Before listing our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations, we asked ourselves what a boutique hotel should be like and what we should look for in the hotels we recommend. A Bodrum boutique hotel should first of all have a beautiful decoration and even a unique concept design. Don’t let the word boutique mislead you, a boutique hotel should be luxurious, but this luxury should not be excessive. 

Boutique hotels do not have exaggerated buffet breakfasts, but they have such breakfast menus even years after the holiday it’s the first thing that comes to one’s mind, even before the name of the hotel. So, it should be a very special and delicious breakfast menu. Boutique hotels should not be crowded, the number of rooms should be no more than twenty or thirty at the most. Less people, less noise! One shouldn’t look for activities in boutique hotels either, perhaps just yoga and massage therapy!

While we were preparing our Bodrum boutique hotel suggestions, we paid attention to these criteria. We know that people who prefer Bodrum boutique hotels are looking for some peace, some comfort and a quiet holiday. Here are our Bodrum Boutique Hotel recommendations which offer comfort and calmness…

We consider Liman Hotel as one of the top Bodrum Boutique hotels.


Liman Hotel in Gümüşlük is a hidden gem on the coast. Despite its age, the recent change in ownership has transformed it into a modern and stylish hotel. The updated rooms and decor took us by surprise in the best way possible. The new Liman Hotel is truly impressive.

Liman Hotel offers a boutique experience with 10 rooms. As an adult-only establishment, they do not accommodate children. They provide a bed and breakfast concept and are open year-round.

Seven of their rooms boast stunning sea views of Gümüşlük, with some featuring a stylish jacuzzi in front of their windows overlooking this exceptional scenery. We highly suggest these rooms for guests who want to indulge in the jacuzzi experience.

We were able to explore a few rooms that had charming French-style balconies overlooking the breathtaking sea. These rooms and their balconies truly captured our hearts, as they provided a picturesque view of Gümüslük’s stunning coastline. It’s hard not to feel a tinge of envy towards those fortunate enough to stay in these rooms.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük
The majority of the rooms offer a breathtaking view of Gümüşlük.
Liman Hotel Gümüşlük
Since the hotel underwent new ownership, it has transformed into a contemporary establishment.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük boasts a spacious rooftop terrace where guests can enjoy their breakfast in the mornings. We can’t help but mention again how breathtaking the view from the terrace is. You’ll have the entire Gumusluk coast right at your feet. The terrace has a cozy cafe/bar vibe, with stylish tables and a bar for your convenience. In the evenings, unwind with a drink and soak in the stunning view from the terrace.  Enjoy a variety of Turkish breakfast options on the terrace, including a mixed spread. You can also choose from bowl-style breakfast dishes. Don’t forget, dinner is also served on the terrace. And please note that the terrace has its own entrance and welcomes outside guests.

Liman Hotel Gümüşlük has become one of our favorite boutique hotels in Bodrum. The hotel’s sophistication and its prime location in one of the most stunning towns in Bodrum make it a top choice. Feel free to make a reservation without any doubts, as it is situated in Gümüşlük, one of the most picturesque towns in Bodrum.

You can make a reservation at Liman Hotel Gümüşlük using this link. —-> Liman Hotel Gümüşlük

Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum
Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum has a 400-meter shoreline with its own sandy beach


Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum, Bodrum’s new luxury boutique hotel, is located in Aspat Bay. Located approximately 30 minutes from the centre of Bodrum, the hotel has 80 rooms and suites with the option of sea-view balconies or terraces for admiring the magnificent coastline and calm waters of Aspat Bay. It is possible to see Kos Island from the terrace or balcony of your room!

Hotel guests can enjoy facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, a beachfront restaurant serving Mediterranean and international cuisine, a bar, a spa and fitness centre, and meeting and event facilities. The hotel also offers fun activities such as basketball court, tennis lessons and beach volleyball. We recommend Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum to those who can’t find the time to start windsurfing. There is a professional surf school in the premises, a unique opportunity for those who want to both vacation and surf!

Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum
We think everybody deserves a comfortable room.
Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum
The bathroom is as large and spacious as it can be.

Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum is located adjacent to the 400-meter Aspat Bay beach. Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum, which is an ideal luxury boutique hotel for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Bodrum, will attract you with its rooms, beach and view.

