Embarking on a boat tour in the stunning bays of Bodrum has the power to whisk away all your worries. The sheer beauty of these bays, with their pristine waters and lush green surroundings, captivates your attention completely. And once you’ve experienced this bliss, the challenges of everyday life, heartaches of love, and even the disappointments of your beloved team become distant memories.

When you escape the confines of your office and venture to Bodrum for a vacation, it is highly recommended to participate in the daily Bodrum boat tour. This excursion is particularly enjoyable if you are feeling bored and in need of some laughter and fun, or if you wish to temporarily forget about any unpleasant arguments with your partner. Make sure to include a daily boat tour in Bodrum in your itinerary.

You are likely familiar with the idea of a blue cruise, which originates in Bodrum. The journey, known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus (Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı), was embarked upon by Azra Erhat and Sabahattin Eyüboğlu from Izmir, as they sailed by boat and explored the bays leading to Bodrum.

Subsequently, excursions on boats in the Aegean and Mediterranean bays came to be known as ‘blue voyages’. Eventually, these extended boat journeys started to occur regularly.

It is essential for anyone visiting Bodrum on vacation to experience the Daily Bodrum boat tour. Ensure that you don’t miss out on this unforgettable excursion when you visit Bodrum.

A Bodrum holiday is incomplete without experiencing a boat tour in Bodrum!


The daily Bodrum boat tour stands out as the most affordable activity available in Bodrum. Opting for a beach club or attending a concert would require a higher payment. However, the daily boat tours offer a much more economical option, allowing you to explore Bodrum’s exceptionally stunning bays throughout the entire day.

We believe that the cost per individual for daily boat excursions in Bodrum is highly cost-effective. The rates cover both meals and afternoon refreshments. While we understand that the food selection may not be extravagant, it is a necessary compromise for tour operators to offer affordable packages. While affordability may be your primary concern, we have other significant factors to consider…

The exceptional beauty of Bodrum’s bays. The breathtaking beauty of the sea and the vibrant greenery in the bays you’ll explore during your daily Bodrum boat tours is truly a sight to behold. These bays offer an enchanting experience, where you’ll feel as if you’re swimming in an aquarium, surrounded by water that ranges from deep blue to turquoise. Embarking on a daily Bodrum boat tour will grant you the opportunity to discover the most exquisite bays of Bodrum and indulge in a refreshing swim in its pristine waters.

You have probably never seen before the beauty of the sea and the lush green nature in the bays you will visit during daily Bodrum boat tours. In these bays, where you will feel like you are swimming in an aquarium, the water is sometimes deep blue and sometimes turquoise. By joining daily Bodrum boat tours, you will have the chance to visit the most beautiful bays of Bodrum and swim in its most beautiful waters.

If you wish to explore the stunning bays of Bodrum by car, you will find that most of them are inaccessible by road due to being located on islands. Consequently, the cost of visiting these bays by car will be significantly higher compared to opting for daily tours. 

In addition to exploring the beautiful bays, the enjoyment of a boat trip is yet another compelling factor to consider when joining the daily Bodrum boat tour. 

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that most boats operating daily Bodrum boat tours offer guests the convenience of complimentary equipment, including flippers, life jackets, and goggles, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

You will be given the opportunity to witness the unique undersea ecosystem that is not visible elsewhere. It is possible to observe it without any aids, although it is advisable to bring along your own mask or snorkel. Various types of fish will swim alongside you as you explore. By using a small piece of bread, you can attract a multitude of fish to surround you. However, it is important to note that fishing is strictly prohibited during boat excursions.

Bodrum Tur Tekneleri
Many tour boats are waiting for you in Bodrum center, Gümbet and Turgutreis ports.


When you visit the hotel reception, they will likely provide you with directions. They will guide you to the affiliated companies. If you are staying at a high-end hotel, you may only need to wake up early in the morning. Bodrum offers daily boat tours departing from Bodrum center, Gümbet, Turgutreis, Bitez, Yalıkavak, and Akyarlar districts for tourists to explore the beautiful coastline.

We recommend selecting the Bodrum center, Gümbet, and Turgutreis ports as your preferred destinations. In these locations, you will find stands that offer organized boat tours in Bodrum center, Gümbet, and Turgutreis ports.

There are typically 4-5 stands located on the beach in every town, each operating as its own cooperative. These cooperatives usually consist of between five and 15 boats. The main distinctions between them lie in the quantity of boats, the size of the boats, and the level of hospitality provided by the crew.The majority of boats are operated by experienced professionals who have been in the industry for many years, ensuring they provide you with the best possible service. It is worth noting that the cost and the destinations visited are nearly identical.

