When organizing a trip to Bodrum, most people tend to check the weather conditions for the specific period of their visit. However, after reading this article, you will no longer feel the need to do so. While weather is generally not a concern for those planning a Bodrum vacation, May or September are considered more favorable months compared to July and August. We believe that providing detailed information about the air temperature in Bodrum will enhance the experience for visitors throughout the year. Hence, we have compiled the Bodrum weather guide. Are you wondering when Bodrum experiences extreme heat or rainy days? Which month is the most suitable for your vacation? Look no further than the Bodrum weather guide for all the answers.

Before we conclude, it is important to note that while this article presents temperature averages from previous years, the actual air temperatures in Bodrum may vary. If you wish, you can join our Facebook group, Bodrum Travel Tips, to seek advice from locals regarding the weather or any other travel-related queries.


— Average Temperature 15° – 12° —

The average temperature in Bodrum during January is around 15 degrees, while in February it drops to about 12 degrees. However, it’s important to note that these are just averages and the actual weather can be hotter or colder during these months. January is known for having a higher amount of rainfall in Bodrum. Therefore, if you plan on visiting the district in January or February, be prepared for rainy and cold weather. For the locals in Bodrum, boots and umbrellas are essential during these months. If you are planning a trip to Bodrum during January or February, we recommend bringing winter shoes and an umbrella with you.

During the day, you won’t feel too cold as long as the sun is shining. However, the temperature drops to around 10-7 degrees in the evening. To keep yourself warm during the evenings, it might be a good idea to wear socks and a thick cardigan.

It’s worth mentioning that there aren’t many activities happening in Bodrum during this period. However, you can still enjoy the Bodrum Tangerine Festival in Bitez during January and the Gündoğan Sucuk Wine Festival in the last week of February. These festivals offer enjoyable experiences that you can participate in while in Bodrum. For more detailed information about all the festivals in Bodrum, you can refer to our Bodrum Festivals article.

Bodrum Weather
Mart ayının ortalarına doğru sıcak hava yavaş yavaş kendini göstermeye başlar.


— Average Temperature 17° —

In March, the weather in Bodrum starts to improve as temperatures rise. The average air temperature during this month is 17 degrees, and at night, it drops by 6-7 degrees.

During the first two weeks of March, there may be some rain in Bodrum, which is nothing to be concerned about. Even if it does rain, it doesn’t last all day. Typically, it only rains for about half an hour before the sun reappears.

By the 15th of March, summer-like temperatures begin to emerge. It’s time to gradually shed your cardigans as the sun shines brightly. The seaside cafes start to fill up as people enjoy the pleasant weather. Some residents even wear their bikinis or swimsuits and sunbathe on the beach, even if they don’t go for a swim.

If you live in hilly areas like Yalıkavak, Gümüşlük, or Geriş and experience direct winds, the evenings may be slightly cooler. However, in other towns of Bodrum, you won’t feel cold during March evenings.

Towards the end of March, you can finally put away your thick socks, long sleeves, and cardigans. It can be said that summer has arrived in Bodrum.


— Average Temperature 20° —

With the onset of April, residents of Bodrum are gearing up to take a dip in the sea. Towards the end of April, the weather starts to heat up and the sea temperature becomes ideal for those who enjoy a refreshing swim. The end of April presents a wonderful opportunity to visit Bodrum. Despite occasional rain showers in April, one day may be cloudy but the next day, Bodrum basks in the sunshine once again.

Let’s not forget; evenings can be chilly in Bodrum during April, especially if your accommodation is situated in the hilly areas. It’s advisable to carry a light cardigan or sweatshirt in your bag when visiting Bodrum.

Numerous establishments that were closed during the winter season reopen in the first week of April. Hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs welcome the new season. Take pleasure in seaside dining and cafes during April and May before Bodrum becomes too crowded.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that hotels offer discounted rates during April and May. If you are looking for a budget-friendly holiday in Bodrum, keep an eye out for these special deals.


— Average Temperature 25° —

The weather in Bodrum differs from that of other cities. While most parts of the country experience spring in May, May in Bodrum signifies the arrival of summer. The average temperature in Bodrum during May hovers around 25 degrees, with the highest average temperature reaching approximately 27 degrees. Although summer begins in May, the weather is not excessively hot yet. As a result, older local and foreign tourists, particularly those who prefer milder temperatures and wish to avoid the potential negative effects of heat, start visiting Bodrum in May, even towards the end of April.

May offers the ideal conditions for swimming in the sea, sunbathing, and exploring Bodrum without being overwhelmed by extreme heat. However, evenings in May can be slightly cool, so if you plan to visit Bodrum during this time, it is advisable to pack a lightweight cardigan in your suitcase. While not very common, there may be occasional summer showers in May. It is worth mentioning that swimming in the sea while accompanied by warm rain can be a delightful experience.