You can find reservation options from this link ——-> Radisson Collection Hotel Bodrum

Bodrum'un en iyi Butik Otelleri
Situated in Tilkicik Bay, Highlight Hotel stands out as one of the finest boutique hotels in Bodrum, offering a lavish service approach.


Highlight Hotel is located in the beautiful Tilkicik Bay, nestled in Yalıkavak, a renowned resort in Bodrum. With its prime location, it is just a short distance of three kilometers from Yalıkavak Marina and 22 kilometers from the vibrant Bodrum center.

Highlight Hotel stands out as one of the top boutique hotels in Bodrum. It boasts a contemporary design that is evident in every aspect, offering a dynamic service approach. With its luxurious facilities, it provides guests with an unforgettable experience in the realm of boutique hotels.

The modern rooms offer a high level of comfort. With 59 rooms available, you can expect to find all sorts of technological and comfort features. Whether you’re a family with children or a couple looking for a romantic getaway, there are room options to cater to your specific needs.Highlight Hotel offers another  compelling reason to choose it as your accommodation: the hotel’s beach club, Miya Beach. We even featured Miya Beach in our article on Bodrum’s Best Beach Clubs.

Highlight Hotel
At Highlight Hotel, you will discover a wide range of rooms tailored to meet your every requirement.
Highlight Hotel
Moreover, the hotel boasts a magnificent SPA area spanning 500 square meters, adding to its allure.

its inviting sunbathing spots, pristine Blue Flag sea, and beach bar, Miya Beach elevates your holiday experience to new heights. We guarantee that you’ll be tempted to spend your entire day here, from dawn till dusk.The hotel is dedicated to every detail and their cuisine is no exception. Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines are both available for you to savor delicious dishes. Lahmacun, Pita, Burger, Pasta, and Steak products are available on their menu. Highlight Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel, and as a result, the prices in its restaurants are higher than average.

The Highlight SPA area covers 500 square meters and there are many options available, including massage rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, skin care rooms, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, and infrared cabin. Terrathalasso Therapy at Highlight SPA enables the removal of heavy metals and toxic substances from the skin and hair follicles. The process involves heating Bentonite clay and sea water to 37 degrees.

If you’re looking for a fancy boutique hotel in Bodrum, Highlight Hotel should be at the top of your list. With its luxurious amenities and convenient location near Yalkavak’s center, you won’t be disappointed.

Discover the best reservation choices by clicking on this link —> Highlight Hotel.

Bodrum Butik Otelleri
The Moon Beach Hotel is found in Gökçebel Bay, which is one of Bodrum’s most stunning bays.


Moon Beach Hotel is situated in the stunning Yalıkavak Gökçebel Bay, which is known for its breathtaking beauty. This boutique hotel is truly a gem in this bay, offering guests a unique and unforgettable experience. Conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from Yalıkavak Marina, the hotel boasts 41 cozy rooms and a delightful bed and breakfast concept.

Upon entering the rooms, you will be welcomed by a cozy and elegant ambiance. The room decor is truly unique and stands out from any other boutique hotel we have come across. The stylish furnishings and the glass bathrooms, resembling a fish tank, positioned right next to your bed, add a touch of sophistication to the overall experience. The Hotel offers three room options: Standard, Family, and Suite. We suggest selecting a room with a sea-facing view and a spacious balcony. These balconies are incredibly comfortable and provide a delightful opportunity to admire the breathtaking scenery of Gökçebel Bay. If the heat becomes too much, you can even consider sleeping on the balcony for a refreshing experience.

Moon Beach Hotel
Sunbathing has never been so comfortable before.
Moon Beach Hotel
The comfort of sunbathing has never been this good.

from the beautiful rooms, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the beach as well. This hotel offers a pier and a cozy sandy beach. On the pier, you’ll find chic sun loungers, while around the sandy beach and pool, there are comfy beds. Yes, you heard it right, there are actual beds on the beach, and we absolutely adored this unique feature. Soaking up the sun has never been more relaxing. These beds are located inside cabanas that are adorned with tulle, and you have the option to rent these cabanas.

Let’s get to some other details we liked; Right behind the pier, in a seaside location, there is a stylish restaurant with a bar in the middle of the beach that we believe you will spend a lot of time at.

