best place to purchase gifts in Bodrum, one of the top recommendations is Gümüşülük Handicrafts Bazaar. This market is filled with numerous shops offering a variety of handmade bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, both big and small. In addition to jewelry, you can also find ceramic plates, bowls, and sculptures adorned with colors and patterns unique to Bodrum at Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar. In conclusion, Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar is a must-visit destination for those seeking gifts in Bodrum.

It is advisable to closely examine the intricate designs of handmade ceramic plates.
Bodrum'da Ne Hediye Alınır
Our assertion is that you will end up purchasing three or even five, not just one!


One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Bodrum gifts is the exquisite ceramic plates and bowls. These plates are meticulously crafted with unique motifs and vibrant colors that are characteristic of Bodrum. Do not underestimate their beauty by simply referring to them as ceramic plates; their colors and motifs are so stunning that you will undoubtedly be tempted to purchase a few.

You can easily find several shops that sell these handmade ceramic plates in prominent locations. Not only are there numerous shops in the heart of Bodrum, but you can also explore Yalıkavak Çarşı Street, Turgutreis, and the captivating Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar for the most exquisite and eye-catching pieces.

By adding Bodrum-specific colors and stylish motifs, these plates will infuse a touch of Bodrum’s essence into your home. Whether it’s nut plates, salad plates, appetizer plates, coffee cups, mugs, or dinner plates, we highly recommend purchasing these unique pieces for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones after your holiday.

Bodrum Gifts
Various evil eye bead designs can be found in every town.


The evil eye bead is not exclusive to Bodrum, however, the evil eye beads found in Bodrum come in various designs and colors. When looking for unique evil eye bead designs, it is recommended to purchase them from specialized stores. 

These special evil eye beads are crafted in different styles suitable for carrying in your garden, home, or bag. We believe that the evil eye bead would make a truly unique gift from Bodrum. 

You can certainly find a store offering this special Bodrum gift in the central areas of your town. Additionally, more special designs can be found in Bodrum center and Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar.


Our female readers will surely appreciate the unique gift of local clothes from Bodrum. These clothes, including t-shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, hats, and shorts, are designed with motifs and colors that are specific to Bodrum, instantly transforming your style and mood. 

Each store offers different designs, so it’s important not to limit yourself to just one store when choosing the perfect Bodrum gift. 

In the center of Bodrum, you’ll find numerous stores selling local clothes. While Socrates on Cumhuriyet Street is the most popular, there are also several other stores worth visiting on the same street. Additionally, if you continue walking towards the marina outside Cumhuriyet Street and Neyzen Tevfik Street, you’ll come across a few more shops selling local clothes.

There are various stores located on the souvenir selling streets of Yalıkavak and Turgutreis, each offering unique models. If you are in search of a store selling local clothes, you will surely find one in the nearby town. In case you are unable to locate one, we suggest visiting the Bodrum center and Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar. Among the stores in Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar, Etnika Butik specializes in selling local clothes.

Additionally, you can find stalls selling local clothes in the public markets established in different Bodrum towns. These public markets offer the opportunity to purchase these clothes at more affordable prices. It is worth noting that the Yalıkavak clothing market takes place on Thursdays, while the Turgutreis clothing market is held on Saturdays. Furthermore, there is a clothing market in the center of Bodrum, situated above the bus station, which operates on several days throughout the week.

Bodrum Gourd Lamps can transform the atmosphere of your garden.
Gourd Lamps can be utilized in your garden, balcony, or room.


When Bodrum is brought up, one of the primary Bodrum souvenirs that springs to mind is the ‘Bodrum Gourd Lamp’. A large number of restaurants in Bodrum, as well as local residents, adorn their gardens or homes with a Calabash Lamp.

For those unfamiliar with this item, it should be noted that the Calabash Lamps you come across are crafted from the calabash fruit. The gourds are initially cleaned, their bases are opened, their interiors are emptied, they are left to dry, and then the design is sketched. Following this, holes are drilled, beads are attached, and a coat of varnish is applied. Finally, the electrical connections are established.

Calabash Lamps are fashioned as lampshades, chandeliers, and sconces. If desired, these elegant lamps can be utilized in your living room, on your balcony, or in your garden.

