Delightful cuisine plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable holiday memories. Regardless of your destination around the globe, one of the initial inquiries is always about the local food scene and recommended dining spots.

Our aim is to assist both local and international travelers visiting Bodrum in answering questions like: What are the must-try dishes in Bodrum? What is Bodrum renowned for in terms of culinary delights? Which dish stands out as the most popular in Bodrum?

Apart from highlighting the signature dish of Bodrum, we also aim to shed light on the popular flavors that define the gastronomic experience in Bodrum. This is because Bodrum stands out as a unique holiday spot not only for its sun-kissed beaches and picturesque bays, but also for its exceptional dining establishments.

In Bodrum, you have the opportunity to savor not only the traditional Aegean and Mediterranean flavors, but also a wide array of international dishes from regions like the Far East, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, and more. Bodrum boasts a selection of extraordinary restaurants that cater to global palates.

Let’s delve into the local flavors of Bodrum first, followed by the culinary delights that you simply cannot miss out on during your visit to Bodrum…


The tangerine and tangerine jams are undoubtedly the most renowned food in Bodrum. Additionally, Bodrum is known for its Herb Pastries, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Bodrum Vegetable Döner, and Bodrum Çökertme Kebab, which are also available in restaurants across various cities in Turkey.

Now let’s briefly tell you about the most famous dishes of Bodrum…

bodrum'da Ne Yenir
Çökertme Kebab is one of the flavors you must eat in Bodrum.


The Çökertme Kebab from Bodrum is a popular dish enjoyed by people of all ages throughout the country. It originated in Bodrum kitchens and has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. This delicious dish consists of crispy matchstick-like potatoes, topped with garlic yogurt and tenderloin meat that resembles julienned Turkish delight. 

Although there is a small amount of garlic in it, it is not overpowering. On average, one portion of this kebab contains around 600 calories, but you can easily burn off those calories by taking a leisurely walk in Bodrum. If you’re wondering about places to visit in Bodrum, we have you covered with our comprehensive Bodrum Travel Guide article. Remember, we’re on vacation, so leave your diet concerns behind and indulge in the flavors of Bodrum. 

Many restaurants in Bodrum offer Çökertme Kebab on their menus, and you can find detailed information on where to eat it in our article. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy reading it.

bodrum'da Ne Yenir
It would be a big mistake to come to Bodrum and leave without eating Vegetable Döner.


When it comes to deciding what to eat in Bodrum, the Bodrum Vegetable Döner stands out as an exceptional and mouthwatering choice. This delectable variation of the renowned döner kebab, which has gained worldwide popularity since its inception in Turkey, sets itself apart by incorporating a medley of vegetables within the succulent meat. The result is an exquisite taste that truly delights the senses.

The credit for introducing the Bodrum Vegetable Döner goes to Şirin Döner, located on Barlar Street. It would be a regrettable omission to leave Bodrum without experiencing the flavors of this remarkable dish.

To explore the finest doner restaurants in Bodrum, we invite you to peruse our article, which presents a curated list of establishments that serve the most tantalizing doner kebabs. Enjoy the read!


There are at least three renowned meatball restaurants in Bodrum. These establishments, known for their exceptional meatballs, are highly popular among locals and tourists alike, and remain open throughout the year.

 Located in the heart of Bodrum, Liman Köftecisi on Neyzen Tevfik Street, Kavaklı Köftecisi, and Sarajevo Köftecisi on Yalıkavak Çarşı Street, are all highly regarded by individuals from diverse backgrounds. We highly recommend indulging in these delectable and affordable delicacies. Each restaurant offers its own unique flavor, so please don’t forget to share your preference with us.


What to eat in Bodrum? We have come to the most important stage of our article – Herbs. In Bodrum, one can indulge in a variety of culinary delights. The local cuisine heavily relies on herbs, which play a crucial role in enhancing the flavors of dishes. Appetizers, in particular, are infused with herbs and pair perfectly with raki. Pastries are another highlight, with herbed pastries being a specialty in Bodrum. 

Radish Herb, Sea Cowpea, Cibes, Mustard Herb, Tilkişen, and Hibiscus are some of the most flavorful herbs used in Bodrum’s cuisine. Radish Salad, a popular dish, can be found in many taverns across the region. Typically, it is boiled and transformed into a salad with the addition of olive oil, lemon, and garlic.

bodrum'da Ne Yenir
Radish Salad is one of Bodrum’s popular herb appetizers.
Deniz Börülcesi
Black-eyed peas are one of the indispensable appetizers of every fish restaurant.

