Upon seeing the title, you might wonder, “Is it acceptable to visit Bodrum and indulge in kebabs?” While it is true that when you visit Bodrum for a holiday, you typically enjoy fish and seafood, it is unlikely that you will have fish every single day during your stay, correct? 

Additionally, the Bodrum kebab eateries we suggest are unlike any kebab joints you may be familiar with. They stand out due to their unique ambiance, presentation, diverse menu, and scenic views. All of the recommended Bodrum kebab restaurants boast a modern, cozy, and elegant setting. 

Every year, Bodrum introduces special restaurants with innovative concepts. This town holds a special place not only for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather but also for its culinary scene. You can savor a wide array of traditional Turkish dishes at these exclusive dining spots in Bodrum.


Bodrum is a haven for kebab enthusiasts, attracting holidaymakers from both near and far to indulge in the diverse array of kebab options available at Bodrum’s renowned kebab restaurants. The flavors you will encounter in these establishments are truly a celebration of our country’s rich culinary heritage. Rest assured, our praise is not an exaggeration.

Should you desire, we are more than happy to provide an in-depth exploration of these exceptional Bodrum kebab restaurants that we have meticulously evaluated for your convenience. This will assist you in determining which restaurant best suits your preferences.

Most of the recommended Bodrum kebab restaurants offer delivery services to your accommodation, whether it be a hotel, villa, residence, or even the beach club where you are soaking up the sun. However, please be mindful that there may be minimum order requirements depending on the location. Following our suggestions for Bodrum kebab restaurants, you will discover details regarding reservations, addresses, and other pertinent information about each establishment.

A word of caution: reading this article may leave you with a voracious appetite!

Best Bodrum Kebab Restaurants
Despite being a kebab restaurant, Adana İl Sınırı Bodrum also boasts a modern bar.



Located in Bitez, the historical stone house of “Adana Il Sınırı” Bodrum offers a service capacity for up to 200 guests with a modern and luxurious approach. The seating areas provide a picturesque view of a lush tangerine garden, reminiscent of Tuscany. 

The venue not only serves delicious kebabs but also features a contemporary bar where guests can enjoy a relaxing time after their meal. As the night progresses, the atmosphere transforms into a serene yet enjoyable bar setting with light music playing in the background. Guests can look forward to live music or DJ performances on select days in this section.

You can experience the distinctive flavors of Adana at “Adana Il Sınırı” in Bodrum, as the name implies. Their menu features a variety of dishes such as Adana Kebab, Çöp Şiş, Liver Şiş, Chicken Wings, Ribs, Chops, Lahmacun, Walnut Lahmacun, appetizers, and salads. It is worth noting that despite being known as a kebab restaurant, they also offer a vegetarian and vegan menu. For instance, the Walnut Lahmacun is a special vegetarian option without any meat.

The “Adana Il Sınırı” Bodrum exudes a welcoming and chic ambiance. Despite the inviting atmosphere, it is important to note that certain dress codes are enforced. For instance, wearing swim shorts may result in denial of entry. Furthermore, the establishment maintains a strict policy against any behavior that may disrupt the tranquility of their patrons.

Adana İl Sınırı Bodrum
Adana İl Sınırı Bodrum places a strong emphasis on hygiene, and if desired, you can even visit their open kitchen.
Adana İl Sınırı Bodrum
Forget about any Adana Kebabs you’ve had before and make your reservation at the earliest opportunity.

 “Adana Il Sınırı” Bodrum  offers Tel Kadayıf and Halka Dessert as desserts on their  menu. We are pleased to see Halka Dessert being featured in a restaurant’s menu, alongside the delicious Tel Kadayıf. This delightful dessert, reminiscent of the Spanish Churros, is often underrated and deserves more recognition. We highly recommend trying out the Halka Dessert.

