For us Turks, breakfast holds great significance. This importance is further heightened during holidays, where we nourish both our eyes and our hearts. Breakfast remains equally important to us, not just during summer vacations but also on weekends. A satisfying breakfast sets the tone for a joyful day… 

I may not know your thoughts on dining, but breakfast should be synonymous with happiness – as our renowned poet Cemal Süreya once said. A sumptuous breakfast shared with loved ones is the perfect way to kickstart a day with joy. Unlike Europeans, who view breakfast as a routine meal, we believe their breakfast spreads lack the variety found in ours. We hope that after perusing this article, they will indulge in a Turkish breakfast at the Bodrum eateries we recommend below and comprehend our sentiments. 

Bodrum serves as a haven for breakfast enthusiasts. Breakfast place in Bodrum strive to transform their tables into a culinary delight. Interestingly, most breakfast venues are concentrated around Yalıkavak District and Bitez District. However, fret not, as we endeavor to suggest a breakfast spot in every neighborhood.

What should you have for breakfast places in Bodrum?

The majority of breakfast places in Bodrum follow the concept of a ‘mixed breakfast’. Once you are seated at your table, your breakfast spread will be prepared and presented to you. In fact, some places in Bodrum don’t even require you to place an order, as they simply bring a mixed breakfast directly to your table.

The mixed breakfast offerings at most Bodrum venues typically include the following items, with slight variations possible. While some places may offer one or two additional options, the overall concept remains the same.

Homemade Bodrum Jams

Jam or Marmalade is an essential part of the breakfast experience in Bodrum. Each breakfast places will offer three or four different types of jams for you to enjoy. These jams are typically homemade and incredibly tasty. The selection of jams can vary from one place to another, with options like Bodrum Tangerine Jam, Hot Pepper Jam, Citrus Jam, Grated Carrot Jam, and Watermelon Jam. As we recommend different breakfast places, we will also share our favorite jam choices with you.

Local Cheese Plate

Afterwards, a platter of local cheeses is placed in the center of the table. Occasionally, there are establishments that source cheeses from various cities in Turkey, which will be discussed later. However, when it comes to breakfast place in Bodrum, they typically acquire their cheese from nearby cheese shops…

Aegean Olives

Kalamata and Broken Zeytin are essential for breakfast in Bodrum. The legendary olives of the Aegean can be found in all Bodrum breakfast place. While the table becomes a feast of flavors, olives may seem to take a back seat, but do not be mistaken, those little black and green gems are the most delicious items on your table!

Bodrum’s Herbal Pastries

Herbal Pastries are another must-try at Bodrum breakfast places. Pastries are a staple at Bodrum breakfast places, with each spot striving to outdo the others in terms of taste. Two varieties of pastries are conveniently placed on your breakfast table, as they know that the pastries will disappear before the table is fully set.

Who Makes the Best Pishi?

The competition to create the finest Pishi is fierce among Bodrum breakfast places, as they proudly claim, “Our Pishi is incredibly delicious.” Despite its simple ingredients of flour, salt, water, and baking powder, achieving the perfect taste requires true mastery. Pişi has become an essential delicacy in Bodrum breakfast places. Here’s a helpful tip: if you dip it in jam before taking a bite, its flavor will be elevated.

French Fries for Breakfast

French Fries are a common breakfast item in almost all Bodrum breakfast places. Some establishments excel at creating hot, crispy, and delightfully light French Fries. However, there are a few places that struggle to serve them hot, resulting in a slightly soft texture. We urge all Bodrum breakfast places to prioritize serving French Fries that are piping hot and irresistibly crispy. This is a non-negotiable for us!

How Do You Want Your Egg?

The question that is commonly asked at all Bodrum breakfast establishments is, “How would you prefer your eggs?” They offer the choice of either fried or boiled eggs. Typically, when using natural and fresh eggs, we tend to prefer them fried. However, the healthier option would be to have them boiled. 

Stuffed Leaves

This particular dish is not available at every Bodrum breakfast venue. It can only be found in select places that offer mixed breakfast options. If you have a craving for Stuffed Leaves, make sure to carefully review our recommendations!

Hand Picked Tomatoes and Cucumbers from the Garden

Handpicked tomatoes and cucumbers sourced from the garden are a delightful addition to the breakfast tables at Bodrum venues. Some establishments take pride in cultivating their own produce, while others ensure that the ingredients are always fresh and natural. The combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers is so beautifully presented that it leaves you wanting more.

The Inseparable Duo Honey and Cream

Honey and cream, the inseparable duo, often take a backseat at Bodrum breakfast venues. Despite being overshadowed by the array of delicious dishes, many places go the extra mile to bring in specially sourced honey and kaymak from different provinces. Towards the end of the breakfast, a generous spread of cream and honey on bread signals the conclusion of the delightful meal, urging the stomach to savor the flavors and bid farewell to the indulgence.

