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12 Bodrum Boutique Hotel Recommendations 1

12 Bodrum Boutique Hotel Recommendations

Small Bodrum boutique hotels are ideal for those wishing to stay in a homely environment as opposed to large hotels. Usually run by the owners, boutique hotels have 20-30 rooms and offer a peaceful atmosphere. Bodrum boutique hotels welcome guests in a quiet and cosy atmosphere throughout the peninsula. 

Boutique hotels make their clients feel like guests rather than customers, which plays an important role as to why they are chosen. For those wishing to spend a more enjoyable holiday in Bodrum by staying in a comfortable but quiet and cosy atmosphere, we have listed a selection of Bodrum boutique hotels. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Savra Bodrum’s rooms dazzle

Savra Bodrum – Bitez

Located in Bitez, Savra Bodrum is 10 minutes from the beach and is open throughout the year. The hotel has 15 rooms in three categories as standard, deluxe and suite. The owner, who is also an architect, has designed the hotel and the rooms himself. Savra Bodrum’s concept is bed & breakfast and the standard fixed-menu breakfast starts at 09:00. Savra Bodrum is also preferred for events such as engagement parties and weddings.

The hotel also has an a ’la carte restaurant and their chef is very ambitious. It is also possible to listen live music at the restaurant on certain days of the week.  Savra Bodrum is a boutique hotel which can be chosen both for its delicious food and for events. 

To make a reservation at Savra Bodrum at most competitive prices you can click on this link

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Ha La Bodrum’s hospitality is enjoyed by tourists

Ha La Bodrum – Center

Located very close to Bodrum Marina, Ha La Bodrum is perhaps the most special Bodrum boutique hotel as it is a 500 year old Ottoman tower sitting on a three acre lemon orchard, located in Bodrum center. Owned by the same family for 8 generations, the stone building has been turned into a hotel 7 years ago. The Ha La Hotel has 4 rooms with double glazed windows to block the noise of town so the customers can stay in comfort. Ha La Bodrum serves on bed & breakfast basis and offers mixed breakfasts of fresh products supplied by local suppliers as well as home baked pastries. 

Ha La Bodrum is open throughout the year and has a cocktail bar on-site, Katip Cocktail Bar. The bar serves delicious cocktails made to the recipes of the owner, Ms. Ayca. We must add that you will not taste these cocktails elsewhere as they are made using the produce from their own gardens.

The most competitive prices to book this Bodrum hotel are on this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Sarpedor Boutique Hotel – Torba

Sarpedor Boutique Hotel – Torba

Located in Torba, which is famous for its beautiful sea, Sarpedor Boutique Hotel serves its customers with 50 rooms in the summer season. It is safe to say that this hotel which serves on bed & breakfast, full board or all inclusive basis, is the most luxurious boutique hotel in our list as it also has a spa and a Turkish bath. The hotel also has its own beach and quay, and gazebos for rent. It also boasts a large swimming pool and the Turkish breakfast is served on an open buffet. The hotel also has a restaurant. 

The most competitive prices to book this Bodrum boutique hotel are on this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Yalikavak Beach Hotel suites consist of a bedroom and a saloon.

Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel – Yalıkavak

Located in Yalıkavak Marina, one of Turkey’s most modern marinas which opened in 2003, Yalikavak Marina Boutique Hotel was designed to suit the environment of the marina which the hosts world’s largest and luxurious yachts. The hotel consists of two sections, a Boutique Hotel with 18 rooms and a Beach Hotel with 15 rooms. Boutique Hotel rooms are 25 square meters each and Beach Hotel’s 61 square meter rooms consist of suits with a room and a saloon which opens to the beach.

The most important quality of the hotel’s suites is that they offer a view of the magnificent sunset of Yalikavak. The hotel is open throughout the year and offers bed & breakfast, which is brought from a restaurant in the marina. They serve a classic selection of breakfast dishes which include homemade jams, fried eggs, and a selection of cheeses. 

The most competitive prices to book Yalikavak Marina Boutique Hotel are on this link. 

The most competitive prices to book Yalikavak Marina Beach Hotel are on this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Lugga Boutique Hotel & Beach offers five star comfort

Lugga Boutique Hotel & Beach – Ortakentyahsi

Lugga Boutique Hotel & Beach, which is located in Ortakentyahsi which we have mentioned as one of the best bays in Bodrum in our previous articles, is open throughout the year. The two storey building has 60 rooms and the rooms on the first floor are just by the water while the second floor rooms have balconies. Lugga offers 5 star standards and has its own beach. Breakfast is served as open buffet from 07:30 to 10:30.

You can find the most suitable reservation options for Lugga Boutique Hotel & Beach through this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Cassa Costa Boutique Hotel is located right by the sea.

Casa Costa Boutique Hotel – Gundogan

Cassa Costa Boutique Hotel is located right by the sea in Gundogan, one of the most beautiful and quiet bays of Bodrum. The hotel is located on the beach which has been awarded a Blue Flag and has 23 rooms that consists of 20 deluxe suites, 1 private suite and 2 penthouse suites. The hotel’s rooms are all designed to face the breath-taking view of Gundogan, which is the biggest advantage of Cassa Costa.

The hotel is open only for the summer season, from the beginning of May through the end of September. All rooms are spacious and equipped with an espresso machine, special coffees produced by the owner and coffee capsules are offered in all the rooms. The Casa Costa Boutique Hotel is also ambitious when it comes to breakfast. No factory food is used, instead delicious regional produce such as olive oil from Alacati, cheese from Kars and homemade jams are served. 