Please be informed that the “Adana Il Sınırı” Bodrum will be operational during the summer and winter seasons starting from 2023. The restaurant commences its lunch service at approximately 13:00, with the kitchen closing around 23:00. However, entertainment will persist until 01:00 during the summer season.

If you plan on traveling to Bodrum, it is highly recommended to make a reservation beforehand. The establishment offers complimentary valet service, which should be noted. 

It is important to mention that “Adana Il Sınırı” in Bodrum does not provide a takeaway service. However, if you are able to personally collect your order, they will package it for you.

Reservation : 0546 171 01 01
Opening and Closing Hours : Open in summer/winter. It operates between 13:00 – 01:00.
Alcohol : There are all kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Takeaway Service : No takeaway service.
Parking : There is valet at the door.
Location : googlemaps

Best Bodrum Kebab Restaurants
Opening the menu to place an order is the only way to truly grasp that Fiko Ocakbaşı is a kebab restaurant!



Fiko Ocakbaşı is a renowned Bodrum kebab restaurant that has maintained its high quality service in Yalıkavak for many years. With a branch in Yeniköy, Istanbul, Fiko Ocakbaşı has expanded beyond Bodrum due to its exceptional ambiance, top-notch presentations, and satisfied customers.

The Bodrum branch operates exclusively during the summer season. Fiko Ocakbaşı, which commenced its operations in May, temporarily suspends its services in November as the holiday season comes to an end.

Fiko Ocakbaşı stands out from the typical examples that come to mind when one hears the term Ocakbaşı, thanks to its contemporary and impressive atmosphere. Without even glancing at the menu to place an order, it is impossible to discern that you have entered a kebab restaurant. Rest assured, we are not exaggerating when we claim that Fiko Ocakbaşı is one of the most elegant dining establishments in Bodrum.

Fiko Ocakbaşı
The taste of Fiko Kanat is so irresistible that you won’t be able to get enough of it.
Fiko Ocakbaşı
The flavor of kebabs is truly unparalleled.

Fiko Ocakbaşı offers a diverse menu that goes beyond any specific region. You have the opportunity to savor a wide variety of kebabs and appetizers that are unique to our southeastern region. From Adana Kebab to Şaşlık Kebab, Liver Shish to Küşleme, you will find almost every type of kebab imaginable on their menu. Additionally, Fiko Kanat specialties are a must-try for their irresistible flavors. The popularity of Fiko Kanat among regular customers is a testament to its delectable taste, which will surely turn you into a regular as well.

If you’re having trouble deciding which kebab variety to order, we suggest trying the Fiko Kebap at Fiko Ocakbaşı. This dish offers a selection of different kebab types all in one, allowing you to sample them all – a popular choice among many guests.

At Fiko Ocakbaşı, known for its wide range of baked goods, a dedicated section should be reserved for lahmacun. There are two types available; Antep Lahmacun and Fiko Lahmacun. Fiko Lahmacun, made with kebab meat, is a unique offering. Having already tried Antep Lahmacun, we decided to give Fiko Lahmacun a taste and were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it.

Appetizers and Hot Appetizers are truly a celebration! With close to fifty Meze options and twenty Hot Hors d’oeuvres, there is no shortage of delicious choices. From Crispy Hatay Pastry to Stuffed Meatballs, the variety is impressive. The flavors of Muhammara and Padron Pepper from Hatay region are particularly memorable. Even just the appetizers alone promise a delightful culinary experience. However, don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor Fiko Ocakbaşı’s kebab offerings to your heart’s content! Before the meal, you can enjoy an aperitif cocktail. Fiko Ocakbaşı takes pride in using only natural fruits and vegetables in their cocktails, without any sugar syrup or concentrated fruit juice. 

Their cocktail menu is extensive, with 30 unique signature cocktails out of a total of 100 options. It’s safe to say that Fiko Ocakbaşı’s cocktail selection is more impressive than that of a nightclub.