Stores that specialize in Gourd Lamps can be found in Bodrum center, Gümüşülük Handicrafts Bazaar, and Yalıkavak Çarşı Street.


Turkish Delight is a well-known treat worldwide, and Bodrum Delight offers a unique twist on this classic dessert. This special delicacy, also known as Tangerine Delight, Satsuma Delight, Lemon Delight, and Pomegranate Delight, is particularly popular in Bodrum. Among these variations, Bodrum Tangerine Delight stands out as the most beloved and delicious option. 

You can easily purchase these delightful treats in various locations throughout Bodrum, including markets, bazaars, and specialized Turkish delight shops. While they are widely available, we suggest visiting a dedicated Turkish delight market to acquire Bodrum Delight as a thoughtful gift for someone special. In the heart of Bodrum, you will find a few Turkish delight markets offering elegantly packaged products. 

One notable shop, Hatipzade, located in Bodrum Çarşı District, not only sells Turkish delight but also serves traditional Turkish desserts and Turkish coffee. Additionally, there is a branch of Hatipzade on Yalıkavak Çarşı Street. The popularity of Bodrum Turkish Delights has expanded beyond the region, with these delectable treats now being sold in various parts of the country. With a bit of searching, you can even find online stores where you can purchase them.


We have curated a selection of Bodrum gifts that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Among these gifts, Bodrum Tangerine stands out as a popular food item. It is used to make various delicious treats such as jam, Turkish delight, soda, and even cologne. However, the most sought-after treat is Tangerine Jam.

Tangerine Jam can be found on the menus of all breakfast venues in Bodrum. If you’re looking for a breakfast spot, we recommend reading our article on the Best Breakfast Places in Bodrum.

You can purchase Bodrum Tangerine Jam at delicatessens and markets. Almost all delicatessens carry this delightful jam. For instance, you can find it at Çıngıllıoğlu, a popular store in Bodrum that specializes in breakfast products. Çıngıllıoğlu has multiple branches throughout Bodrum.

We believe that Bodrum Tangerine Jam would make a truly special gift from Bodrum. When you return home, you can reminisce about your holiday by enjoying this delicious jam on your breakfast table.


Do not be surprised if cheese is considered a thoughtful gift, as they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! While Bodrum may not be renowned for its cheeses, there are still delightful local options available for purchase. Various private chain stores in Bodrum specialize in breakfast products and are particularly known for their cheese selections. Çıngıllıoğlu, Metin Çıngıllıoğlu, Kadiroğlu, and İnci Cheese House are some of the top cheese markets in the area. These stores offer not only a variety of cheeses but also other breakfast items like local olives and Tangerine Jam.

In addition to these specialty stores, you can also find these unique cheeses at Bodrum’s public markets. The public markets in Bodrum boast numerous large stands where you can find a wide range of breakfast products.

If we were to recommend a few cheeses that we enjoy, Bodrum Tulum, Izmir Tulum, Bergama Tulum, Mihaliç Cheese, Kars Gravyeri, and Kars Old Cheddar are some of the delicious options that come to mind and are frequently enjoyed by us. These cheeses pair excellently with wine.

And let’s not forget about the white cheese. These cheese shops allow you to sample the cheeses, make your selection, vacuum seal your purchase, and take it home as a gift for yourself or your loved ones. For more detailed information on what to eat in Bodrum, we suggest reading our comprehensive article on the subject.


After the holiday season, consider purchasing a local wine from Bodrum as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. It is a gift that brings us great joy, as who can resist a good bottle of wine? In Bodrum, there are three boutique wine producers where you can purchase wine: Garova Vineyards, Mor Salkım Vineyards, and Karnas VineYards.

Currently, Garova Vineyards’ wines are exclusively available at their vineyard in Pınarlıbelen District. To arrange a visit, you can contact them through their website

Although Mor Salkım Vineyards is located a bit further from the Bodrum center, it is easily accessible by a 30-40 minute car ride. You can reach Mor Salkım Bağları in Çömlekçi District by visiting

Karnas VineYards, situated near Mor Salkım Vineyards, offers a delightful wine tasting experience and a pleasant atmosphere. At Karnas VineYards, you can enjoy wine tasting sessions and learn about the art of wine and food pairing during dinner.