Best breakfast places in Bodrum
If the single breakfast table is set up this way, it might be worth considering a double breakfast table as well.


Quzine Kahvaltı Evi, situated in Gündoğan District, is renowned as one of Bodrum’s top breakfast spots. Their welcoming and amiable service is sure to make you feel right at home. Operating throughout both summer and winter, they begin serving at 09:00 and continue offering breakfast until 17:00. It is advisable to make a reservation beforehand, as Quzine Kahvaltı Evi tends to get quite crowded during the summer months.

Quzine Kahvaltı Evi offers a serene garden setting for guests to enjoy their meal. The spacious and comfortable garden provides a modern village garden atmosphere, with wide table spaces for a pleasant dining experience. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a refreshing detox water infused with parsley, unripe Bodrum Tangerine, Rosemary, and Cucumber, adding an elegant touch to the overall dining experience.

The Gündoğan public market takes place every Wednesday on the same street as Quzine Kahvaltı Evi. Visitors are advised to park their cars at the market entrance and walk a distance of 100-150 meters.

Quzine Kahvaltı Evi
Cottage Egg is a unique flavor offered at Quzine Breakfast House. We devoured it in just two minutes after it was served.
Quzine Kahvaltı Evi
The garden at the venue is not only spacious but also pleasantly cool.

What’s in Quzine Kahvaltı Evi‘s Spread Breakfast?

The mixed breakfast at Quzine Kahvaltı Evi is incredibly satisfying. The friendly staff assured us that if we wanted more of any item, we could simply ask and they would bring it to us. All the items in the mixed breakfast are unlimited, so when we finished one, they promptly brought us more.

The mixed breakfast includes a variety of delicious items that are both visually appealing and filling. One highlight is the assortment of four natural jams made by Mustafa Bey’s mother, the owner of Quzine Kahvaltı Evi. They made it clear that no additives were used in the production of the Crispy Pumpkin Jam, Citrus Peel Jam, Damson Plum Jam, and Orange Jam. The consistency of the jam may be slightly runny due to this.

Additionally, a pot of hot tea is placed at the center of your table. The tea remains hot throughout your breakfast thanks to a simple and small stove system underneath the teapot.

To further satisfy your appetite, the mixed breakfast also includes a delicious Cheese Plate, a plate of Tomatoes and Cucumbers, Fried Halloumi Cheese, and two types of Olive Plates. The olives are sourced from their own gardens, ensuring freshness and quality.

Furthermore, there is a Dolma Plate that offers two types of stuffing; two Wraps and one Stuffed Zucchini Flower. During winter, Stuffed Cabbage is served instead of Stuffed Zucchini Flowers to incorporate seasonal produce.

Overall, the mixed breakfast at Quzine Kahvaltı Evi is a delightful combination of flavors and textures that will leave you fully satisfied.

We highly recommend trying the delectable Dried Cottage Plate with Black Cumin, Butter, Spicy French Fries, two varieties of Pastry, Pişi, Spicy Ezme, Maraş Fenugreek, and the must-try Egg with Cottage cheese.

Egg with Cottage Cheese is a unique offering at Quzine Breakfast House. In addition, they offer Maraş Fenugreek, which adds a special touch to our breakfast experience. The Cheese Plate was exceptionally tasty and satisfying, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, despite not usually paying much attention to cheese plates.

Quzine Kahvaltı Evi emphasizes the use of locally sourced ingredients in their breakfast menu. In addition to classic options like Eggs with Sausage, Eggs with Bacon, and Omelet, they also offer unique dishes such as Roasted Eggs and Menemen. For a refreshing drink, try their Tangerine Juice. If you still have space after indulging in their mixed breakfast, we highly suggest trying the Menemen and Roasted Eggs.

Quzine Kahvaltı Evi offers Tangerine Juice as one of its unique flavors. This Tangerine Juice is freshly squeezed and bottled without any additives, exclusively available during the summer months. Unfortunately, when we visited towards the end of August, we were unable to savor this distinct taste as it had already run out.

The price for a single person : Spread breakfast for one person is 690 TL.
Quzine Kahvaltı Evi Contact : 0545 387 83 85
Where is Quzine Kahvaltı Evi : googlemaps

Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı
The decor at Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı creates an ambiance that will transport you to a special place.


Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı is situated on Bülent Ecevit Street, along the Torba – Yalıkavak road, within the boundaries of Göltürbükü District, although not directly in the heart of Göltürbükü. It stands out as the most upscale and lavish breakfast spot among the various options in Bodrum.

The atmosphere of the establishment resembles that of a contemporary farmhouse. As you stroll away from the breakfast tables area, you will come across enclosures housing farm animals like chickens, ducks, goats, and turkeys.

