Once the notion of holding a wedding in Bodrum enters your thoughts, there is no going back. If you manage to finish reading this article, your wedding will be set in Bodrum! If you like the idea but are concerned about the challenges that may arise, you can explore our Wedding in Bodrum article to dispel all your worries.

Before making a final decision, we highly advise you to rethink your options if you are stuck between a dull indoor setting or unappealing cities for your memorable event.If you are struggling to make a decision, our guide to Bodrum wedding venues could offer some valuable suggestions.

Bodrum Wedding Venues
Sarpedor Boutique Hotel’s pier is the perfect place for the wedding ceremony.


If you have plans to host your wedding in Bodrum, it is crucial to select a hotel with a sophisticated and functional pier for the wedding ceremony. The Sarpedor Boutique Hotel offers a beautifully designed pier that serves as an exclusive area for hosting wedding ceremonies.

Furthermore, you are provided with the opportunity to conduct the ceremony near the pool.Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that only the wedding guests who are accommodated at the hotel should be in attendance. Both venues boast a sophisticated ambiance, yet if the weather is not particularly breezy, we highly recommend selecting the pier.

Sarpedor Boutique Hotel, situated in the charming seaside location of Torba, is a beloved boutique hotel that holds a special place in our hearts. It has been featured in our article on Bodrum Boutique Hotel Recommendations, boasting a total of 50 exquisite rooms. This luxurious hotel offers a range of services, including bed and breakfast, full board, and all-inclusive options.

If you are considering Sarpedor Boutique Hotel as a venue for your wedding, we recommend selecting a date after the summer season or towards its end, much like other hotels. Ideal months for weddings would be April, May, September, or October.

The hotel can accommodate weddings with a maximum of 100 guests. However, if you wish to host a wedding for this number of people, it is necessary to reserve all the rooms in advance. To secure your reservation, we advise contacting the hotel at least six months prior to your desired wedding date.

While the hotel itself does not handle wedding organization, they collaborate with a professional event planning company. Alternatively, you are welcome to work with your own preferred organization company. Sarpedor Boutique Hotel takes care of arranging your wedding meals, offering a variety of menu options for you to choose from.

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Bodrum Wedding Venues
Torbahan Hotel


By choosing Torbahan Hotel for your wedding in Bodrum, you can rest assured that your invitation will be organized with reliability and professionalism. With Torbahan Hotel’s expertise in wedding events, along with their friendly and professional service, you can have your dream Bodrum wedding without any stress or fatigue. 

You and your guests can enjoy a fairy-tale wedding, where every detail is meticulously considered, and the ambiance of Torbahan Hotel adds to the overall experience. Start your wedding day with yoga, and happily plan all the details such as refreshments in your room, your guests’ visits to your room with hairdresser, make-up artist, photography suggestions, and preparations by partner companies in the invitation area. Torbahan Hotel ensures that the bride, who is prepared without stress, and the groom, who can have fun in the pool with friends, both enjoy the entire day.

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Bodrum Wedding Venues
Casa Costa Boutique Hotel


Casa Costa Boutique Hotel in Gündoğan offers a beautiful beach setting that we believe you will greatly appreciate. They specialize in hosting weddings in this romantic atmosphere. However, please note that wedding services are only available in May-June or September-October, and they do not offer wedding arrangements during the summer season. 

If the 23-room stylish hotel is not sufficient to accommodate all your guests, they can assist you in finding suitable accommodations at nearby contracted hotels. The wedding venue has a capacity of 450 people, and the reception typically begins at around 20:00 and concludes at 00:00.

If desired, you have the option to request an after party, which may incur an additional fee. The hotel organizes the invitation along with a meal, and you can select from three different menus they offer. Should you wish to make any modifications to the menu, you can arrange a meeting with the head chef to discuss minor changes.

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Bodrum Düğün Mekanları
Kefi Beach Bodrum


Kefi Beach, situated on the Bodrum Ortakentyahşi coast, is a remarkable choice among Bodrum wedding venues. It boasts a magnificent 100-meter-long sandy beach, a natural grass area spanning 1000 square meters for sunbathing and various activities, an indoor and outdoor restaurant accommodating up to 150 people, as well as 5 junior suites and 17 standard rooms. With their experienced and friendly staff, Kefi Beach is well-equipped to organize weddings for both large and intimate gatherings.

Typically, weddings at Kefi Beach are held in their open areas during the months of May, June, September, and October. However, it’s important to note that they do not organize events during the summer season of July and August. Whether you’re planning a grand celebration for a thousand guests or a more intimate affair for 50 people, Kefi Beach can cater to your needs.