Like the hotel, the restaurant is decorated with care and has a bohemian vibe. The restaurant that serves international cuisine also has a stone oven. You can eat the highly praised lahmacun and pita from this stone oven, but unfortunately we did not get the chance to taste them. Moon Beach Hotel’s kitchen is as successful as all other details in the facility, to such an extent that outside guests are occasionally invited to experience their restaurants. We believe that the reason for this is not just the food’s taste, but also the stylish atmosphere and location of the restaurant by the sea. Regarding the food: We give a lot of importance to the breakfast offered by the hotel, which is served using the bed and breakfast concept, and we are confident you will enjoy it. 

Lastly, Moon Beach Hotel provides massage services behind the sandy beach, and there is also a private hairdressing salon situated at the entrance of the hotel. From this link, you can find the accommodations that are most suitable for this stylish hotel. —-> Moon Beach Hotel

Kocadon Hotel
Would you like to be hosted in an Ottoman mansion?


This Bodrum boutique Hotel is an Ottoman mansion. Kocadon Hotel has opened in November 2021. It is owned by a prominent family of Bodrum, Kocadon Family. It is run by Dilek Kocadon, who is experienced in hotel management. Located in the centre of Bodrum, the hotel is at a few minutes walking distance to Bodrum Castle, many restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues as well as shopping centres. 

The building itself is a historical heritage with an interesting story: “Our great-grandfather’s son, Omer gets married to the daughter of a considerably wealthy family and she comes to grandfather Omer’s house as a bride. After a while they do not wish to live in the crowded family house and are granted with a piece of land by the family.

Utilizing all facilities at the time, they build the most beautiful house. Unfortunately, the lives of Grandfather Omer and Grandmother Emine’s life shifts with two cannon balls deployed by the French battle cruiser on May 26, 1915 during World War I. Though their lives are saved, the cannon balls cause a fire and destroy most of the house.”

That building is now serving as Kocadon Hotel with its memories, its historical texture and decoration dating to that period.

Kocadon Hotel
Each room has an individual design and name. This is ‘Deep Blue’
Kocadon Hotel
There are historical motives in each corner of the hotel; a chic sink…

The mansion, which is a family heritage, was restored by the same company which restored Esma Sultan Yalisi in Istanbul. You feel you are in a special place as soon as you step into the hotel. Historical motives, colours and designs that appear in every corner of Kocadon Hotel are impressive. 

Bodrum’s nature and history are emphasised in the rooms which are decorated with typical Bodrum colours and textures. The Hotel, which has 11 individually designed rooms named as Tangerine, Olive, Fig, Poppy, Deep Blue, Cactus, Sponge, Forest, Bougainvillea and Old House; is carefully designed to convey the historical texture to its customers. Rooms have motives, designs, colours dating back to the years the mansion was built to make you feel as though you are being hosted in an Ottoman mansion. 

Kocadon Hotel serves its customer on bed + breakfast basis. It’s an ideal hotel for adults, they do not allow children. You can have your breakfats etiher at the hotel’s garden or in the restaurant. Their attention to detail can also be seen at the hotel’s restaurant and its breakfast. Carefully prepared breakfast consisting of local delicasies will set a happy mood for the rest of the day. Even though they serve on bed + breakfast basis, the hotel has a chic restaurant that serves a delicious menu. The menu consists of delicacies from Ottoman, Aegean and international cuisines. Even if you cannot stay in Kocadon Hotel, we strongly advise you to make a booking at their restaurant for a dinner. 

You will surely have difficulty finding availability in Kocadon Hotel, which has a hospitable and friendly team, during the summer. It is best not to leave it to chance and book in advance at this impressive hotel. 

You can see Kocadon Hotel’s most suitable reservation options thorough this link —-> Kocadon Hotel

Bodrum Butik Otelleri
In close proximity to cenral of Bodrum, Ha Lâ has only four rooms


Located very close to Bodrum Marina, Ha Lâ Bodrum is one of the most special among our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations, because it serves its customers in a two thousand square meter lemon grove at the centre of Bodrum and with a 500-year-old Ottoman tower.

The stone building, which has been in the same family for eight generations, started to serve as a hotel seven years ago. Ha Lâ Bodrum has 4 rooms with double glazed windows to cut out the noise as it is in the centre. Each room has a unique design. You will feel like a guest at your friend’s house, not a customer at the hotel. The biggest advantage of Ha Lâ Bodrum is its central location in Bodrum, only a few steps from the marina and a short walk from Bodrum Bar Street.