 The venue occupies a vast area, featuring chic and cozy seating sections, each distinct from the other, where you can engage in conversations over a cup of coffee. Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı offers a unique approach to breakfast and service, which can be described as slightly luxurious and somewhat pricey compared to its counterparts. However, the diverse range of breakfast options compensates for this slight increase in cost.

Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı
Various coffee and conversation nooks can be found throughout the venue.
Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı
The diverse selection and delicious taste of the mixed breakfast will surely bring you joy.

What’s in Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı’s Spread Breakfast?

The spread breakfast at Bozukbağ Breakfast Restaurant is incredibly abundant. We had initially criticized their pricing policy, but it seems to be paying off. The spread breakfast includes four types of cheese, with one of them being fried on a brick. There is also roasted Menemen, fried eggs cooked on embers, four types of jam, one of which is made with cottage cheese, two different olive plates, honey, cream, and butter. 

Additionally, there is a generous plate of Tahini+Molasses, a greens plate consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, and a crispy, hot thin slice of French fries. Freshly baked pita breads and a pot of tea are also served on the side of your table. The crispy and hot French fries brought us great joy, as we thoroughly enjoyed them. The Tahini+Molasses was also a delightful addition. Although we found the molasses to be a bit lacking, it was still enjoyable to have it with fresh bread.

 The restaurant claims that their tomatoes and cucumbers are truly delicious, and their eggs are organic. We also appreciated the Menemen cooked on embers. It is a wonderful detail that Menemen is included in the mixed breakfast, as it alone can satisfy your hunger.

However, it is important to note that Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı does not offer pastries and stuffed vegetables on their menu. The only aspect that disappointed us about their mixed breakfasts was the selection of jams. We believe that incorporating jams made by local producers from Bodrum would enhance the overall taste. Interestingly, the jams were sourced from a special producer located outside of town.

Additionally, one inconvenience we encountered was the parking situation. It is worth mentioning that parking spaces are not free and require payment. We brought up this issue regarding the parking fee to the establishment. Regrettably, they clarified that they do not have control over the parking lot operations. However, they assured us that they are actively seeking a solution to completely resolve this problem in the near future.

Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı Spread Breakfast Price : Spread breakfast for one person 698 TL. + %10 Service fee
Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı Contact : 0530 260 93 93
Where is Bozukbağ Kahvaltıcısı :

Best breakfast places in Bodrum
Kuytu Bahçe, located in the garden of a stone house in Bitez, has quickly become a popular spot.


Kuytu Bahce operates within a 3.5-acre tangerine garden located in Bitez. It offers a spacious and cozy setting under the tangerine trees. By simply extending your hand while seated at the breakfast table, you can almost reach the tangerines hanging from the trees.

Breakfast service at Kuytu Bahce commences at 09:00 and runs until 16:00, except during the winter season when it ends at 14:00. Please note that the establishment is closed on Mondays. 

The mixed breakfast option is available for a minimum of two individuals. If you are dining alone, without a partner, single, or have been stood up by friends, you are not eligible for the mixed breakfast. Instead, you can opt for a breakfast plate that encompasses nearly all items from the mixed breakfast.

Moreover, there is a small playground for children situated behind the breakfast tables at Kuytu Bahce, featuring wooden swings and seesaws.

Kindly make a reservation before visiting Kuytu Bahce, as it was fully booked during our visit in September.

Kuştu Bahçe Bodrum
Nearly every table at the establishment is accompanied by a tangerine tree.
Pişi ve Peynirli Kabak Çiçeği Kızartması
Two must-try dishes at Kuytu Bahçe are the Fried Zucchini Flowers with Bagel and Cheese.

What’s in Kuytu Bahce’s Mixed Breakfast?

The diverse breakfast spread at Kuytu Bahçe was truly delightful. It included a Cheese Plate with three varieties of cheese, an Olive Plate with three types of olives, a plate of fresh Tomatoes and Cucumbers, Butter, and Honey. Additionally, there were four types of jam: Orange Peel, Grated Carrot, Peach, and Damson Plum. The Orange Peel Jam stood out the most, with its delightful texture reminiscent of Turkish delight and just the right amount of sweetness. If you happen to finish the jam and want more, you can always request another serving. 

The breakfast also featured Fried Zucchini Flowers with Cheese, Bagel, Cheese Pastry, a slice of Cheese Cake, Acuka, Fried Egg, Long (an Albanian appetizer), and a slice of Watermelon. And let’s not forget the thermos of tea that is served at your table before the breakfast feast begins. In summary, the mixed breakfast at Kuytu Bahçe was both satisfying and delicious. 

The hot Börek and Pişi were particularly enjoyable, and the Orange Peel Jam was a standout favorite. It’s safe to say that the jam was one of the best we’ve ever had at a breakfast spot.