Upon arrival at Karnas VineYards, you will be greeted with a glass of Zinfandel before embarking on a cellar tour. The tour includes a four-course meal featuring local olive oil, jam, cheese, and various hot dishes. You will receive guidance on wine pairings and have the opportunity to sample a selection of local Turkish wines. Additionally, complimentary hotel pick-up and drop-off services are provided. To make a reservation, please use the following link.


The question of where to buy gifts in Bodrum is a common one. In almost every neighborhood in Bodrum, you can find streets with a variety of shops where you can purchase gifts. However, some neighborhoods offer more options for buying Bodrum gifts than others.

The first place that comes to mind when thinking about where to buy gifts in Bodrum is the city center. Here, you will find a wide range of stores offering Bodrum gifts, with hundreds of options to choose from.

Another notable spot to buy unique gifts specific to Bodrum is the Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar. This bazaar is known for its special and one-of-a-kind gifts that truly capture the essence of Bodrum.

Lastly, Yalıkavak also offers numerous options for buying Bodrum gifts. With a variety of shops and stores, you will have plenty of choices to find the perfect gift.

In conclusion, Bodrum offers several locations where you can buy gifts. The city center, Gumusluk Handicrafts Bazaar, and Yalıkavak are all great places to explore and find the ideal Bodrum gift.

Bodrum Hediyelik Eşya
Cumhuriyet Street is lined with numerous souvenir shops.


Bodrum center is renowned for its abundance of gift shops, particularly along Cumhuriyet Street, also known as Bodrum Bar Street. Although not all of these establishments offer local products, there are still numerous stores that specialize in selling authentic local gifts.

While strolling along this street, it is highly recommended to venture into the adjacent side streets, where you will come across shops offering unique and distinctive souvenirs.

Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to take a leisurely walk towards the marina, specifically Neyzen Tevfik Street. This street is home to exclusive stores that showcase carpets, clothing, and jewelry. For a more comprehensive exploration of this area, we invite you to peruse our Bodrum Center Travel Guide article.

Gümüşlük El Sanatları Çarşısı
A visit to Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar is a must before claiming you have visited Bodrum.


We suggest all visitors to Bodrum to explore Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar during their holiday. This bohemian-style market offers a variety of small souvenir stands, especially in the afternoon when most shops are open. You can purchase unique handmade jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings at these stands, which are not available in other parts of Bodrum.

For our female readers, Etnika Butik is a must-visit store that offers local clothing in addition to jewelry. Next to it, you will find a luxury jewelry store named Cadı, which is also worth checking out. Although Cadı’s products are stylish, they come with a high price tag. It’s worth noting that Cadı also has a branch in Bodrum’s Marina.

When planning your visit to Gümüşlük Handicrafts Bazaar, we recommend making a reservation at one of the legendary fish restaurants in Gümüşlük. Having dinner by the sea at these restaurants is a delightful experience, although it can get crowded during summer evenings. To discover Gümüşlük further, feel free to explore our Gümüşlük Travel Guide article.

Yalıkavak Hediye
Yalıkavak Çarşı Street is a must-visit spot for unique Bodrum gifts.


Yalıkavak Çarşı Street is a popular destination for purchasing gifts in Yalıkavak, offering a variety of souvenir shops selling handmade items such as clothing, home decorations, and jewelry. 

Another option for shopping in Yalıkavak is Yalıkavak Marina, which houses numerous stores. It is worth noting that prices tend to be slightly higher here. Among the stores at Yalıkavak Marina, we highly recommend visiting Mudo Concept and its Judge. 

Mudo Concept features a spacious branch where you can find home decor, textiles, and clothing. The products at the Yalıkavak branch are inspired by marine themes and Bodrum-specific colors and collections, making it a must-visit for shoppers.

Judge store offers a wide range of products including home decorations, clothes, jewelry, and home gifts. The luxurious items in this store are not only elegant but also come with a price tag that reflects their quality.

There are boutique stores of various sizes located near Yalıkavak Marina and in the surrounding streets. We suggest taking a look at these stores, with Idylle Design Store being one of our top recommendations, especially for our female readers.