 In May, the residents of Bodrum begin to take a dip in the sea. The sea gradually warms up by mid-May. While the water may not be extremely hot, it does have a pleasant warmth. For those who prefer cooler waters, May is a great time to visit Bodrum for a holiday.

Although May marks the beginning of sea activities in Bodrum, June, July, and August are more suitable for individuals with a slim physique. As the intense heat sets in during July and August, the sea temperature in Bodrum can be likened to freshly brewed tea…

When to swim in Bodrum
Bodrum’da yaz sezonu haziran ayı ile birlikte başlar, ve ekim ayı ortalarına kadar da devam eder.


— Average Temperature 30° —

In June, Bodrum experiences a transition to full summer weather, with an average air temperature of 30 degrees. The district becomes quite hot during this time, with occasional days of even higher temperatures. 

As June marks the beginning of the summer season, both local and foreign tourists start flocking to Bodrum, filling up the beaches and entertainment venues. For those who prefer milder temperatures, June is a more suitable month compared to July, when the weather becomes extremely hot. 

June, July, and August are the busiest months in Bodrum, offering ample opportunities to enjoy the sea and the town. To make the most of your Bodrum experience, we recommend reading our Bodrum Travel Guide. Additionally, you can savor summer evenings with local delicacies at Bodrum taverns or fish restaurants. 

If you haven’t already, check out our articles on What to Eat in Bodrum, Bodrum Fish Restaurants, and Bodrum Fish Restaurants You Will Become a Regular of. Furthermore, the summer concert season kicks off in Bodrum, with various concerts and music festivals, including the popular Bodrum Ancient Theater concerts.


— Average Temperature 34° —

The average temperature in Bodrum in July is around 34 degrees. Securing accommodation in the area might prove challenging in July, as the majority of vacationers opt for July and August to visit Bodrum for their holidays.

The month of July in Bodrum marks the beginning of scorching heat. It is during this time that temperatures soar, with July and August being the hottest months. It is worth mentioning that last summer, temperatures reached a staggering 42 degrees in July. Although the recorded temperatures may show 42 degrees, the actual felt temperatures tend to be slightly higher.

July is an ideal time for those seeking a beach vacation, with the temperatures being just right for sunbathing. However, it is important to exercise caution and avoid excessive sun exposure, especially for children and the elderly.

Experts frequently advise against staying under the sun between 11:00 and 16:00 during these months. Additionally, we strongly recommend wearing a hat and frequently wetting your head if you plan on visiting Bodrum during these hours.

One of the highlights of the summer season is taking a boat tour. When you visit Bodrum, it is highly recommended to embark on a boat tour. Why? You will be convinced once you read our article on the Most Beautiful Bays of Bodrum. Before setting sail, we suggest reading our Bodrum Boat Tour Guide article for a more enjoyable experience.


— Average Temperature 34° —

The weather in Bodrum during August is characterized by an average temperature of 34 degrees, which is the highest temperature of the year. It is even hotter than July. In areas without wind, the temperature feels even higher. It is important to note that individuals with health issues and the elderly, who are more susceptible to the heat, should take extra precautions when visiting Bodrum during this time. They should avoid going out at noon and seek shaded areas during the day.

For those who wish to swim, it is advisable to do so in the morning, afternoon, or evening rather than during the scorching noon sun. It is recommended for everyone, not just the elderly, to limit their sun exposure and wear a hat when in open areas to prevent sunstroke. It is worth mentioning that in July and August, the sun can cause sunburn within just five minutes!


— Average Temperature 28° —

In September, the temperature in Bodrum starts to cool down a bit, with an average air temperature of 28 degrees. Many people consider September to be the most beautiful time in Bodrum, and this is not just because of the cooler weather. The crowds begin to thin out, making it a perfect time for those seeking a quieter holiday in Bodrum and the surrounding area. The pleasant and warm weather in September adds to the charm of this period. 

Additionally, if you’re into surfing, September is an ideal time to visit Bodrum. You can enjoy surfing by attending surf schools located in different parts of the district, such as Akyarlar and Bitez. Although the evenings may be slightly cool, it’s advisable to pack a thin cardigan in your suitcase.


September in Bodrum offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea or explore other activities beyond the shoreline. With the intense heat subsiding, the sea water in Bodrum becomes comfortably warm, inviting visitors to take a dip. It is safe to say that September presents the ideal conditions for a memorable holiday in Bodrum.

Bodrum’s sea in September offers a perfect balance of temperature, not too hot nor too cold. While newcomers may perceive the water as chilly at first, within half a minute of entering the sea, they will experience a revitalizing water temperature. To sum up, September proves to be the ideal month for a vacation in Bodrum.

When to swim in Bodrum
Bodrumlular için ‘Sarı Yaz’ başlar ekim ayında. Bodrum’un en güzel ayı bizce ekim ayıdır.