Among their impressive selection of 100 cocktails, Fiko Ocakbaşı offers 30 unique signature cocktails.
The variety of cold and hot appetizers at Fiko Ocakbaşı is so extensive that you might find yourself getting lost in the choices.

The Red Summer cocktail, which we tried based on their suggestion, is invigorating and imparts a pleasant flavor on the taste buds. Fiko Ocakbaşı is a place worth visiting solely for their delightful cocktails. By the way, among the 30 varieties of digestifs served after the meal, Hazelnut Liqueur is our personal favorite. We highly recommend indulging in these digestive cocktails that provide comfort to the stomach and refresh the palate.

The expansive wine cellars at Fiko Ocakbaşı serve as a reminder that this restaurant is truly exceptional. Their menu boasts a wide selection of both local and international wines.

Kebab restaurants always offer a delightful selection of desserts. Fiko Ocakbaşı takes pride in its extensive dessert menu. If we were to recommend a few exceptional desserts, Künefe, Katmer, Semolina Halva with Ice Cream, and Burma are just a few of the irresistible flavors. While we highly recommend it to everyone, Künefe is a dessert that foreign guests visiting Bodrum must try.

Fiko Ocakbaşı boasts a youthful and energetic team, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring guest satisfaction. Despite the sophisticated ambiance, the prices at this establishment are surprisingly reasonable.

Reservation : 0252 385 24 01
Opening and Closing Hours : Open only during the summer season. It starts operating in May and closes in November. It operates between 12:00 – 00:00.
Alcohol : There are all kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Takeaway Service : No takeaway service.
Parking : There is valet at the door.
Location : googlemaps

Best Bodrum Kebab Restaurants
Don’t let the ambiance fool you, Kurul Bitez is not an Italian restaurant but rather a modern kebab establishment.



Kurul Bitez stands out as a unique restaurant among the Bodrum kebab establishments, distinguishing itself as a modern kebab eatery. Upon stepping inside, one might question whether they have entered an Italian dining venue. 

Additionally, a visit to Kurul Bitez would not be complete without exploring Pozzo located nearby. Pozzo can be likened to an art gallery, offering the opportunity to purchase exceptional gifts for yourself or your dear ones.

Situated in Bitez, Kurul Bitez offers a delightful ambiance. It boasts both indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor area features a chic garden and is highly favored by the patrons. The addition of pebbles on the garden floor has brought a unique touch to the surroundings, which we found quite appealing. As for the indoor areas, elegant tables are complemented by a spacious fireplace.

Kitchen Chef Kemal Usta hails from Gaziantep, but don’t assume that their menu is limited to the Gaziantep region. At Kurul Bitez, you can indulge in a wide variety of kebabs and meat dishes. In addition to these delectable options, you also have the opportunity to savor pita and lahmacun. If you happen to visit Kurul Bitez, make sure not to miss out on this chance! Their lahmacun is none other than the famous Antep Lahmacun. Those who are familiar with it know that it doesn’t contain onions but is instead flavored with garlic, resulting in a truly delightful taste. Rest assured, the garlic won’t overpower your senses. Furthermore, their menu also includes Vegetarian Lahmacun and Vegetarian Adana options for those who prefer plant-based dishes.

Kurul Bitez
The gravel-floored garden creates a romantic atmosphere in the surroundings.
Adana Kebap
The food presentations at Kurul Bitez are elegantly simple, perfectly suited for the venue.

We believe that every meal at Kurul Bitez will be a delightful experience for you. However, Chef Kemal Usta highly recommends trying their special dish called Dert Alan. This exquisite dish is prepared using lamb’s neck and shank, cooked in its own fat, in a casserole. Another delightful suggestion from Chef Kemal is the Crispy Antep Beyti. When prepared perfectly, this dish is incredibly delicious. Kurul Bitez also excels in preparing the Crispy Antep Beyti, which is first barbecued and then baked in the oven, and served with pistachios. Make sure your dining companion doesn’t say, “Let me taste a fork,” because they will definitely want a second fork after trying it.

