XUMA Village

XUMA Village

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Quality life style brand XUMA Village has revived and refreshed architecturally too, other than it’s four other philosophical aspects…. It is ready for it’s 21. season as more apparent, calmer, clearer and even more comfortable along with it’s all other physical annexes.
It was always close to the sea, now it is skirted along the sea with gypset. It gained a platform that catches the timeless wanderer Gypsy essence. A place fiction that contain main lands merged with each other and is more alive, more spiritual but always has peace available to find is formed.
Preserving the natural Flora. Loving the green. And being with the nature.In its 24-acres garden it keeps simplicity on forefront by using natural materials and showing the sensitivity of being respectful to the the nature all the time. Principally, it creates innovations from the ancients. Instead of displaying it cares more about intimacy and good spiritual state. It invites its guests to the concept of service in civilized way.
Gastronomy. Food philosophy. Assimilation of conscious life.Everything starts with loving yourself. Create healthy flavors with the best local ingredients from the geography you’re in. Reflecting this philosophy to your kitchen offers new gastronomic flavors prepared with fresh ingredients.
Wellness center. Loving yourself, caring about yourself. Caring about good living and being healthy starts with taking good care of yourself.
Music. Dancing. Partying. Fun. Pursuing and joining festivals. Dancing with modern, electronic dance music and intriguing, dynamic rhythms. All of this tells us about a life style. This village is a meeting point for people who possess this kind of life style. This village that brings together the music, nature and lots of important festivals is opening its doors on june


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