Kuytu Bahçe offers a wide range of delectable food options, including various Menemen varieties, Eggs with Sucuk, Roasted Eggs, Eggs with Potatoes, Eggs with Bacon, Water Pastry, French Fries, Sausage Fries, and Omelet Types. However, we do have one minor complaint about this lovely place – they recently oiled the seesaw in the playground. While enjoying our time there, we were treated to a mini concert by a young guest sitting right in front of us, reminiscent of a student who had just begun violin lessons.

Kuytu Bahce Spread Breakfast Price : Per person 475 TL.
Kuytu Bahce Contact : 0542 586 15 68
Where is Kuytu Bahce : googlemaps

Bahçe Gümüşlük
The breathtaking view at Bahçe Gümüşlük is the primary reason to book a reservation, closely followed by the delicious breakfast offerings.


Bahce Gümüslük, with its breathtaking view, is a destination that will captivate your heart and entice you to become a regular visitor, thanks to its delightful breakfast offerings. You may even find yourself visiting Bahce Gümüslük solely to indulge in a cup of tea while enjoying the magnificent scenery.

The location, constructed on a site of historical significance, has placed significant emphasis on its interior design to ensure the preservation of the historical area in which it is situated. Breakfast service at Bahce Gümüslük begins at 09:00 and concludes at 14:00. Furthermore, the establishment offers a personalized tavern experience in the evenings, which will be briefly elaborated on in the following sections.

Bahce Gümüslük offers two types of mixed breakfast menus. The Garden Breakfast, which is one of these options, includes a wider range of products compared to the Mixed Breakfast. In addition to the items in the Mixed Breakfast, the Garden Breakfast also features Mıhlama, Roasted Eggs, Sucuk Pan, and Pastrami. Starting next year, freshly squeezed orange juice will be added to the Garden Breakfast menu. The variety in the Garden Breakfast menu is so extensive that you can even order it for four people and have enough food for six people.

The primary access point to Bahce Gümüslük is currently unavailable due to certain issues. Visitors can access the venue through the second door located at the left corner of Gümüşlük’s parking lot. It is advisable to make a reservation before visiting.

Bahçe Gümüşlük
We were delighted that the French Fries were served piping hot.
Bahçe Gümüşlük
The place is adorned in a bohemian style, with future additions planned to maintain this unique atmosphere.

What’s in Bahce Gumusluk’s Spread Breakfast?

At Bahce Gumuşluk, you can enjoy a delightful mixed breakfast that will leave you satisfied. The breakfast spread includes a Cheese Plate, three pieces of Olive Plate, Honey and Cream, and four types of jam. These jams are Watermelon Jam, Mulberry Jam, Orange Jam, and Apricot Marmalade.

In addition to that, you can also indulge in a Tomato and Cucumber Plate, Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, and crispy, hot French Fries. The aroma of fresh tomatoes will tantalize your senses as you savor each bite.

You might wonder if there are no eggs available. Rest assured, there are eggs prepared just the way you like them. Whether you prefer them fried, boiled, in a Menemen dish, or as an omelette, your eggs will be served to perfection. We appreciate the variety of options offered, and we’re sure you do too.

Furthermore, you can enjoy unlimited tea and a thermos conveniently placed on the corner of your table. And to complete your breakfast experience, there is a Fruit Plate consisting of watermelon and grapes.

The French Fries, Bagel, and Spring Rolls were served piping hot at our table, requiring us to patiently wait for them to cool down. The combination breakfast was both satisfying and delectable. Oh, and don’t forget to try the Turkish Coffee offered by Bahce Gumuşluk! 

The ambiance of the restaurant is adorned in a bohemian style. We did notice some areas in the decor that were still being worked on. However, during our conversation, we were informed that a more refined setting awaits us in the upcoming season without compromising the bohemian atmosphere. It appears that next year, we can expect a splendid experience with its decor, breakfast options, and scenic view…

In addition, Bahce Gumuşluk offers an exclusive tavern experience during the evenings. However, it operates on a reservation basis, ensuring a private atmosphere. Upon making a reservation, you will be asked about your preferences for dinner and appetizers. The appetizers are specially prepared according to your desires on that particular day, guaranteeing freshness in every bite.

When it comes to the main course, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of options such as meat, fish, chops, or meatballs. Rest assured that all dishes are prepared to order using fresh ingredients, without any leftovers from the previous day. If you desire, you can also indulge in a delightful combination of wine and a cheese plate while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Bahce Gumusluk Mixed Breakfast Price : Per Person 400 TL.
Bahce Gumuşluk Contact : 0541 113 48 48
Where is Bahce Gumuşluk : googlemaps

Best breakfast places in Bodrum
Sefte Bahçe in Yalıkavak has emerged as a top breakfast spot in recent years. If you seek a secluded and spacious breakfast venue, Sefte Bahçe is the perfect choice.