Finally, we would like to offer some advice. The flavor of the ‘Decent Lamb Shish’ lingers on our taste buds, making it a must-try for meat enthusiasts. Additionally, we highly recommend the appetizer platter that will be brought to your table, although we were unsure which ones to suggest. It would be best for you to select the appetizers that align with your personal preferences from this array of delectable options.

Kurul Bitez provides a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including wine, raki, whiskey, cognac, and cocktails. Whatever your preference may be, their special cocktail, Adana, is definitely worth a try. Served in a whiskey glass, this vodka-based concoction is infused with chili peppers, cinnamon, and fresh green apple juice. Furthermore, this cocktail possesses an enticing quality. If you desire, their skilled bartender, Emre, will gladly craft a cocktail tailored to your taste.

The Lahmacun at Kurul Bitez is exceptionally delicious, and they even offer a Vegetarian Lahmacun option on their menu.
Your first visit to Kurul Bitez will surely turn you into a regular patron of the place.

This is a customary practice; It is imperative to indulge in dessert before leaving the kebab restaurant. The desserts originating from the Southeastern region of Turkey have gained worldwide recognition. Allow us to provide you with a helpful suggestion when selecting a dessert; Pistachio Sarma is an absolute must-try. Naturally, everyone, particularly tourists from abroad, visiting Kurul Bitez, when asked “what would you like for dessert?”, respond with “of course, Chef’s Wrap”! The baklava dough is filled with pistachios and clotted cream, then baked and served with a drizzle of sherbet. It is truly regrettable that you will only have the opportunity to savor Chef’s Wrap during your holidays in Bodrum!

Kurul Bitez, one of our top suggestions for Bodrum kebab restaurants, offers a sophisticated and cozy ambiance, attracting both local and international visitors from various upscale hotels in Bodrum. Securing a table at this year-round establishment can be quite challenging, especially during the summer months. Therefore, we strongly advise making a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment. Please note that reservations cannot be made through social media platforms; we kindly suggest contacting the restaurant directly using the provided phone numbers for your convenience.

Reservation : 0549 403 48 48 – 0252 363 88 70
Opening and Closing Hours : The restaurant is open between 18:00 – 02:00 in the summer season due to the heat, and is open between 12:00 – 00:00 in the winter.
Alcohol : There are all kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Takeaway Service : No takeaway service.
Parking : There is valet at the door.
Location : googlemaps

Best Bodrum Kebap Restaurant
The garden at Daş Mutfak is particularly delightful, especially during the evenings.



We invite you to a truly exceptional destination in our list of recommended Bodrum kebab restaurants. Daş Mutfak, a culinary establishment situated in Konacık District, is a must-visit for enthusiasts of Gaziantep cuisine. To fully savor the experience, we suggest arriving with a hearty appetite, as the dishes on their menu are truly tantalizing.

At Daş Mutfak, you can indulge in a wide array of flavors unique to Gaziantep cuisine. From Antep Lahmacun and Pistachio Kebab to Beyti Sarma, Ali Nazik, Stuffed Meatballs, Kara Kavurma, and the renowned Beyran, Simit Kebab, and Yuvalama, all prepared by the skilled hands of Mehmet Yalçın Usta from Gaziantep. While we encourage you to sample each dish, do not miss out on the Mixed Kebab, which offers a delightful medley of their kebab specialties.

For those who prefer milder flavors, we recommend the Non-Spicy Minced Meat Kebab, while the Spicy Minced Meat Kebab is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of heat. Both options offer a distinct taste and presentation that sets them apart from the well-known Adana and Urfa Kebab.