To purchase a daily Bodrum boat tour, simply visit these stands where you can buy the tour. Ensure to inquire about all the necessary details such as the departure and return times, the dinner menu, and the bays that will be visited.

Ensure to ask if you are allowed to bring your own drinks and snacks. In addition, some Bodrum boat tour companies offer hotel pick-up services in the morning and transport you to the boat. Specifically, the partner refers you to companies that focus on VIP tourism.

Prior to embarking on the Daily Bodrum Boat Tour, there are essential details that you should be aware of!

Bodrum tekne turu
You must strictly follow the captain’s rules on Bodrum tour boats.

These guidelines play a vital role in ensuring your safety and overall enjoyment.

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the essential regulations before embarking on a Bodrum daily boat excursion.

  • To board the boat, it is necessary to remove your shoes, so wearing slippers will ensure a more comfortable boat tour experience. Your slippers must be taken off before getting on the boat. If you choose, the authorities can store your slippers for you, or you can place them in a bag and bring them along.
  • Ensure you pack your spare swimsuit and towel for your trip to the picturesque bays. Refrain from dismissing the need for swimwear by saying “I won’t be swimming anyway.” You might regret not having them when you come across these breathtaking bays for the first time.
  • Prior to embarking on a boat tour, it is advisable to inquire about the provision of essential equipment for non-swimmers. Most boat authorities offer equipment like life jackets, goggles, and fins to ensure safety. However, it is important to note that tour boats do not provide snorkels and sea goggles due to hygiene concerns. To enhance your swimming experience in serene bays, it is recommended to bring your own snorkel and sea goggles.
  • It is imperative to refrain from leaping off the boat or entering the sea until the boat’s captain explicitly permits by saying “you can go into the sea”. Adhering to this rule is crucial in order to avoid any potential accidents.
  • Upon the captain’s instruction to board the boat, promptly embark without any delay in order to avoid potential accidents.
  • Make sure to arrive at the port where the boat will set sail fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the boat tour. It is essential for the boat to leave on time so as not to inconvenience other guests who are waiting.

Bodrum Limanı
Bodrum boat tours usually depart around 10:00.


Tour boats in Bodrum depart daily from Bodrum center, Gümbet, and Turgutreis neighborhoods. While Bodrum center and Gümbet boats visit similar bays, the bays visited by Turgutreis boat tours are different. If you are unsure about which bays to visit, we suggest reading our article on the Most Beautiful Bays of Bodrum.


The boat tours in Bodrum usually commence at 10:00 AM and conclude between 17:00 and 18:00. If you plan on joining a boat tour, it is essential to be prepared to wake up early in the morning. However, if you opt for a private boat tour, the timings can be flexible. Whether you wish to embark on a private boat tour alone or with a group, you have the freedom to decide the departure and return time according to your preference.

Bodrum Koyları
Yes, there is no lunch menu fit for kings on the Bodrum boat tour, but whatever you eat in these heavenly bays will be delicious.


Bodrum daily boat excursions do not include breakfast. As the tours commence in the morning, you have the option to bring along breakfast pastries, bagels, coffee, and other breakfast items to make your boat trip more enjoyable.

The Bodrum boat tour typically lasts for around 6 to 7 hours on a daily basis, making it inevitable to feel hungry during this duration. As part of the tour package, lunch is provided and the menu remains consistent across all boats.

The lunch options available on the daily Bodrum tour boats include Chicken Schnitzel, Pasta with Sauce, and Salad. Furthermore, all daily tour boats also provide afternoon snacks.

Let’s emphasize this point: Beverages can be purchased for an additional charge. Rest assured that the drink prices on daily Bodrum tour boats are not exorbitant. In fact, they are quite reasonable. The prices on tour boats are comparable to those in restaurants on land. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages on board.

The majority of Bodrum daily tour boats have a policy against bringing outside drinks on board, however, you are usually allowed to bring your own food. Certain Bodrum daily tour boats may provide assistance to guests in preparing dishes like fish or meatballs. It is advisable to inquire about this service prior to embarking on the boat tour.

In the case of opting for a private daily boat tour, the regulations undergo a complete transformation. It is permissible to bring along your own provisions, including food and beverages, or alternatively, you have the option to select your desired lunch menu and evening snacks. The authorities will accommodate your preferences and make necessary adjustments to the meals. Additionally, you have the freedom to procure your own food and drinks and hand them over to the authorities prior to embarking on the tour. It is important to note that these guidelines solely pertain to private daily boat tours.

