Get ready for an unforgettable day! A wedding in Bodrum, Turkey’s paradise corner, is a perfect blend of holiday and celebration. Gone are the days of stuffy indoor weddings in bustling cities. Picture yourself exchanging vows amidst lush greenery in the serene countryside of Bodrum, or dancing the night away by the pool of a beautiful hotel until the sun sets. And why not have a beach wedding, where guests can ditch their suits and enjoy the festivities in shorts and flip-flops? The best part is that the wedding in Bodrum will seamlessly merge with your holiday, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


To make your wedding in Bodrum truly unforgettable, the first step is to envision the kind of wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s a beach party filled with dancing and fun or a bachelorette party extravaganza, Bodrum offers the perfect backdrop for your special day. So, take some time to decide what type of wedding experience you and your guests will cherish forever.

Getting a planner and jotting down all the details of your dream wedding will definitely simplify things for you, whether or not you have a wedding organizer. Start by putting an end to your internet searches and choosing the perfect venue for your special day. Think about the guest list, accommodations for your guests, transportation services, sightseeing options in Bodrum, booking a hairdresser and photographer, arranging for souvenirs, hiring an orchestra, and more. Planning ahead with these specifics will ensure a memorable wedding experience in Bodrum for both you and your guests.

Planning your holiday and wedding may appear overwhelming at first, but fear not! With careful consideration and organization, you’ll effortlessly select from the available options and get ready for your special occasions.


The ideal time to have your wedding in Bodrum is either before the holiday season kicks off (April – May – June) or after it ends (September – October). This way, you can avoid the high hotel prices and ensure there are enough rooms available for your guests. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. By planning ahead, you can easily navigate around these potential issues. Make sure to check out our Bodrum Weather article for more information on the weather in the area.


It is crucial to select the right organization company for your event. Make sure to go with the company recommended by the hotel. Once you have chosen the company, ask for a preview of the table setup. Check out the final look of the table, chairs, and decorations where your guests will be seated, and take some photos. If there are any changes you’d like to make, seeing the setup will help you decide. 

Make sure to include table visuals and photos of the final setup in your contract. This step ensures both your and the company’s protection. Once all the details like the date, time, and wedding theme are finalized, you can send out your invitations with confidence. The company will take care of all the planning so you can enjoy hosting your guests.


It’s a good idea to arrange transportation with a transfer company for your guests’ journey to the hotel. Request a coffee break from the hotel upon your guests’ arrival. Avoiding road fatigue and waiting at the hotel entrance is crucial for a warm welcome. If you’re organizing a hotel wedding, decide on the theme ahead of time. Are you leaning towards a boutique hotel or a luxurious five-star hotel for your reception?

If you are expecting between 100 and 150 guests, it is advisable to select a hotel that aligns with your vision. Having your close ones nearby during and after the celebration will bring you peace of mind. For a wedding planned during a specific season, it is crucial to consider accommodation costs. Your guests should book their stay through the hotel reception and provide you with the necessary details. If you are organizing a festive wedding in Bodrum with your family and friends, it is recommended to set aside a minimum of three days since you will be tying the knot in Bodrum.


If you decide to have a countryside wedding in Bodrum, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Nevertheless, it’s important not to overlook the accommodation and preparation aspects. We suggest opting for a boutique hotel for your stay, and it would be beneficial if it’s situated near the wedding location. Bodrum offers numerous stunning spots where you can celebrate your countryside wedding. To make an informed decision on the wedding venue, we suggest reading our article on Bodrum Wedding Venues.

If you have guests with children, a countryside wedding could be a great choice. While you won’t have the luxury of a hotel wedding, you can still have a beautiful outdoor wedding surrounded by nature that can go on late into the night. Just make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast or choose a month that is known for good weather when planning your countryside wedding.

Wedding in Bodrum
The stunning scenery alone makes Bodrum the perfect place for your wedding…


When it comes to weddings in Bodrum, the trendiest wedding concept nowadays is having the ceremony on the beach during sunset, followed by a night of cocktails and entertainment – the ultimate romantic choice. If you’re considering a beach wedding, opt for the summer season as the ideal wedding date. The Bodrum wind can be quite unpredictable, especially on the beach. However, saying “I do” at a beach wedding in flip-flops is a charming option for those seeking a romantic Bodrum wedding. Don’t forget to listen to your hotel’s recommendations for a beach wedding. Choosing a hotel with a beach for your stay will definitely simplify your planning process.

Wedding in Bodrum
Drop anchor in a picturesque bay and celebrate your special day.


Coming to Bodrum and having a motor yacht wedding might not be the best idea, but exploring the bays of Bodrum on a wooden boat for your wedding can definitely make your day unforgettable.

So why not have a magical Bodrum wedding, sailing from bay to bay under the twinkling stars? Just make sure to plan carefully for the number of guests, preparations, and accommodations. Since it’s not a hotel wedding, you’ll have more responsibilities on your plate. Don’t forget to consider the music band and sound system when choosing a boat for your special day. Oh, and remember to leave your high heels behind! For more information, check out our article on Blue Cruise Holiday Recommendations.


In Bodrum, you’re in for a treat when it comes to catering to your guests. This place is a haven for unique flavors, with numerous meze shops serving hotels, restaurants, and local businesses that specialize in preparing delicious delicacies. If you’re planning a wedding in Bodrum, you can delight your guests with the exquisite taste of Bodrum herbs, special pastries, and locally sourced products. And if you really want to make it unforgettable, consider hiring a talented chef for your event. For more inspiration on what to eat in Bodrum, check out our article What to Eat in Bodrum and get some mouthwatering ideas!


However, keep in mind that prices can differ depending on the hotel and the specific menu you select. If you want to get a more accurate pricing, it’s best to reach out to Bodrum wedding organization companies and discuss your requirements with them. When it comes to photography and video, the budget can vary greatly. It’s crucial to plan and communicate with the photographer you choose, as there are different prices for full-day shoots compared to just capturing your invitation. Lastly, don’t forget about the music band! They play a significant role in creating a memorable and entertaining atmosphere for your event.

You should definitely consider opting for a delightful cake filled with summer fruits as the ultimate dessert for your wedding. In Bodrum, there are some amazing pastry shops that specialize in creating exquisite cakes. We suggest you try them out and make a decision in advance. By carefully planning your wedding budget and organizing all the necessary details and expenses, you can ensure a delightful celebration without any unexpected surprises.

After reading and completing our article on a Wedding in Bodrum, it’s time to kickstart your planning without any delay. Saying “I do” amidst the hustle and bustle of big cities or the concrete jungle is outdated. Come join us in Bodrum and let us create an unforgettable experience for the most significant day of your life. We wish you happiness in advance and can’t wait to see you!

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