Sea Cowpea is a popular dish in Bodrum, and you can find it on the menu of all taverns and fish restaurants. Some establishments prepare it so well that it becomes irresistible. Similar to Radish, it is cooked by boiling and served with olive oil and lemon. If you visit a fish restaurant, make sure to order it at your table. Additionally, if you need guidance in choosing a fish restaurant, our article on Bodrum Fish Restaurants You Will Frequent will be helpful.

While Cibes Herb is commonly enjoyed as a salad with olive oil, it is also appreciated in yogurt and in a dish made with roasted eggs. However, the salad you will most likely come across in taverns is the seasonal salad.

When you visit Bodrum, make sure to try the appetizers made with local herbs.

Kabak Çiçeği Dolması
You can eat Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, which is both delicious and healthy, in almost all fish restaurants in Bodrum.


In fact, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers is not a dish unique to Bodrum. You have the chance to eat this delicious meal in all Aegean cities. In Bodrum, all fish restaurants and breakfast places have this delicious dish in their menus. You can also taste Stuffed Zucchini Flowers in home cooking restaurants.

Stuffed zucchini flowers are made by flavoring rice, tomatoes, onions, dill and spices. Although there are different recipes, this is the way it is made unique to Bodrum. Zucchini Flower is also fried, but you do not have the chance to find it on the menu of every restaurant.


Bodrum Tangerine holds the title of being the most renowned delicacy in Bodrum. Mandalin, on the other hand, holds a significant position in Bodrum. As you stroll through the streets of Bodrum, it is not uncommon to come across numerous tangerine trees, so don’t be taken aback! 

When it comes to flavors, Bodrum Mandarini’s soda, Turkish delight, and jam are a must-try. The jam, with its sweet and intensely aromatic taste, is readily available in almost all breakfast spots in Bodrum. Additionally, you can find Bodrum Gazozu in local markets.

If you wish to savor the taste of Bodrum Delight or purchase it as a small gift for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to do so after your vacation. While you can also find Bodrum Turkish Delight in markets, we suggest opting for the more unique and delectable Lapan Turkish Delight as a gift from the local markets. In Bodrum center, you can stumble upon a few exclusive Turkish delight shops.

Bodrum'da Ne Yenir
What to eat in Bodrum? Of course, fish and seafood come to mind.


If you have a fondness for fish and seafood, Bodrum is a true haven for you. Thanks to its strategic location, Bodrum offers the opportunity to savor fresh fish and seafood all year round. So, what should you indulge in when it comes to culinary delights in Bodrum? The answer is quite simple – fish and seafood.

During the summer season, the most popular fish consumed in Bodrum include Mullet, Gupes, Deli Sarpa, Black Eye, Sea Bass, and Sea Bream. These varieties are highly sought after by locals and tourists alike. However, even during the winter months, you can relish the freshness of Sinarit, Dülger, and Flounder.

Red Mullet

Let’s start with Mullet. Red mullet, which is abundantly caught along the Aegean coast, is considered one of the most delectable fish in Bodrum. It’s worth mentioning that pan-fried red mullet, although a bit pricey, is the most favored preparation method.

Gray Mullet

Gray mullet, on the other hand, is often perceived as a tasteless fish by many. However, those who have had the pleasure of tasting open sea Mullet in Bodrum would beg to differ. The flavors of open sea Mullet and coastal Mullet are distinctively different. Therefore, if you come across offshore Mullet, make sure not to miss the opportunity to try it.


Gupes, also known as Kupez or Kupes, are another popular fish in Bodrum. This delicious and reasonably priced fish is best enjoyed when cooked in a pan. When it comes to what to eat in Bodrum, we highly recommend trying fried Gupes. However, it’s important to note that not all fish restaurants in Bodrum include Gupes on their menus. Only a few taverns offer this delightful fish.


Karagöz, although more commonly found in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, is also a local fish caught in Bodrum. Grilling or pan-frying Karagöz brings out its exceptional flavors, making it a unique culinary experience for most people.

Sea Bass and Bream

Sea Bass and Bream are two types of fish commonly found in various locations. Nevertheless, the flavor of Sea Bass and Sea Bream caught in Bodrum differs significantly. While Sea Bass and Sea Bream served in many establishments are typically farm-raised, in Bodrum, you can savor wild-caught Sea Bass and Sea Bream. When dining out and considering these fish, it is advisable to inquire whether they are sea-caught or farm-raised before making your selection. Remember to ask!

Ahtapot Salatası
When you go to a fish restaurant, the appetizers will turn your table into a feast.
Balık restoranı mezeleri
Each fish restaurant has its own unique appetizers…


It is important to mention the appetizers of Bodrum fish restaurants. When you visit a fish restaurant in Bodrum, the appetizers will leave a lasting impression on you. There are incredibly delicious appetizers that may even distract you from ordering fish.