Another store that we adore is Chakra, situated close to the center of Yalıkavak. This stylish store specializes in selling home decoration and textile products, with a focus on home decoration items. If you are in search of gifts like small household items, kitchenware, or home textiles, make sure to visit Chakra.

Furthermore, a clothing market takes place on Thursdays in Yalıkavak where you can find local clothing and carpets. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this area further by reading our Yalıkavak Travel Guide article.

Etrim Halı
Enthusiasts can partake in a brief carpet weaving training session with the village women.
Etrim Halı
This room filled with Bodrum memories will undoubtedly enhance the ambiance of your home.


Etrim Carpet stands out as a unique destination, resembling a carpet weaving hub. Witness the exquisite hand-woven carpets crafted by the skilled women of Etrim Village and neighboring areas at Etrim Carpet, situated in Mumcular District.

Etrim Carpet showcases a diverse collection of carpets sourced from various villages across Turkey. These carpets are meticulously woven on looms set up by village women in their households, using natural sheep wool and organic root dyes for coloring.

In addition to carpets, Etrim Carpet offers a range of locally inspired products such as pillows, rugs, runners, throw pillows, and tablecloths. All these items are meticulously handcrafted by women from Etrim and nearby villages. While the majority of products feature traditional motifs, modern designs can also be found in Etrim Carpet stores.

Etrim Carpet not only has a store in Mumcular, but also a showroom in Etrim Village where you can find a wider range of models. Etrim Village is a popular destination, attracting both local and foreign tourists who come to visit Etrim Carpet’s carpets. In fact, some tourists even come to Bodrum specifically to explore the village and admire the carpets.

 If you’re planning to visit the village by private vehicle, you can find the Google Maps link below. However, it’s worth noting that there are also minibuses available from surrounding towns that can take you to Etrim Village. If you find the idea of visiting Etrim Carpet daunting, rest assured that their team is welcoming and accommodating. Simply call the phone numbers provided below and they will arrange for a private vehicle to pick you up from your hotel.

Etrim Carpet offers a unique experience with Etrim Doga Restaurant, where you can enjoy a local village breakfast, explore the village, and engage in conversations with the village women who craft carpets. Once you are done shopping, the Etrim Carpet team will provide transportation back to your hotel in their private vehicles.

 If you are wondering how to transport a large carpet home, rest assured that Etrim Carpet ships the carpet of your choice directly to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world. Orders are delivered within 15-20 days, ensuring a seamless shopping experience..

Web :
Instagram :
Phone : 0532 602 67 69
Location : googlemaps

Pafta’m Bodrum offers a wide range of modern products of exceptional quality that will bring you immense joy.
Despite being a new establishment, Pafta’m Bodrum is poised to establish itself as a prominent store in Bodrum.


However, the must-visit store is Pafta’m Bodrum. Situated in Bodrum Bitez village, Pafta’m is a quaint souvenir shop. Despite its size, you will be impressed by the wide range and high quality of products. Rest assured, the design and quality of the items surpass typical souvenir shop standards.

The majority of the items showcased at Pafta’m Bodrum are created by young designers residing in different cities across Turkey. The merchandise found at Pafta’m Bodrum is exclusive to the store and cannot be purchased elsewhere. From handmade ceramics to porcelain mugs, cups, plates, table organizers, lighting fixtures, linen garments, scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, the store offers a wide array of distinctive products. 

Furthermore, you will find paintings and sculptures that can transform the ambiance of your living space, handcrafted fabric bags and t-shirts dyed with natural colors, as well as portable fabric sun loungers that are both stylish and convenient.

Among our favorite products at Pafta’m Bodrum are t-shirts, crop tops and scarves made of raw linen decorated with natural dyes, you should definitely see these products.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the paintings at Pafta’m Bodrum have a modern and simplistic style that we truly admire. If you are looking to enhance your home with a contemporary design, we are confident that you will adore these paintings and proudly display them on your walls. Whether you are searching for stylish artwork for your child’s room, kitchen, or living room, Pafta’m Bodrum offers a wide selection to suit your needs.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Pafta’m Bodrum not only has a physical store but also operates through its website. We highly recommend following their Instagram accounts as well, as they promptly share updates on new products arriving at the store.