It can be a challenge to walk to this expansive and welcoming spot with a view of Yalıkavak, due to the steep hill you have to climb. Opting for a quick five-minute car ride from Yalıkavak center would likely be the most convenient choice. If you decide to take a taxi, simply inform the driver that you wish to go to Sefte Bahce, as all taxi drivers in Yalıkavak center are familiar with the location.

All staff members at Sefte Bahce are part of the same family, who originate from Kosovo. This is reflected in the unique touches of Kosovo found in their breakfast offerings.

The restaurant’s natural surroundings and the ample spacing between tables ensure a comfortable dining experience for all patrons. While Sefte Bahce boasts four exclusive lodges, reservations are required if you wish to dine in one of them, as these are highly sought after by most guests.

Upon entering the establishment, one cannot help but be impressed by the exceptional hospitality on offer. The welcoming atmosphere makes you feel as though you are visiting a beloved family member for a meal, rather than a typical breakfast spot. In particular, Fehmiye Anne’s genuine and warm demeanor is truly invigorating.

Starting from the 2023 season, Sefte Bahce will offer both summer and winter services. The establishment welcomes guests from 09:00 in the morning until 16:00. It is highly advisable to make a reservation before visiting Sefte Bahce.

Sefte Bahçe Bodrum
To secure a spot in one of these charming lodges, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance.
Bodrum breakfast
Children were also taken into consideration; their menu includes both crepes and pancakes.

What’s in Sefte Bahce’s Mixed Breakfast?

Sefte Bahce’s breakfast spread includes a variety of delectable items. From the Thrace region, they offer three types of cheese. The selection of jams varies depending on the season, providing a delightful burst of flavors. A small slice of dried meat from Kosovo adds a unique touch. A plate of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers complements the meal, along with a duo of honey and cream. Butter, a plate of green olives, and a choice between fried or boiled eggs cater to individual preferences. Turkish Delight, known as lokum in Kosovo language, is also served. Additionally, two types of pastries and the ever-popular French fries grace the table. 

To accompany this feast, a generous pot of tea is served, kept constantly hot by a stove system. We thoroughly enjoyed our tea, savoring it like true tea enthusiasts.

Upon sitting at the breakfast table, the initial serving consists of cold food. Subsequently, following a brief preparation period, the hot dishes are brought out. Items like Pastries, Lokma, and French Fries are presented warm. The pastries from Sefte Bahce were particularly noteworthy for being hot, crispy, and undoubtedly the most delicious pastries we have ever tasted. Lokma, also known as Pişi, stood out as one of our preferred items on the breakfast spread.

 As for the French Fries, they deserve a separate mention. These were arguably the most delectable French Fries we have had in recent memory. They were piping hot, perfectly crispy, and remarkably grease-free; we might consider returning solely for the French Fries.

In addition to the mentioned dishes, you can also enjoy Menemen, Fried Kosova Sausage, Sausage Egg, Dried Meat Sausage, Eritme made from five types of cheese(It is similar to Trabzon Mıhlama, but it is a very different taste), Egg Bread, Akıtma(i.e. Crepe. Served with Chocolate, Honey and Hazelnuts), and pancakes as an extra option for your breakfast. Melting is a specialty of Fehmiye Anne’s, and we highly recommend trying it. 

The only downside we found at the breakfast table was the lack of variety in bread, but it was not an issue as Lokum, or Pişi, was so delicious and abundant that we didn’t even need the bread basket.

Sefte Bahçe Spread Breakfast Price : Per Person 600 TL.
Sefte Bahçe Contact : 0533 507 90 48
Where is Sefte Bahçe : googlemaps

Asmalı Çardak Kahvaltı Evi
The Tangerine Jam and Zucchini Flower Stuffing at Asmalı Çardak is highly favored by the guests.


Asmalı Cardak Breakfast House can be found along the road leading to Sandıma Village, the original settlement of the Yalıkavak community. Situated approximately 18 km from the heart of Bodrum, Asmalı Cardak is a serene spot nestled in nature, set within the garden of an ancient village house surrounded by tangerine and orange trees. 

Renowned as one of the top choices for breakfast in Bodrum, Asmalı Cardak offers a refreshing escape from the scorching Bodrum heat, thanks to the lush greenery and gazebos that envelop the area. Guests can enjoy a delightful mixed breakfast featuring locally sourced ingredients, served promptly after seating unless otherwise requested.

The service at Asmalı Çardak is exceptionally fast. Our table was set within seconds.
Upon entering the establishment, the scorching heat of Bodrum is instantly replaced by a refreshing cool air.