— Average Temperature 26° —

October in Bodrum brings a taste of autumn with it. The average temperature during this month is around 26 degrees Celsius. Although there is a slight coolness in the evenings, summer is still lingering in Bodrum. However, if you plan to visit Bodrum in October, it is advisable to pack some jackets and cardigans. Despite the cooler evenings, autumn in Bodrum is quite pleasant. This time of the year is perfect for exploring the district’s attractions without having to endure the extreme heat.

You can visit Bodrum Castle, Halicarnassus Mausoleum, and other historical sites in the area. Additionally, you can still enjoy swimming and boat tours in Bodrum during October. For those who prefer milder temperatures over scorching summer heat, October is an ideal month for a holiday in Bodrum.


It is a common question we come across: Can you swim in Bodrum in October? The answer is yes, you can. Nevertheless, the sea water temperature decreases a bit during this month. The sea water remains somewhat warm in October. If you do not have a slim body type, swimming in the sea in October can be quite pleasant.

Residents of Bodrum keep swimming throughout October and even into mid-November. Some areas of the Bodrum peninsula experience more wind, resulting in warmer sea water in those areas with less wind.

Bodrum weather tempature
Bodrum’da yılın her ayı yapılacak bir şeyler vardır.


— Average Temperature 21° —

You might assume that winter has arrived, but winter never truly comes to Bodrum. Specifically, the typical winter season does not take place in Bodrum. While air temperatures may decrease slightly, the average temperature in Bodrum in November hovers around 21 degrees.

Rainfall in Bodrum usually begins after mid-November. The rain in Bodrum is intermittent; it showers for a brief period and then stops, only to resume a few hours later. Do not be alarmed by the phrase “rainy weather starts”; Throughout November, it rains only a few days. Even on rainy days, when the temperature drops a bit, you can comfortably go for a stroll in a thin long-sleeved t-shirt or shirt once the sun comes out.

Areas that lack sunlight may feel a bit chilly in Bodrum during November, so wearing something light yet warm is advisable. In sunny spots, the heat might even be intense. Surprisingly, the brave locals of Bodrum continue to swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach. If you are more sensitive to the sun, you can opt for a beach chair and a cup of coffee, relax with your friends on the beach, and savor the month of November.


— Average Temperature 17° —

During Bodrum’s rainiest season, which falls in December and January, the average temperature hovers around 17 degrees. Rain becomes more frequent in December, with intermittent showers throughout the week. However, when the sun comes out, it is possible to stroll around in light, long-sleeved clothing. If you are not outdoors or basking in the sun, you may feel a chill. For instance, while at work or home on sunny days, you might need to wear a light cardigan to stay warm. Once you step outside, the sun will quickly heat you up, prompting you to remove your cardigan.

In the evening, as the sun sets, temperatures typically decrease and the atmosphere starts to cool. Even if you are at home, it is necessary to wear a cardigan to keep yourself warm. Additionally, it is important to keep your feet warm by wearing thick winter socks.

As the winter season begins, there is a rush of construction in Bodrum, as it is prohibited during the summer season. As a result, pickup trucks dominate the roads of Bodrum. Consequently, the side roads in Bodrum can be quite rough in certain areas, and during rainy weather, puddles and mud can be seen. Therefore, it is essential to have rain boots and thick jackets when visiting Bodrum between November and December.

However, do not assume that there is nothing to do in Bodrum during these periods. There are numerous popular places in the district that remain open during winter. These venues are open throughout the year and have enclosed sections during the winter. Some of these venues offer a romantic fireplace, while others have stoves to keep you warm.


The primary concern for most vacationers is determining the optimal time to swim in Bodrum. Surprisingly, the sea water temperature in Bodrum is suitable for swimming for a duration of six months. While many individuals typically plan their holidays to coincide with swimming in Bodrum during June, July, and August, the sea water temperature remains ideal for refreshing dips in May, September, and October.

Local residents begin to relish the sea starting from May. It may be assumed that the Bodrum sea is chilly during May, September, and October. Although it may not be as scorching as it is in June, July, and August, the water temperature is still conducive for swimming. Those who wish to plan their vacations in advance or those who are delayed in their holiday plans should be aware that May, September, and October are excellent months to enjoy the sea in Bodrum.

We have strived to provide comprehensive information about the Bodrum weather for those considering traveling or settling in this beautiful district. We hope that we have met your expectations and provided the desired information.

Additionally, we suggest taking a look at our Bodrum Hotel Recommendations articles before visiting Bodrum. We have made an effort to recommend a suitable hotel for every need, and we hope you can find the perfect accommodation through our articles.

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Take a deep breath of the Bodrum air and experience the pleasure of being in this wonderful place.

We wish you delightful days in Bodrum…


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