The owners of this establishment, which remains open throughout the year, choose to close the store on Mondays to fully enjoy the beauty of Bodrum. Opening at 10:30 in the morning, the store welcomes visitors until 19:00 in the evening. During the summer season, the opening hours are slightly adjusted, with the store opening around noon and closing as late as 23:00 in the evening.

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Location : googlemaps

Pozzo Bitez
Stylish jewelry like the ones at Pozzo Bitez cannot be found elsewhere.
Pozzo Bitez
Even if you do not intend to purchase a Bodrum gift, we recommend paying a visit to Pozzo Bitez.


Pozzo Bitez is situated in the Bitez District and is conveniently located adjacent to the Kurul Bitez restaurant. These two establishments are closely affiliated as sister businesses. Kurul Bitez is a contemporary kebab restaurant where you can satisfy your hunger, while Pozzo Bitez offers a unique opportunity to nourish your soul. 

The artistic creations showcased at Pozzo Bitez, crafted by local artists, have a mesmerizing effect on visitors. The captivating paintings, sculptures, and intricately designed, nature-inspired jewelry are simply irresistible.

Beside artistic paintings and sculptures, there are handcrafted jewelry and ceramic items available as well. The selection of handcrafted products at Pozzo Bitez includes a variety of stylish items like jewelry, bags, ceramic plates, mugs, and vases. All products showcased at Pozzo Bitez are carefully chosen by the owner, Başak Çakır, ensuring originality and quality. The business emphasizes on working with designers who are chosen with great care.

Pozzo Bitez ensures meticulous packaging of the paintings you buy, eliminating the need for you to worry about transporting them to your city of residence.

Pozzo Bitez offers a unique destination for individuals seeking to purchase authentic, artisanal necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, making it an ideal place to find a special gift for oneself or loved ones. Additionally, their collection of ceramic plates and mugs showcases exclusive designs that cannot be found elsewhere. It is worth noting that these distinctive products may not be available for repurchase once sold. However, Pozzo Bitez provides the option to reorder any desired item. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to discuss with their designers the possibility of reproducing ceramic plates and mugs as a set.

Version 1: It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to Pozzo Bitez when you are in Bodrum, even if you do not have any intention of purchasing a gift. This trendy establishment is open every day of the week, operating from 10:00 to 19:00 during the winter season and from 13:00 to 23:00 during the summer season. Prior to your visit, you can get a glimpse of their product range by taking a quick tour on Instagram.

Instagram :
Location : googlemaps

Sukabak Bodrum Dereköy
Bodrum Gourd Lamps can be spotted in the gardens or balconies of numerous restaurants and homes in Bodrum.


Sukabak Bodrum Dereköy is the oldest manufacturer of Gourd Lamps in Bodrum. They have two stores, one located in the center of Bodrum near the bus terminal, and the other, their main showroom, is situated on Dereköy Street in Gümüşlük. 

If you are interested, you can visit the stores in Dereköy and witness the workshops and construction stages of the Bodrum Gourd Lamp. If you plan to visit one of their stores, we suggest going to the Dereköy store as it offers a wider range of models in its large showroom. Additionally, Sukabak Bodrum Dereköy ships their products abroad, in addition to selling throughout Turkey.

You will discover three varieties of Gourd Lamps at Sukabak Bodrum Dereköy: lampshade, chandelier, and sconce. These elegant lamps can be utilized in your living room, balcony, or garden. 

Sukabak Bodrum Dereköy, known for its custom designs, is a popular destination for both local and international visitors, especially during the summer months. They offer the option to personalize your Gourd Lamp with any motif or logo of your choice. It is worth mentioning that they handle numerous special orders. Purchasing a Calabash Lamp from Sukabak Bodrum Dereköy will also make for a lovely Bodrum souvenir.

Web :
Phone : 0532 722 68 77
Location : googlemaps

Receiving a souvenir from our holiday destinations adds a special touch to our vacation. Whether it’s a mug, necklace, bracelet, or coaster, these items serve as a reminder of the beautiful memories created during our trip. 

Remember to commemorate your Bodrum holiday with a meaningful gift. May the presents received by your loved ones always bring joy to your heart. 

Wishing you a fantastic holiday in Bodrum…


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