Ha Lâ Bodrum
Ha Lâ Bodrum Hotel is a 500-year-old stone building.
Ha Lâ Bodrum
The design of its rooms makes you feel that you are in a special place.

Serving its customers on bed and breakfast concept, Ha Lâ Bodrum’s mixed breakfast serves fresh products from local producers. They also offer their home-made pastries. There is also a cocktail bar inside Ha La Bodrum, which is open throughout the year; Katip Cocktail Bar. This bar offers unique cocktails prepared to special recipes of the hotel’s manager, Ms. Ayça. You won’t be able to taste these cocktails elsewhere, which are prepared with products picked from their own garden.

You may have trouble finding a place in Ha Lâ Bodrum, one of the most popular among our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations, in the summer so it may be a good idea to book early. You can also find the most suitable reservation options through this link —-> Ha Lâ Bodrum

Sarpedor Boutique Hotel
Sarpedor Boutique Hotel serves its customers in Torba neighbourhood, which hosts Bodrum’s most beautiful bays.


Sarpedor Boutique Hotel which provides seasonal service in Torba Bay with its 50 rooms is one of our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations. We can say that it is one of the most luxurious Bodrum boutique hotels in our hotel list, where bed-breakfast, full board or all-inclusive concepts can be chosen. Sarpedor Boutique Hotel has a spa, Turkish bath, a stylish beach and tastefully designed rooms for every need. We think that everyone will love its beach and pier with a magnificent view.

The hotel, which also hosts a rather large pool, offers open buffet Turkish breakfast. The hotel also has two restaurants, the first of which serves dinner and lunch, while Snack beach restaurant serves noon snacks and is located close to the beach. They do not serve open buffet in their main restaurant, which only has as an a la carte service.

Sarpedor Boutique Hotel
Sarpedor Boutique Hotel has 50 rooms.
Sarpedor Boutique Hotel
The rooms have a unique comfort and the view is lovely.

Sarpedor Boutique Hotel may be far from the centre of Bodrum, but having a quiet holiday in Torba, which has one of the most beautiful bays of Bodrum, is a more attractive option. If you are going to visit Bodrum centre, you can request a private transfer from the hotel staff. You can reach Bodrum from Torba in 15 minutes by car.

Also, for couples planning a wedding we must mention that Sarpedor Boutique Hotel also organizes weddings for 100-125 people. It is a hotel that should not be overlooked for couples who are getting ready to get married. In addition, our Weddings in Bodrum and Bodrum Wedding Venues should not be missed by couples organizing their weddings.

You can find the most suitable reservation options for Sarpedor Boutique Hotel, which has the highest number of rooms in our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations, through this link —-> Sarpedor Boutique Hotel

Yalıkavak Beach Otel
Yalıkavak Beach Hotel’s suites consist of 1 bedroom and 1 lounge.


Located inside Yalıkavak Marina, which was opened in 2003 and is one of the most modern marinas in Turkey, Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel has been designed in a way befitting a marina that hosts the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts.

The hotel, consists of two separate parts; an 18-room boutique hotel and a 15-room beach hotel. The 25 square meter rooms of the boutique hotel are located in a garden, while the 61 square meter, 1 bedroom and 1 living room suites of the beach hotel open to the beach. The most important feature of the hotel’s suites is the magnificent sunset view of Yalikavak. Among our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations, the view is one of the most beautiful.

The hotel, which is open throughout the year, serves with a bed and breakfast concept and breakfast comes from a restaurant in the marina. The classic spread breakfast offers foods such as homemade jams, scrambled eggs and variety of cheese varieties.

The biggest advantage of the hotel is its central location and of course its proximity to Bodrum’s biggest marina. You can walk to the centre of Yalikavak in a few minutes whenever you want to explore the surroundings, because the hotel is in walking distance to everywhere. We also recommend you to read our Yalıkavak Travel Guide article.

You can see the most suitable booking options through this link —-> Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel

You can see the most suitable booking options through this link —->  Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel

Bodrum Butik Otel
Carefully designed rooms a few steps away from the sea are the most prominent feature of Flamm Bodrum Hotel


Flamm Bodrum Hotel in Bodrum Göltürkbükü provides its guests in 14 stone houses of 150 years. Though the stone houses are 150 years old, a modern and simple elegance greets you in the rooms. The elegance of its rooms, its private beach and its garden where you can spend time with pleasure are enough reasons for you to choose Flamm Bodrum Hotel.