Each restaurant offers its own unique and delightful appetizers. However, there are some appetizers that remain consistent and can be found in every fish restaurant. We highly recommend trying the hot appetizers such as Shrimp in Butter or Casserole, Roasted Seafood, Shrimp Ravioli, Grilled Octopus, and Fried Calamari.

Among the cold appetizers, Octopus Salad, Cibes, Roasted Artichokes, Marinated Sea Bass, Şevketi Bostan, Girit Ezme, and Black Black Beans will captivate you with their flavors.

There are numerous other appetizers available, but we have listed the ones that come to mind and the ones we believe you should definitely try. Don’t forget to seek recommendations from the staff at the fish restaurants you visit, as each restaurant offers its own unique appetizers.

While our article “Bodrum Fish Restaurants You Will Become a Regular of” provides recommendations for fish restaurants, we also offer tips on the appetizers served at these establishments. We encourage you to give it a read.


Bodrum is renowned for its street delicacy, Midye, which has gained immense popularity among locals and tourists alike. Apart from the traditional Mussels, there is a wide variety of dishes prepared with different recipes in Bodrum.

Two of the most sought-after restaurants in the area are Midyeci Şehmus Usta’s Place, situated in Gündoğan District, and Sarı Kardeşler Midyecilik Bodrum, located in Yalıkavak and Türkbükü Districts.

The culinary offerings featuring mussels are diverse and include Classic Mussels, Fried Mussels, Pasta with Mussels, Paella with Mussels, and Mussel Skewers. These restaurants have elevated the preparation of these dishes to an art form. We highly recommend indulging in these unique flavors.

Kahvaltı masası
What to eat in Bodrum? There may be many answers to the question, but when you come to Bodrum, do not leave without having Bodrum breakfast!


There are a variety of flavors waiting for you to explore at breakfast venues in Bodrum. The majority of these places follow the concept of a ‘mixed breakfast’. Upon being seated at your table, you will witness the delightful presentation of your breakfast spread.

Most breakfast spots in Bodrum serve mixed breakfasts, featuring a selection of local cheeses, olives, jams, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Herb Pastry, and Pişi. While there are numerous other options available, make sure to sample the ones we have highlighted.

Make sure to visit Bodrum breakfast venues before concluding your holiday!


Pişi, a delectable treat made by deep-frying a combination of flour, salt, water, and baking powder, may appear uncomplicated, but achieving its delightful flavor demands expertise. Pişi holds an irreplaceable position among the delectable offerings at breakfast spots in Bodrum.

Every breakfast place in Bodrum strives to outdo one another in creating the most mouthwatering pişi. Allow us to share a helpful suggestion: when you dip it in jam and take a bite, the taste will elevate twofold.

Pişi is the most valuable flavor of Bodrum breakfast places.
Ev yapımı reçel
A breakfast place without homemade jam is like a king without a crown!


When you visit any breakfast establishment, you will be delighted to find that your table is adorned with a selection of three or four delectable jams. These jams are typically crafted in-house using natural ingredients, resulting in a truly delightful taste. The assortment of jams available may differ from one place to another, offering a wide range of options such as Bodrum Tangerine Jam, Hot Pepper Jam, Citrus Jam, Grated Carrot Jam, and even Watermelon Jam. We highly suggest indulging in these homemade, all-natural jams for a truly delightful breakfast experience.


Bodrum Herb Pastries are renowned for being one of the most popular flavors in Bodrum. They are a must-try when deciding what to eat in Bodrum. All breakfast spots in Bodrum serve Herb Pastries on a regular basis, each with its own unique flavor. To discover the best breakfast spot for yourself, refer to our guide on the top breakfast places in Bodrum.

In addition to breakfast spots, Herb Pastries can also be purchased from various bakeries. Furthermore, you can easily find a variety of stalls selling pastries and pancakes at the local markets in Bodrum. However, the taste of the pastries from these stalls may not meet your expectations…

Bodrum'un en meşhur yemeği
Bodrum Herb Pastries are an insatiable delicacy.
Gozleme is also a popular dish in Bodrum.


While Gozleme is not a unique flavor solely associated with Bodrum, it is prominently featured in breakfast venues and bustling markets across the city. 

Traditionally, this dish is prepared with cheese or potatoes, but in Bodrum, it is elevated with the addition of an array of aromatic herbs. This delectable treat can be savored as a quick and satisfying snack. We strongly urge our Turkish guests to sample the herb-infused variation, which is exclusive to Bodrum. We have no doubt that visitors from abroad will relish this culinary delight and may even be tempted to recreate it in their home countries.