Bodrum Tekne Turu
Bodrum boat tour skippers play music according to the guest audience.


The music played during Bodrum daily boat tours changes based on the composition of the guest group. Once all guests have boarded the boat, the volume of the music increases. Organizers ensure that the music selection aligns with the preferences of the guests on board.

The boat’s music selection usually includes Turkish pop, foreign pop, and nostalgic tunes. To enhance the overall enjoyment, officials sometimes play lively music that encourages dancing. Although they make an effort to accommodate music genre preferences upon request, it can be challenging to cater to everyone’s individual tastes during group tours. Therefore, they opt for playing music that has a broad appeal to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

Playing oriental music is a common request, especially from guests coming from abroad. The authorities typically make an effort to fulfill this request, and as a result, the boat transforms into a floating casino.


The cost of Bodrum daily boat tours remains consistent across almost all towns. Whether you choose to embark from Bodrum center, Gumbet, or Turgutreis, the tours are operated by a cooperative, ensuring uniform pricing. Moreover, these prices cover not only the tour but also include meals and afternoon snacks.

Daily Bodrum boat tours were priced at 950 TL in 2024. Please note that this price was taken in June 2024, and may be updated later. This article will be regularly updated to reflect any changes in pricing. Keep in mind that private boat tour rates are not standardized and can be influenced by factors such as boat size, meal preferences, and selected destinations.

You can easily find a perfect daily tour boat for a group of either five or 50 people. The best part is that you get to choose the size of the boat that suits your needs. When it comes to private daily boat tour prices, rest assured that the cost per person will be quite reasonable. In fact, the daily boat tour is considered the most affordable activity in Bodrum.

Bodrum tekne Turu
Before taking the Bodrum boat tour, be sure to find out which bays you will visit.


Bodrum is a peninsula with numerous stunning bays surrounding it. While daily boat tours departing from Bodrum center and Gumbet cover similar bays, Turgutreis boat tours take you to entirely different ones.

Akvaryum Bay, Orak Island, and Karada are just a few of the stunning bays near Bodrum center and Gümbet that boat tours visit daily. These bays are considered some of the most beautiful in Bodrum. If you want to learn about more picturesque bays, we recommend reading our article “The Most Beautiful Bays of Bodrum.”

Akvaryum Koyu
Akvaryum Bay is a bay that is definitely visited during Bodrum boat tours.


The sea of Akvaryum Bay is crystal clear, as the name suggests. This bay in Bodrum is renowned for its stunning beauty, with the surrounding trees enhancing its charm as a prime swimming destination.

The water’s remarkable clarity is the reason behind the name “aquarium” for this body of water. Bodrum’s bay, resembling a closed lake, stands out as one of the most sought-after bays in the region. When food is thrown into the sea, a multitude of fish can be seen surrounding you, creating an aquarium-like experience.

Upon arriving at this picturesque bay, it is essential to submerge yourself in the pristine, transparent waters as your first activity. As you prepare to depart, take a moment to appreciate the beach and diligently gather any litter, regardless of its origin. It is crucial to bear in mind that the authorities cannot access this location for cleaning purposes. If you hold a deep affection for this place and its unspoiled environment, it is imperative to exert effort in preserving its current state.


Positioned at a visible distance from Bodrum center, Karaada attracts a significant number of tour boats, making it a popular destination. Distinguished by its excellent amenities and the captivating bays that encompass it, this island stands out among its counterparts. Additionally, Karaada has gained immense popularity as a prime spot for diving tourism.

A visit to the hot spring cave, which can be entered by  swimming, is highly recommended while on the island. The water within this cave, also known as Cleopatra’s Cave, is 5-6 degrees warmer than the ocean water. This elevated temperature is a result of the spring water that flows from below the surface. Thanks to its warm nature, swimming in this cave is truly enjoyable.

Prepare for an enthralling encounter at the hot water cave, where swimming is a delightful possibility. Furthermore, this cave offers the chance to experience rejuvenating mud baths. According to popular belief, these mud baths have remarkable skin-enhancing properties.

Orak Adası
Orak Island, called the Maldives of Bodrum, will make you fall in love with it.


Orak Island stands out as a must-visit destination among the beautiful bays of Bodrum. Make sure not to end your vacation without visiting this island. 

The island, visited by all tour boats leaving from Bodrum center and Gumbet, is situated directly across Kargicak Bay.

It is highly likely that you will be captivated by the charm of Orak Island and wish to spend an entire day exploring its beauty. However, please be aware that tour boats typically allow for only a one-hour swimming break at this paradise-like destination. Should you desire to extend your stay on Orak Island, we recommend considering a personalized boat tour, tailored to your preferences and allowing for a more leisurely experience.