Attempting to summarize the appetizers of Gaziantep cuisine would be an impossible task, as they are as delectable as their kebabs and seemingly endless in variety. Arabian Meatballs, Stuffed Meatballs, and Tattooed Peanut Sprouts are just a few of the flavors that will leave a lasting impression. Additionally, Daş Mutfak boasts an impressive selection of pickles that are sure to please pickle enthusiasts. Be sure to try their Spicy Koruk Pickle!

When it comes to beverages, Daş Mutfak offers a comprehensive drink menu that includes a range of alcoholic options such as wine, raki, beer, and whiskey. When we inquired about the best pairing with kebab, the response surprised us: “raki, beer, wine, and whiskey.” We were unaware that whiskey complemented kebab so well, but Ms. Zeynep, one of the partners at Daş Mutfak, assured us that smoked whiskey is an excellent choice to accompany their kebabs.

To fully savor the taste of each kebab, it is recommended to order the Mixed Kebab on a Tray and indulge to your heart’s content.
Gaziantep cuisine’s distinctive flavors are expertly presented at Kurul Bitez, showcasing the culinary traditions of the region.

Baklava and Katmer, which are specially imported from Gaziantep, are desserts that you must try at a restaurant that serves Gaziantep cuisine. At Daş Mutfak, many guests specifically order Baklava served in trays.

Daş Mutfak has delightful gardens that are particularly enjoyable in the evenings. Additionally, it offers an indoor area with a fireplace and a lovely terrace to accommodate its guests. The restaurant has a capacity to host up to 150 guests.

Furthermore, Daş Mutfak provides breakfast service. Gaziantep cuisine is renowned for its breakfast options, along with its delicious food. In their breakfast menu, they include not only the classic breakfast items but also Zahter, Hot Fig Jam, Gaziantep cheeses, and Tarragon Pastry that will leave you wanting more. Although we haven’t had the chance to experience Daş Mutfak’s breakfast yet, we are eagerly looking forward to it as we have some knowledge about Gaziantep breakfast. We will try it out and share our experience with you as soon as possible.

Tray dishes are just as famous as kebabs in Gaziantep cuisine. Therefore, don’t forget to taste the tray dishes as well. Similar to our recommendations for Bodrum kebab restaurants, we advise you to make a reservation before visiting Daş Mutfak during the summer season, as it is open year-round.

Reservation : 0252 363 88 55
Opening and Closing Hours : Open in summer and winter. It operates between 10:00 – 00:00.
Alcohol : There are all kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Takeaway Service : Takeaway service is available depending on the order amount.
Parking : There is no private parking. There is a parking area.
: googlemaps

Bodrum Satır Dürüm
Satır Dürüm has quickly become one of the most sought-after destinations in Bodrum.



Satır Dürüm can be found on Cumhuriyet Street, in close proximity to the Bitez Courthouse. It is not a high-end, extravagant restaurant, but rather a quaint kebab eatery. The reason for its mention in this article is simple; the food at Satır Dürüm is simply exquisite! 

The menu exclusively features the authentic flavors of Adana. The establishment follows a ‘Fast Food’ concept, offering dishes such as Liver Shish, Adana and Urfa Kebab, and Garbage Shish. Additionally, diners are treated to Adana style Salad, Pickles sourced from Mardin, and Roasted Eggplant as complimentary sides. These are all provided at no extra cost! 

The kebabs are prepared using minced meat, which enhances the overall taste. For instance, the Liver Shish is crafted from lamb meat, resulting in a tender and flavorful dish. Liver Shish is only available on Thursdays and Fridays, so liver enthusiasts are advised to make a reservation in advance. 

Lastly, chicken wing enthusiasts are encouraged to try the Crispy Wings in Satır Wrap. The wings are marinated in a special sauce, grilled, and served in a delightful wrap.

Satır Dürüm Bodrum
Once you experience Satır Dürüm, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll become a regular customer.
Satır Dürüm Bodrum
Despite the limited menu options, deciding what to eat is never a concern.