To ensure a seamless wedding experience, we highly recommend working with experienced event planning companies recommended by Kefi Beach. They will assist you in meticulously planning every aspect of your special day. Additionally, if you wish to include a meal as part of your wedding invitation, Kefi Beach is fortunate to collaborate with you and create a customized menu based on your preferences. They do not impose their own menu choices.

If you have your heart set on hosting your wedding at Kefi Beach, it is advisable to make a reservation at least 6 months in advance. As the venue operates throughout the year, hosting an average of 15-20 weddings annually, securing a spot may prove to be challenging.

Rest assured, Kefi Beach is committed to accommodating various budgets. Simply communicate your budget to them, and they will craft an event plan tailored to your financial constraints.

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Selvi Bach is among the most preferred among Bodrum Wedding Venues.


Situated on a 2000 square meter grassy area by the seaside, shaded by palm trees, Selvi Beach is an idyllic wedding location that can accommodate up to 600 guests. They specialize in hosting weddings that begin with a cocktail reception, followed by a wedding dinner, and conclude with an after-party.

Your wedding celebration, a night you wish would never end, wraps up on the grassy field at midnight, but the festivities continue by the sea.

At Selvi Beach, renowned for their expertise in wedding and reception planning, they offer you the freedom to choose the location for your ceremony, although most couples opt for the pier. The venue is beautifully illuminated with the “Bodrum fisherman’s lighting” design, meticulously arranged by Selvi Beach. Be sure to consider Selvi Beach as a top choice for an unforgettable wedding experience.

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Bodrum Düğün Mekanları
Daphnis Hotel is a hotel experienced in wedding organizations in Bodrum.


Daphnis Hotel, a well-established hotel in Göltürkbükü for 17 years, specializes in organizing weddings. From May to October, the hotel hosts wedding events and can accommodate up to 250 guests. The most popular months for weddings are June and September, according to the hotel. Daphnis Hotel takes care of the table setting on the pier for the ceremony and the grass area for dining and entertainment. However, if you prefer, you can also work with your own event planning company or the hotel’s recommended company. Rest assured, Daphnis Hotel has extensive experience in this field and ensures your safety.

When it comes to food, you can collaborate with the hotel officials to decide on the menu. The hotel has a music system installed throughout the premises, paying attention to even the smallest details for your special day. With 10 different room types, Daphnis Hotel can accommodate up to 200 people. Additionally, if you take advantage of early booking or bulk booking options, you can enjoy a pleasant discount.

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Gizli Bahçe Bodrum
Secret Garden can organize organizations for 800 people in its two-acre green area.



Located along the Yalıkavak road, Gizli Bahçe organizes weddings for up to 800 guests. While weddings are their main focus, it’s worth noting that they cater to a wide range of celebrations and events as well.

True to its name, Gizli Bahçe is a lush green space spread across a two-acre grassy area. This venue has become a popular choice for both local and international events, making it an ideal setting for couples envisioning a rustic countryside wedding. Gizli Bahçe takes great care in organizing weddings, evident in the captivating event visuals they share on their social media platforms.

Far from being outdated, countryside weddings are still very much in vogue, especially when orchestrated by Gizli Bahçe. This venue handles all aspects of wedding planning in-house, from decorating the space to arranging food, music, and every other detail you can think of. Rest assured, they will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure your wedding day is nothing short of magical.

Gizli Bahçe Bodrum
Our own professional team takes care of all the details of the wedding.
Gizli Bahçe Bodrum
Forget the things you know!

You cannot host a wedding in hotels during the summer season, but the Secret Garden accommodates various events all year round. These events, commencing in May, run at a steady pace until the end of October. If you are considering a rural wedding, it is advisable to commence planning at least six months ahead!

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to celebrate your wedding at the Secret Garden while vacationing in Bodrum during the summer season? A wedding and honeymoon combined! Additionally, the proficient team at Secret Garden will handle all the arrangements while you relax on the beach.

You cannot host a wedding in hotels during the summer season, but the Gizli Bahçe accommodates various events all year round. These events, commencing in May, run at a steady pace until the end of October. If you are considering a rural wedding, it is advisable to commence planning at least six months ahead!

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to celebrate your wedding at the Gizli Bahçe while vacationing in Bodrum during the summer season? A wedding and honeymoon combined! Additionally, the proficient team at Gizli Bahçe will handle all the arrangements while you relax on the beach.

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You have the option to host your wedding at various hotels in Bodrum, as we have provided a few recommendations in our article on Bodrum wedding venues. If you prefer a different venue or hotel, your event planning company can assist you in making a reservation, or you may reach out to us directly. We recommend selecting a location with a picturesque view and a pleasant atmosphere for your special day, and we advise making arrangements at least six months in advance. Be sure to check the weather forecast when scheduling your wedding, and refer to our Bodrum Weather Guide article for assistance in choosing the perfect date for your celebration. 

We extend our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness…

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