Kalamata and crushed olives  are essential for breakfast in Bodrum. The renowned Aegean olives can be found in all breakfast spots in Bodrum. Even when the table is filled with various flavors, olives should not be overlooked; those small black and green fruits are the most delightful on your plate!

You will come across numerous olive and cheese vendors at the public markets in Bodrum. At these stands, you have the opportunity to sample and purchase a wide selection of olives.

What to Eat in Bodrum
In Bodrum, you have the chance to taste many flavors from international cuisine, including the best examples.


Actually, we avoid using the term ‘Best’ as we believe that everyone’s definition of best varies. While luxury might be preferred by some, comfort by others, and taste by another group. Therefore, let’s delve into the renowned restaurants in Bodrum.

There are numerous upscale dining establishments in Yalıkavak Marina. Some of the popular ones include Nusr-Et, Novikov, Sakhalin, Bagatelle Bodrum, and Sait Fish Restaurant. These are just a handful of the many restaurants in Yalıkavak Marina. For more insights on Yalıkavak, feel free to explore our Yalıkavak Travel Guide.

Bodrum center boasts a wide array of restaurants offering diverse concepts. To discover these dining spots and find ones near you, we suggest checking out our Bodrum Guide section.

In our Bodrum Guide, you can access comprehensive details about restaurants, reservation contacts, menu offerings, and their exact locations on the map. Additionally, you can filter and list places based on categories and proximity.

Bodrum kebap restoranları
There are many delicious kebab restaurants in Bodrum.


We established a dedicated section for Bodrum kebab restaurants due to the high number of successful kebab establishments in the area. An article specifically focusing on this topic, titled “Bodrum Kebab Restaurants,” is available for reference.

In case you wish to take a break from consuming fish and seafood during your vacation, we suggest visiting the kebab restaurants in Bodrum, which have proven to be quite popular. Indulge in a variety of dishes such as Kebab, Pita, Lahmacun, and numerous mouthwatering appetizers that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Among the notable kebab restaurants are Daş Mutfak in Konacık District, known for its delightful Antep cuisine. Other recommended options include Kurul Bitez in Bitez District, Kebap Guru in Bodrum center, and Fiko Ocakbaşı in Yalıkavak. Additionally, Fardayso Restaurant, situated five kilometers away from Yalıkavak center, stands out for its offerings of kebab, Mardin cuisine, and Lebanese cuisine.

We advise both local residents and international visitors vacationing in Bodrum to experience the culinary delights offered at these kebab restaurants.

What to Eat in Bodrum
Double the flavor by pouring some cinnamon on the lokma dessert.
Bitez Dondurması
One of the most famous foods of Bodrum is Bitez Ice Cream.


These marble-sized round desserts are a very popular dessert in Bodrum. Of course, it is not a dessert specific to Bodrum, but it is sold in small carts in almost all neighborhoods of Bodrum.

Lokma Dessert, served on a small plastic plate, is eaten by inserting a toothpick. There are special places selling this light dessert, especially in Gümüşlük and Bodrum centre.


Bitez Ice Cream stands as an initial choice when considering what to indulge in while in Bodrum. The exceptional appeal of Bitez Ice Cream, which has gained prominence as a significant culinary delight in Bodrum in recent times, lies in its exquisite creation from solely organic fruits.

Bitez Ice Cream, founded in Bitez in 1995, quickly gained popularity through word of mouth. It has become a must-try delicacy for anyone visiting Bodrum today.

There is undoubtedly a Bitez Ice Cream Shop branch located on Neyzen Tevfik Street in the heart of Bodrum, as well as in various neighborhoods throughout the city. Indulge your taste buds with the exquisite flavors of their delightful ice cream.


There are numerous dining options in Bodrum, but when it comes to beverages, Pablo Beer is a must-try. This legendary beer, originating from Bodrum, is produced in Konacık and is known for its commitment to the kraft perspective in every aspect of its production. Pablo Beer is a local delicacy that is highly recommended to try, and you might even want to purchase a few bottles to take home with you. 

While it may not be available in every market, you can easily find it in most bars and cafes. For a complete experience, visit Pab Gastro Pub&Beach in Ortakentyahşi to sample all the different varieties. Don’t forget to check out our article on Bodrum’s Best Bars for more recommendations.

We have endeavored to provide you with a comprehensive answer to your inquiry about dining options in Bodrum. Feel free to share with us any delightful flavors or restaurants that you have come across, or that we may have missed. In case we have sufficiently addressed your query regarding dining in Bodrum, we suggest you peruse our article on Boat Tours in Bodrum. It would be a shame to conclude your vacation without embarking on a boat tour in Bodrum. 

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We hope you have a delightful holiday experience…

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