What’s in Asmalı Cardak’s Spread Breakfast?

For breakfast, you can enjoy a variety of options at Amalı Cardak Breakfast House. Depending on the season, you can choose from 3-4 types of jams, along with two different Olive Plates, French Fries, Cheese Plate, a delicious Pishi, a slice of Pastry, Flatbread, a plate of fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, Cream, Honey, and Zucchini. Additionally, Stuffed Flowers are also available. If you prefer eggs, you can have them boiled or scrambled. 

And of course, tea is served as soon as you sit at your table. Please note that any additional items ordered will incur an extra charge. Apart from the served breakfast, you have other alternatives such as Sucuk, Kavurma, Menemen, and Omelette at Amalı Cardak Breakfast House.

 In our previous article on Bodrum breakfast places, we highlighted the special flavor of Tangerine Jam, which is a popular dish here. Another popular item is Asmalı Cardak’s Pumpkin Pastry.

Asmalı Cardak Served Breakfast Price : Per Person 600 TL.
Asmalı Cardak Contact : 0533 568 63 33
Where is Asmalı Cardak : googlemaps

Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı
True to its name, Dirmil Village Breakfast offers a complete village-style breakfast.


Dirmil Village Breakfast can be found in Gökçebel District, in close proximity to the heart of Yalıkavak. Operating for many years within the garden of their village home, Dirmil Village Breakfast stands as one of the most longstanding breakfast places in Bodrum.

They specialize in providing a complete village breakfast experience, as their name implies. The number of tables at their establishment has remained unchanged for many years, as they have no desire to expand or accommodate additional guests. According to Mehmet Ali Bey, the owner of the establishment, “Increasing the number of tables would necessitate more staff and ultimately compromise the quality of our service.” 

While the ambiance may not be extravagant, this establishment serves its customers in the serene gardens of village houses. Despite this, patrons can anticipate a delightful breakfast experience featuring a wide array of delectable products, all served in a clean and welcoming environment beneath the shade of trees.

The establishment, exclusively operational in the summer months, commences service at 10:00 AM and concludes at 2:00 PM. The summer season commences on May 10 and concludes on September 25. In the winter season, breakfast is only served on Sundays.

Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı
The mixed breakfast at Dirmil Village Breakfast is served with generous portions.
Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı
Two women prepare and serve piping hot pastries and gozleme at the entrance of the garden.

What’s in Dirmil Village Breakfast?

The Dirmil Village Breakfast offers a wide range of options including various olive varieties, six types of jam, a cheese plate, a greens plate with Menemen, tomatoes, and cucumber, cheese water pastry, zucchini pastry, flatbread, stuffed leaves, stuffed zucchini flowers, their own homemade whole wheat bread, and eggs. 

To complete your breakfast experience, a pot of tea awaits you at the head of the table. The richness of this mixed breakfast surpasses other Bodrum breakfast places in terms of variety, freshness, and taste, while still being affordable.

Baguette and French Fries are not part of the breakfast menu at Dirmil Village Breakfast. Instead, Gozleme and Menemen are offered as part of the mixed breakfast. The Gozleme is prepared with spinach, chard, parsley, spring onion, and cheese. Two lovely sisters are stationed in front of the quarry just beyond the garden. These sisters freshly make your Pancakes and Pastries upon ordering to ensure they are served hot. 

If you prefer eggs for breakfast, you have the option to order them fried, soft-boiled, boiled, or as an omelette. It is worth noting that the eggs used come from the chicken coops located behind the village houses. Mehmet Ali Bey personally grinds the flour used in their bread.

In addition to the mixed breakfast, you can try Sucuk, Eggs with Sausage, Squeezed Orange Juice, and Turkish Coffee as additional flavors at this delightful establishment. Lastly, we highly recommend indulging in the venue’s delectable Hot Pepper Jam. 

The unforgettable taste of the Lemon Jam we experienced at Bodrum Edition still lingers in our memory. We also cannot forget to mention the inclusion of Dirmil Village Breakfast’s Hot Pepper Jam among the unforgettable jams we’ve tried. By the way, if you desire an authentic village breakfast experience, it is essential to make a reservation in advance. Oh, and please note that Dirmil Village Breakfast only accepts cash payments, not credit cards.

Dirmil Village Breakfast Mixed Breakfast Price : Per Person 450 TL.
Dirmil Village Breakfast Contact : 0544 418 25 49
Where is Dirmil Village Breakfast : googlemaps

Nar Çiçeği Kahvaltı Evi
Managed by the couple Ertan and Feriştah, this serene place also features a small park for families with children.


Nar Cicegi Kahvaltı Evi is situated on Kayacık Street, famously referred to as Kahvalticılar Street, in Yalıkavak. It stands out as one of the oldest breakfast spots on this street, amidst numerous other Bodrum breakfast venues. Managed by the couple Ertan and Feriştah, this serene establishment also features a small park catering to families with children. 