You can reach booking options of Casa Costa Boutique Hotel through this link.

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Su Hotel – Central

Su Hotel – Central

Su Hotel is located in the centre of Bodrum, in Turgutreis Caddesi. The hotel has a total of 25 rooms consisting of 20 double rooms and 5 suites as well as a swimming pool. Open throughout the year, Su Hotel is calm and quiet. Although it’s located in the centre, those who stay here are not affected much from the noise. Open buffet Turkish breakfast is served at Su Hotel. Both lunch and dinner menus consist of local delicacies which is a big advantage as it would be a mistake to come to Bodrum and not taste these. They also have BBQ parties.

To see the most competitive prices for this Bodrum boutique hotel please click here.

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Hakan Otel – Bitez

Hakan Otel – Bitez

Located in one of the most beautiful and popular villages of Bodrum, Bitez, Hakan Hotel has 19 rooms. The hotel serves its customers throughout the year on bed & breakfast and full board basis. Hakan Hotel has a swimming pool and is only 50 meters from the beach. The hotel serves a breakfast selection of 42 items which brings delicacies from all over the country such as Malatya cheese, Selimiye and Hatay olives, honey from Mumcular village in Bodrum and butter from Trabzon.

Homemade eggplant, watermelon skin, lemon and plum jams are also the favourites of the breakfast table. The hotel has a peaceful atmosphere. Hakan Hotel’s manager, Mr. Korhan emphasise that most of their guests express their surprise by saying “We were not expecting such small yet quiet and peaceful hotel.”  

To see the most suitable prices for this Bodrum boutique hotel please click on this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Oya Otel – Central

Oya Otel – Central

Oya Otel is located in the centre of Bodrum and has 24 rooms. The breakfast is served under the big rubber trees in the garden of this quiet and peaceful hotel from 08:30 to 11:00. The ambitious breakfast buffet offers fresh eggs, homemade olives and olive paste, jams, walnut and tomato pâté, pastries, boreks and fresh fruits.

Though the hotel serves its customers on bed & breakfast basis, the manager, Ms. Sermin also cooks dishes such as meatballs, schnitzel, spaghetti Napolitan, spaghetti Bolognaise for those who wish. You can also taste the homemade manti (ravioli stuffed with minced beef, served with garlic yoghurt) which is bought locally. 

Oya Otel also has a pool and 24/7 room service. The manager emphasises “We never enter the rooms without permission, only if the guests requests. We value our guest’s privacy.” Oya Otel is open from April 1st to October 15th and though most of their customers are from Istanbul, they welcome guests from all over the country and overseas. You can find the most competitive prices for this boutique hotel by clicking here. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Kortan Otel – Turgutreis

Kortan Otel – Turgutreis

Located in the centre of Turgutreis, Kortan Otel is both within the Turgutreis market and by the sea. The hotel with 25 rooms is open throughout the year. The front of the hotel faces the Turgutreis market while the back faces the sea and the guests can use the sun loungers on the beach free of charge. Kortan Otel is a family run business and the manager, Ms. Kezban sums up their business strategy by saying, “Breakfast and cleanliness is the most important aspects for us. This is a family establishment, most of our customers are locals and we are very careful while selecting our customers.”

Kortan Otel serves dishes such as Ezine cheese, cheese rolls, organic butter, organic honey, herbs and watermelon for breakfast. The hotel also has a café where you can find delicious food served on a ’la carte basis. You can reach the most competitive prices for this Bodrum boutique hotel by clicking on this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Villa Oliva Butik Otel – Konacık

Villa Oliva Butik Otel – Konacık

One of our suggested boutique hotels is Villa Butik Otel in Konacık which has only 5 rooms. Each comfortable room is designed different from another and has an authentic decoration. Named separately as White Room, Vaulted Room, Arched Room, all rooms open to the swimming pool and equipped with LCD TV, hair dryer and a mini bar. Each room also has its own patio. Open throughout the year, the hotel accommodates its guests on bed & breakfast basis and has a wide selection for breakfast. 

The most competitive prices for this Bodrum boutique hotel can be found on this link. 

Bodrum Boutique Hotel
Zumrut Butik Otel is an old Greek house.

Zümrüt Butik Otel – Tepecik

ocated near the marina, Zumrut Butik Otel is an old stone Greek house with 9 rooms. Despite its location in the centre, the hotel which serves its guests in bed & breakfast basis is not effected much by noise and has a calm and quiet atmosphere. As with all stone buildings, the rooms of the hotel are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Zumrut Butik Otel is open throughout the year.

Though it doesn’t have a swimming pool, those who wish to enjoy a stay in an old Greek house can prefer this hotel. The hotel serves a selection of Turkish breakfast dishes, with locally supplied produce. In short, the breakfast can be called Aegean style.   You can see the best reservation options for Zumrut Butik Otel by clicking on this link. 

While selecting Bodrum boutique hotels to recommend, we tried to pick those which are peaceful, comfortable and cosy. We look forward to receiving your boutique hotel suggestions. At the end of the day, it is the customer satisfaction that counts so we value your opinion. If you have enjoyed our article on Bodrum boutique hotels, we suggest you to take a look at our article The Best Bodrum Pensions.

We wish you a nice holiday…

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