Adana Kebab might appear large, but it is indeed a satisfying portion. Served as a fillet in the Adana style, the most delicious Adana Kebab can be enjoyed in Bodrum, possibly even in all of Turkey. It is worth noting that Adana Kebab has a bit of spiciness; if you prefer milder flavors, Urfa Kebab is a great alternative. 

This cozy eatery has a limited indoor seating of six tables, but the outdoor tables significantly increase the guest capacity. Due to the fast-food concept, there is a constant flow of customers. It is highly recommended to make a reservation, especially in the busy summer months. 

Satır Dürüm operates from noon until 3:00 in the morning, both in summer and winter. Throughout the summer season, it remains open all night, catering to customers until the early hours.

Reservation : 0252 363 99 86
Opening and Closing Hours : Open in summer and winter. It is open between 12:00 and 03:00 in the winter season. During the summer season, it serves until the morning.
Alkol : No alcohol.
Takeaway Service : Takeaway service available.
Parking : There is no private parking. There is a parking area.
: googlemaps

71 Derece
Situated in Turgutreis Marina, 71 Derece boasts a cozy and inviting ambiance.



If you are craving a delicious kebab, but your spouse prefers fish and your children are in the mood for hamburgers, 71 Derece restaurant is the perfect solution to avoid any disagreements. 

Apart from their mouthwatering kebab options, they also offer a variety of Turkey’s most popular street foods, showcasing a diverse menu that includes Meatballs, Hamburgers, Kokoreç, Hot Dogs, Sucuk, Lahmacun, and the traditional Ocakbaşı flavors. 

With two branches located in Turgutreis D-Marin Marina and Konacık, 71 Derece is known for cooking meat at the ideal temperature on the grill, ensuring it is juicy and flavorful when served. While the Turgutreis branch offers a stunning sea view and seafood options, the Konacık branch focuses on their delicious meat-based menu.

Bodrum Kebap Restoranları
Each dish served at 71 Degrees is just as impressive as the previous one.
Bodrum Kebap Restoranları
Indulge in the finest kebabs and a variety of street delicacies from their menu.

There is a wide range of kebab varieties available from our southeastern region. Adana Kebab, Urfa Kebab, Fırın Beyti, Oruk Kebab, and Fıstıklı Kebab are just a few examples. In addition to the kebab dishes, we also offer Steak menus and a diverse selection of baked goods. It is worth mentioning that our lahmacun, known as 71 Derece, is made with garlic instead of onion, as it originates from the Gaziantep region. 

We were highly impressed with the menu at 71 Derece. They have successfully combined their exceptional kebab menu with a variety of street delicacies. Although our main focus is on kebabs, we also offer endless options such as Kokoreç, Hamburger varieties served with our freshly baked bread, and Steak menus. Among the kebab options, the Eggplant Kebab stands out for its exceptional flavor, and we highly recommend trying it. Lastly, it is important to note that we offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages at 71 Derece.

The menu features the renowned Antep Katmeri and Brownie as dessert options that stood out to us. An expert artisan travels from Gaziantep specifically for the Katmer Dessert. It is worth noting that the clotted cream and pistachios used in the dessert are sourced from Gaziantep.

When it comes to Bodrum kebab restaurants, 71 Derece stands out as a favored establishment in Bodrum due to its unique concept and diverse range of products. Hence, it is advisable to secure a reservation by contacting the provided phone numbers, especially during the summer season.

Reservation : Turgutreis – 0252 382 71 99 – Konacık – 0252 319 71 73
Opening and Closing Hours : Open in summer and winter. It operates between 10:00 – 01:00.
Alcohol : There are all kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Parking : There is a parking lot.
Takeaway Service : Takeaway service is available depending on the order amount.
Location – Turgutreis : googlemaps
Location – Konacık : googlemaps

Best Bodrum Kebap Restaurant
Despite the picturesque view at Kebap Guru, known for its Bodrum kebabs, remember that it is a kebab restaurant, not a seafood eatery.