Orak Island offers a serene setting with its mesmerizing shades of blue and green, where the calm sea remains undisturbed by any wind. Don’t forget to bring along your snorkel and sea mask to fully enjoy the clear turquoise waters.

Orak Island is highly favored by families with children due to its shallow sea. It is undeniably one of the most stunning bays in Bodrum for swimming. Moreover, the presence of pure white sand on the sea floor creates an enchanting ambiance reminiscent of the Maldives. 

The extended break times on Orak Island are a result of its widespread appeal to both locals and foreigners. Please be advised that boat tours departing from Turgutreis do not make a stop at Orak Island.


This extraordinary island, accessible solely through boat excursions setting off from Turgutreis, is situated directly across from Turgutreis D-Marin Marina. Çatal Island is visible from Turgutreis center without the aid of any optical devices. From afar, Çatal Island showcases two prominent hills. These two distinct hills are connected by a level stretch of land. The majority of Turgutreis tour boats tend to dock in this level area.

One can venture out to this expansive flat area and find solace under the shade of the trees. Moreover, there is an opportunity to explore the opposite side of the island by foot. Çatal Island is renowned for being one of the most delightful bays frequented by Turgutreis tour boats. Swimming on the Turgutreis-facing side of the island is particularly pleasurable, as the opposite side tends to be windy for the majority of the time.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a delightful picnic on private boats at this location. Additionally, for those who opt for a private boat, there is the possibility of hosting evening parties, adding a touch of excitement. This area is highly recommended for surprise celebrations like marriage proposals, as romantic couples often choose to organize such events on Çatal Island. While these words may become repetitive, it is crucial to remember not to litter even the tiniest piece of garbage in this place or any of the bays you explore!

özel bodrum tekne turu
We definitely recommend those looking for some privacy to take a private Bodrum boat tour.


Group tours offer a wonderful opportunity to forge new friendships. Additionally, these tours provide a heightened level of entertainment. Above all, they allow you to explore the exquisite bays of Bodrum at a more affordable cost.

Private boat tours are perfect for individuals seeking tranquility and seclusion. During a private boat tour, you hold the reins; You have the authority to determine the boat’s departure time, the selection of food, the choice of music, the bays to explore, and the duration of your stay in each bay.

Given the opportunity, we suggest considering a private boat tour. It is important to note that a private boat tour is available for two people as well. To arrange for a private daily boat tour, all you need to do is visit the stands situated in Bodrum center, Gümbet, or Turgutreis coast and indicate your preference. The authorities will then provide you with comprehensive details and guidance.

Bodrum Korsan Tekne Turu
Bodrum pirate boat tour is especially preferred by young people.


Ahoy there! Let’s set sail on an adventure and explore the world of pirate boat tours. These tours have gained immense popularity in Bodrum, and it’s no wonder why! With their exciting and slightly different concept, pirate boat tours are a hit among young people. If you’re in the mood for some fun and want to dance the day away at a foam party, don’t miss out on the chance to join a pirate boat tour.

For those seeking a tranquil boat tour, we advise against the Pirate boat tour. The lively music, foam parties, and dancing may not be suitable for those looking for a more relaxing experience on the water.

Pirate boats typically serve pasta-chicken-salad for lunch, and drinks are available for purchase separately. Reservations may be necessary due to the popularity of these boat tours. As you walk from Bodrum center to the far end of Kumbahçe beach, you will be met with the sight of majestic pirate boats anchored in the harbor. Visit this area to make arrangements for a pirate boat excursion.


The trend of moonlight boat tours has been on the rise in recent times. Mehtap Boat Tour is the perfect choice for individuals looking for a romantic experience while enjoying the evening sea and views. Instead of the usual night out at a bar, why not consider joining a moonlight tour, where you can sip your drink to the tune of beautiful music in a floating bar?

Participating in a moonlight boat tour with a group of mutual friends will undoubtedly be a delightful and memorable experience while vacationing in Bodrum. It is highly likely that you will find yourself wanting to embark on this moonlight tour repeatedly throughout your stay in Bodrum.

Make the most of your Bodrum holiday by indulging in the highly popular daily Bodrum boat tour, which is particularly sought-after during the summer season. To ensure your participation, it is recommended to make your reservation a few days in advance, as availability may be limited.

If you have any further inquiries regarding the Bodrum boat tour, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below this article. Additionally, you are welcome to join our Facebook group, Bodrum Travel Tips, where you can ask any questions you may have to our members.

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