The tangerine garden setting of Nar Cicegi Kahvaltı Evi makes it an ideal choice for families, offering a variety of local products, pastries, bagels, bazlama bread, and jams all crafted by the skilled hands of Ms. Feriştah.

Nar Çiçeği Kahvaltı Evi
The Stuffed Vine Leaves and Zucchini Flowers are among the most sought-after flavors at this establishment.
Bodrum Kahvaltı Mekanları
Despite the sweltering heat, Nar Cicek Breakfast House Bodrum provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere.

What’s in Nar Cicegi Kahvaltı Evi’s Spread Breakfast?

In Nar Çiçeği Kahvalti Evi’s breakfast menu, which offers a diverse breakfast experience, you can find two varieties of pastries, pişi, sarma, various cheese options, green olives, and either stuffed or fried zucchini flowers. Additionally, guests can enjoy four different types of jam and freshly baked bazlama bread. Please note that any additional orders outside of the set breakfast menu will incur extra charges. 

There are slight variations in the breakfast offerings depending on the season; for instance, the jams and pastries are prepared using seasonal ingredients. While the specific ingredients may change with the seasons, pastries are typically made with spinach or zucchini.

The venue, which is open both summer and winter, serves breakfast until 16:00 every day. Nar Çiçeği Kahvalti Evi is a comfortable place with a capacity of 110 guests. It is evident from the service they provide that they take care to ensure that the table spaces are wide and that their guests leave happy.

Nar Cicegi Kahvaltı Evi Spread Breakfast Price : Per Person 500 TL.
Nar Cicegi Kahvaltı Evi Contact : 0532 764 22 50
Where is Nar Cicegi Kahvaltı Evi : googlemaps

Bodrum Kahvaltı Mekanları
Kozalak Breakfast House occupies a vast area and also offers service in enclosed sections during the winter season.


If you are searching for a roomy and eco-friendly option among the breakfast places in Bodrum, Kozalak Bodrum might be of interest to you. Situated in Dağbelen District, Kozalak Bodrum offers a picturesque view of Bodrum. Being located on a hill, a gentle breeze blows through the area. Despite the scorching heat in the basement, the wind creates a cooler atmosphere.

At Kozalak Bodrum, breakfast is served from 09:00 in the morning until 15:30, both in summer and winter. During the winter season, you can enjoy your breakfast in the cozy indoor areas with a stove. Please note that the venue is closed on Mondays during winter.

The breakfasts at Kozalak Bodrum are not only satisfying but also delicious. Moreover, the place is incredibly spacious, providing ample room for guests. Additionally, there is a small playground located behind the breakfast tables, perfect for children to enjoy.

Kozalak Kahvaltı Evi
The mixed breakfast for one person at Kozalak Breakfast House was so abundant that it didn’t even fit in our photo…
Kozalak Kahvaltı Evi
The Cigarette Pastry and Pişi were both delicious and served piping hot.

What’s in Kozalak Bodrum’s Spread Breakfast?

When the assorted breakfast spread is served, the table becomes completely filled. Among the variety of items in the breakfast spread are three different types of jam: Apricot Jam, Crispy Pumpkin Jam, and Hot Pepper Jam. Our personal favorites are the Hot Pepper Jam and Crispy Pumpkin Jam. 

Additionally, there is a delectable Cheese Plate, three varieties of Olives, including one that is grilled, Acuka, a slightly bitter Dried Tomato Plate, two Stuffed Vines, Cottage cheese, Butter, Honey, Cream, Tomato and Cucumber, Crepe, Chococream, French Fries, Fried Egg, Pişi, and Cigarette Pastry. And before the breakfast commences, a thermos of tea is placed at the center of the table.

You can choose from a variety of flavors such as Kavurma, Menemen, Sucuk, freshly squeezed Orange Juice in summer, and Pomegranate Juice in winter as additional options. 

The olives and Cheese Plate were delightful during our satisfying breakfast. Acuka, prepared with hand-pasted Antep paste from Antep, was a standout flavor for us. We were hoping for the Pishi and Cigarette Pastry to be served warm, which was a small detail for us. 

Families with children will enjoy the crepes and chocolate cream in their mixed breakfasts. The only disappointment was the texture of the Fries, as we were expecting them to be crispy. However, this can sometimes be a drawback. Perhaps on your visit, you will be served hot, crispy French Fries. If so, please inform us!

Kozalak Bodrum Mixed Breakfast Price : Per Person 450 TL.
Kozalak Bodrum Contact : 0252 386 44 40
Where is Kozalak Bodrum : googlemaps

Greta Gümüşülük
Greta Gumuşluk stands out among other breakfast places in Bodrum with its impressive menu and stunning view.