Situated in the Kumbahçe District, in close proximity to the heart of Bodrum, Kebap Guru is a reputable eatery that offers delectable kebabs from the Adana region, all while providing a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. Kebap Guru boasts a unique dining experience known as ‘Sequenced Meat’.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, the waitstaff will approach your table and inquire about your culinary preferences. Once you have placed your order for appetizers and hot starters, the chosen kebabs will be served to you in a sequential manner, allowing you to savor each dish at your own pace. From kebabs to chops, skewers to ribs, the dishes will be presented gradually until you indicate that you have had your fill. This approach ensures that your meals are served piping hot and that you have the opportunity to relish the diverse flavors on offer.

We provide a suggested dish name for each restaurant, however, feel free to order any kebab of your choice without any concern. Rest assured that the taste of the dishes on their menu is exceptional, leaving no room for doubt. Now, let’s talk about the recommended dish from Kebap Guru’s special selection; the Kallavi Kebab. Similar to Adana Kebab, the Kallavi Kebab offers a larger portion size and is expertly seasoned by the talented kitchen chefs. We highly recommend giving it a try…

Bodrum Kebap Restoranları
The kebabs will keep coming to your table until you signal that you’ve had your fill.
Bodrum Kebap Restoranları
Experience a unique dining experience at Kebap Guru with their innovative presentations.

We highly recommend trying Küşleme, Yağlıkara, and Şaşlık Kebab, especially for our international guests. These flavors alone are worth visiting our country for a holiday. Even if you’re not a fan of spicy food, you should definitely give their Raw Meatballs a try, which are available on their menu on Fridays and Saturdays.

Now, let’s briefly talk about bakery products. While you can find Lahmacun in takeaways, the restaurant serves a special version called Hazelnut Lahmacun. For those who are unfamiliar, Hazelnut Lahmacun is a smaller variation of the regular lahmacun.

The dessert menu at Kebap Guru offers a variety of delectable options. One standout is Künefe, a must-try for every individual. Another tempting choice is Katmer, which will leave you contemplating whether to indulge in another serving. Additionally, the Zucchini Dessert with Ice Cream, Tahini, and Walnuts offers a unique flavor that will leave a lasting impression. If you find it difficult to decide, it is highly recommended to order all three desserts and savor each one gradually.

 It is worth mentioning that Kebap Guru has numerous other mouthwatering dishes on its menu, although we have only listed a few that come to mind. 

The restaurant boasts a stunning view, thanks to its location. With a covered section featuring an open top and a fully exposed terrace, you can relish your delicious kebabs while enjoying the picturesque scenery. 

Furthermore, if you place an order one day in advance, you have the opportunity to savor Lamb Tandoori, Rotisserie Lamb, Stuffed Ribs, and Vegetable and Meat Casserole. It is important to note that Kebap Guru also offers catering services.

Reservation : 0530 954 27 27
Opening and Closing Hours : Kebap Guru, which is open both summer and winter, opens at 13:00 and kitchen service continues until 23:00. But Kebap Guru continues to host its guests until 01:00.
Alcohol : There are all kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Parking : There is a large parking lot.
Takeaway Service : Takeaway service is available depending on the order amount.
Location : googlemaps

In our search for the most exceptional Bodrum kebab restaurants, we have carefully selected those that excel in both their ambiance and their menus. It is important to note that the average prices of our recommended Bodrum kebab restaurants are reasonable. While there may be slight variations in prices among them, it is worth mentioning that the prices at these establishments are not inflated.

If our article on Bodrum kebab restaurants has left you feeling hungry, allow us to provide you with a few more enticing suggestions: we also invite you to explore our articles on Bodrum’s finest doner restaurants, the must-try dishes in Bodrum, and the fish restaurants in Bodrum that will surely make you a regular patron.

We hope you have a delightful culinary experience during your Bodrum holiday.


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