All hotel rooms of Flamm Bodrum Hotel have a separate entrance and the venue hosts only 16 rooms in an area of ​​5000 square meters. The hotel’s evening meals and breakfasts are at a level that can compete with the best restaurants. Beach part is the favourite of the guests. Flamm Bodrum Hotel’s 200-meter-long beach is the cherry on the cake! Flamm Beach, which is also accepts guests from outside, attracts a lot of attention from time to time. Bodrum’s stunningly beautiful sea pairs well with the hotel’s smooth sandy beach.

Flamm Bodrum Hotel
Flamm Bodrum Hotel’s beach is also very popular.
Flamm Bodrum Hotel
Hotel serves its customers in 500 square meters.

The simple and stylish design of Flamm Bodrum Hotel, which catches your eye everywhere you look, is the biggest factor in its inclusion in our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations. Flamm Bodrum Hotel, which we think you will have an enjoyable holiday, also shows the necessary care to hygiene.

You can find the most suitable reservation options through this link —-> Flamm Bodrum Hotel

4reasons Hotel + Bistro
4reasons Hotel + Bistro’s rooms were designed by the owner, Mr. Ali.


If you ask which are the best boutique hotels in Bodrum, the answer will definitely include 4reasons Hotel + Bistro. 4reasons Hotel is a quiet hotel in Yalikavak, a little far from the centre, in greenery. The comfort, spaciousness and cleanliness of the hotel’s rooms immediately indicate that you will be staying in a quality place. 4reasons Hotel + Bistro, which will be preferred by those who want a peaceful and quiet holiday, attracts people with its view.

There are four different accommodation options at 4reasons Hotel; Passionate, Junior Suite, Casual and Functional rooms have been designed with different concepts to meet every need. All 20 rooms of the hotel are more stylish than the other and all you have to do is to determine the comfort you need. The rooms have been designed by the owner of the hotel, Mr. Ali. He reflected his interest in architecture in his hotel rooms in a stylish way.

With a large outdoor pool, 4reasons Hotel is about a 15-minute walk from the centre of Yalikavak. If the swimming pool in this quiet boutique hotel is not enough for you and you want to enjoy a beach, we invite you to read our article on Bodrum’s Best Beach Clubs. In this article, you will definitely find a beach club close to the hotel.

4reasons Hotel + Bistro
It is perfect for those looking for a quiet and peaceful hotel
4reasons Hotel + Bistro
The hotel has an award-winning barman.

There are two separate restaurants at 4reasons Hotel; One is outdoors next to the pool and the other is indoor. Although the chef Esra Akın, with whom they have worked for years, will make you taste dishes from different cultures of the world, you mostly have the chance to taste Mediterranean dishes. Ms. Esra also makes handmade ceramic plates, bowls, etc. as a hobby. Although she does it as a hobby, his designs are very stylish and dazzling. If you wish, you can watch Ms. Esra working in her atelier right next to the hotel.

4reasons Hotel + Bistro only welcomes guests over the age of 12. It is a fact that most people who wants to have a relaxing vacation prefer hotels that work with this concept. Let’s also mention that yoga training is given twice a week in the garden of the hotel, they also offer special massage therapies.

Finally, let’s come to the Bistro, which is also mentioned in the name of the hotel. Kaan, the bartender of 4reasons Hotel + Bistro, is an award-winning bartender who came in third place in the world mixology competition. We understand that they did not add the word bistro to the name of the hotel for nothing.

You can find the most suitable reservation options through this link —-> 4reasons Hotel + Bistro

Petra Butik Otel
Petra Butik Hotel 12 carefully designed rooms, 3 of these are stone houses.


Kumbahçe is one of the most enjoyable neighbourhoods of Bodrum with cafes and restaurants lined up side by side, Bodrum blue sea in front of you, a small but calm sandy beach and the view of Bodrum Castle. Petra Boutique Hotel sits facing the sea right in the middle of this beauty, watching the view.

The 12-room Petra Boutique Hotel has only three rooms with this view, unfortunately, try to choose these rooms when making a reservation as the view is amazing, especially in the evenings! All rooms have a comfortably simple and elegant design as befits a boutique hotel. One of the 12 rooms of different sizes is an ultra-luxury room, this room has a private sea view terrace, which you may want to sit throughout your holiday.