The final act graces the stage! When it comes to our recommendations for breakfast place in Bodrum, we invite you to experience something truly unique at Greta Gumusluk.

In a remarkably short period of time, Greta Gumusluk has established itself as a standout destination, not just in Gümüşlük, but throughout Bodrum. Since its opening in 2021, this establishment has captivated visitors with its innovative concepts, tantalizing menus, sophisticated decor, and breathtaking panoramic views.

Situated atop the area known as Gümüşlük Inner Village, Greta Gümüşlük offers a sweeping vista of Gümüşlük, the neighboring islands, and the boundless sea. However, we must advise against attempting to ascend this hill on foot; it is strongly recommended to travel by car.

The employees at Greta Gümüşlük provide a warm and elegant welcome as soon as you step through the door, enhancing the overall experience of the place. The level of service offered is of exceptional quality, comparable to that of ultra-luxury restaurants in Bodrum. However, what sets Greta Gümüşlük apart is that despite the high standard of service, the prices are not exorbitant like those of luxury restaurants. In fact, they are even lower than most restaurants in Bodrum.

Apart from the indoor seating areas, Greta Gümüşlük also boasts spacious and well-maintained outdoor areas. While we initially included Greta Gümüşlük in our list of Bodrum breakfast places, it would be unfair to confine it to just one concept. It is a versatile establishment that caters to various needs, whether you’re looking for a restaurant, café, bar, a tranquil spot to unwind, or a pleasant environment to socialize with friends over drinks. Greta Gümüşlük appeals to a wide range of individuals, and it is evident that they prioritize attention to detail across all aspects.

One of the highlights of Greta Gümüşlük is its extensive breakfast menu. Upon perusing the options, you’ll discover a delightful fusion of flavors from both local and international cuisines, which are not commonly found in other Bodrum restaurants. It comes as no surprise that Greta Gümüşlük has become a favored breakfast spot among locals.

Gerta Gümüşlük
Greta’s breakfast is highly popular in Gümüşlük.
Gerta Gümüşlük
Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast? Why not give it a try…

What’s in Greta Gümüşlük’s Breakfast?

To begin with, Greta Gümüşlük has a slight aversion to the term ‘mixed breakfast’. Instead, they pefer to refer to it as ‘Breakfast for Single Person’ and ‘Breakfast for Double’.

The breakfast options include Single and Double Breakfast, Pork Sausage Breakfast, Egg Bread, Pancake, Fried Sausage, Fried Egg, Bagel Breakfast, Granola, Toast varieties, Omelet varieties, Poached Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Pancake, Detox Mix. Greta Gümüşlük even bakes their own bread, and some hotels source their bread from them. As you can see, there is something to suit every palate.

In the Breakfast for One Person, you will find a variety of cheeses, butter, honey, cream, jam, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, fried eggs, beef sausages, bagels, and pastries. The Double Breakfast offers the same ingredients but at an increased portion size. Additionally, they serve fresh bread and tea from their own bakery.

Greta Gümüşlük is not only a great place to visit for its cozy bar, but also for a romantic dinner or breakfast. The establishment provides an inviting atmosphere and a menu that caters to all tastes. If you prefer, you can even bring your laptop, find a quiet corner table, and work while enjoying the offerings of Greta Gümüşlük.

Greta Gümüşlük Spread Breakfast Price for Single Person : 650 TL.
Greta Gümüşlük Spread Breakfast Price for Two : 1300 TL.
Greta Gumusluk Contact : 0532 171 49 74
Where is Greta Gumusluk : googlemaps


We make an effort to compile this article annually, aiming to gather the prices of Bodrum breakfast places and provide an average price under a single category. The Bodrum breakfast places mentioned in our article are for the year 2024. We will contact Bodrum breakfast places each year to update their prices. The prices mentioned are specifically for mixed breakfasts. Please be aware that any orders other than mixed breakfasts will incur additional charges.

We would like to inform you that we obtain breakfast prices from establishments in June. Due to economic fluctuations in our country, fees may vary on a monthly basis. There might be slight variations from the figures we provide, so please keep this in mind.

The breakfast offerings at Bodrum breakfast places are so exceptional that we believe hotels in Bodrum should consider transforming the Bed-Breakfast concept into a Bed+Dinner concept. Competing with Bodrum breakfast places can be quite challenging.

As mentioned in the introduction of the article, a nutritious breakfast is essential for a good start to the day. The breakfast spots listed are our top picks. For a comprehensive list of breakfast place in Bodrum, please refer to our Bodrum Guide page.

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Before we bid farewell, we recommend reading a must-read article: Bodrum Boat Tour Guide. This article covers all the inquiries you may have regarding daily boat tours.

Bon appetit to everyone in advance…


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