Petra Butik Otel
Only one room has this special terrace.
Petra Butik Otel
Petra Butik Hotel has its own beach in front of the hotel.

The building of Petra Boutique Hotel once the house of the priest of the Bodrum Church, so this building is also known as the priest’s house among the people. Three of Petra Boutique Hotel’s rooms are designed with stone house concept, with stone walls, aged wood floors and simple furniture.

Welcoming its guests with a bed and breakfast concept, Petra Boutique Hotel has a café & bar on the ground floor overlooking the street and the sea. Their breakfast is served as an open buffet, but as befits a boutique hotel. There is a beach belonging to the hotel right in front of the hotel. Kumbahçe beach is a sandy beach and has a calm sea.

In addition, the hotel organizes all the details such as boat tours, Bodrum sightseeing tour and airport pick-up for all its guests. If you want to explore the centre of Bodrum, we recommend you to read our Bodrum Center Travel Guide.

You can find the most suitable reservation options of Petra Boutique Hotel through this link —-> Petra Boutique Hotel

Cassa Costa Boutique Hotel
Cassa Costa Boutique is right by the sea.


Casa Costa Boutique Hotel in Gundogan, one of Bodrum’s most beautiful and calmest coves, is also on the seafront. Located on the Blue Flag awarded beach, the hotel has a total of 23 rooms, including 20 deluxe rooms, 1 private suite and 2 penthouse suites. All rooms are specially designed and the view of Gundogan bay from all rooms is magnificent.

Casa Costa Boutique Hotel is only open during the summer season, between the beginning of May and the end of September. All the rooms of the hotel are spacious and there is an extra espresso machine in the rooms. In addition, special coffees produced by the owner and capsule coffees are offered to the guests in all rooms of the hotel.

Casa Costa Boutique Hotel is also very passionate about breakfast which consists entirely of local products. No fabricated products are used in the breakfast of the hotel, and delicious flavours such as olive oil from Alaçati, cheese from Kars and homemade jams are served. The hotel, which has a friendly and warm team, takes its place among our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations this year as well.

You can find the most suitable reservation options through this link —-> Casa Costa Boutique Hotel

Ena Boutique Hotel
Ena Boutique Hotel is a stylish Bodrum boutique hotel.


Located within walking distance of Bodrum centre, Ena Boutique Hotel overlooks Bodrum Castle and the deep blue sea of ​​Bodrum with its panoramic view. The open buffet breakfast of the hotel, which serves with the concept of Bed and Breakfast, is served as expected from a stylish boutique hotel. Breakfast starts at 07:00 in the morning and continues until 11:00.

Ten rooms of the 18-room boutique hotel have sea and pool views. Ena Boutique Hotel has fifteen standard rooms, two suites and one deluxe room. The deluxe room has its own private terrace with a view of Bodrum, while the suite rooms have a jacuzzi and their doors open to the pool.

Ena Boutique Hotel
Standard room.
Ena Boutique Hotel
Deluxe room.

Mostly preferred by foreign guests, the rooms of the hotel are as stylish as one would expect from a luxury hotel. Not only the rooms but the entire hotel’s decoration attracts attention with its elegance. The hotel also has a swimming pool, which is not very large. The hotel does not have a restaurant for evening meals, but you can have a drink and a snack at the poolside snack bar. These snack foods include hamburgers, cold sandwiches, cheese plates and salads.

Ena Boutique Hotel provides airport pick-up service for a fee, and organize activities from their contracted tour companies if the guests wish.

You can find the most suitable reservation options throgh this link —-> Ena Boutique Hotel

We hope our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations will help you while planning your Bodrum holiday. There are many boutique hotels in Bodrum, but we have compiled our favourite hotels with details such as location, decoration and comfort. If you stay in these Bodrum boutique hotels that we recommend, please leave your comments below. If there are Bodrum boutique hotels you would recommend, we would like to review them and add them to our list.

You can also access other prominent Bodrum boutique hotels from this link. If you could not find the hotel you are looking for among our Bodrum boutique hotel recommendations, you can find the hotel you are looking for in our hotel recommendations below.

Here is another articles you might enjoy while sunbathing; Bodrum Tour Guide and Best Turkish Breakfast in Bodrum Places

We wish you an unforgettable Bodrum holiday with your loved ones.


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