Bodrum public Beaches


It is believed that life originated in water, which may explain why the majority of people have a deep fascination with the sea. Every year, thousands of individuals eagerly await the arrival of summer to visit the beaches of Bodrum and experience the beauty of the ocean firsthand.

The stunning public beaches in Bodrum play a significant role in establishing the town as a renowned and highly sought-after holiday destination. As Bodrum is a peninsula, there are numerous beaches scattered throughout the area, catering to the diverse preferences of visitors.

Whether one desires a tranquil beach to swim in and enjoy a book under the sun or seeks a lively atmosphere with beach parties and the perfect blend of sea, sand, and sun, Bodrum beaches offer something for everyone.


Certainly not! The public beaches in Bodrum are free of charge. However, there are a few beaches in Bodrum that offer paid services, such as the use of sun loungers, although this is quite rare. It is important to note that the majority of Bodrum beaches have sun umbrellas available, but not sun loungers.

The Bodrum Municipality strictly prohibits the use of sun loungers on the beaches. This rule applies even if you bring your own sun lounger. The municipality believes that sun loungers not only take up space on the beach but also create a lot of clutter. Therefore, they have made the decision to ban their use, which we believe is a wise decision.

However, the municipality does provide free sun lounger services at specific locations on the central beaches of Bodrum.

Bodrum Public Beaches
Kumbahçe public beach, located in close proximity to the center of Bodrum, stands out as one of the most contemporary public beaches in the area.


There are limited options for swimming in the center of Bodrum, but if you take a stroll from Cumhuriyet Street towards Kumbahçe, you will discover a coastline where swimming is possible. Along Uzun Kumbahçe salih, you will find numerous restaurants. By dining or having a drink at these establishments, you will also have access to the sun loungers situated in front of them. However, if you prefer a public beach without any charges, you will need to walk a bit further and visit the municipality’s public beach.

Kumbahçe public beach, renowned for its cleanliness and maintenance, is one of the finest beaches in Bodrum. It is completely free to use and offers amenities such as sun loungers, changing cabins, toilets, and showers. Additionally, there is a café within the premises where you can purchase snacks. However, please note that alcoholic beverages are not available for sale here due to the nearby school. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in consideration of the school’s proximity.

There are limited options for swimming in the center of Bodrum, but if you take a stroll from Cumhuriyet Street towards Kumbahçe, you will discover a coastline where swimming is possible. Along Uzun Kumbahçe salih, you will find numerous restaurants. By dining or having a drink at these establishments, you will also have access to the sun loungers situated in front of them. However, if you prefer a public beach without any charges, you will need to walk a bit further and visit the municipality’s public beach.

Kumbahçe public beach, renowned for its cleanliness and maintenance, is one of the finest beaches in Bodrum. It is completely free to use and offers amenities such as sun loungers, changing cabins, toilets, and showers. Additionally, there is a café within the premises where you can purchase snacks. However, please note that alcoholic beverages are not available for sale here due to the nearby school. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in consideration of the school’s proximity.


The public beach, managed by Bodrum Municipality, is impeccably maintained and spotlessly clean. With its fine pebble sand bottom, this small sandy beach ensures a comfortable experience for visitors. Regularly cleaned by the municipality, you can even relax and sunbathe without any worries.

The sea floor mirrors the beach with its fine gravel surface, making it easy to walk on barefoot. The crystal clear water starts to deepen just three or four meters from the shore. While some may find the view obstructed by boats anchored off the coast, others appreciate the pleasant, bohemian atmosphere they add.

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Bodrum Public Beaches
Regrettably, Yalıkavak public beach, despite having the longest coastline among Bodrum’s beaches, lacks a sandy shore.


Yalıkavak public beach boasts an extensive coastline. Adjacent to this coastline is a lengthy pathway for both pedestrians and vehicles, running parallel to the beach. Despite this, the road is not heavily trafficked. The presence of trees lining the pathway and the pebbled beach creates a delightful ambiance at the public beach.

The shoreline of Yalıkavak public beach is covered in pebbles, with limited sunbathing spots. Consequently, the beach may not be the most suitable for families with children. Additionally, the sea is often choppy and not shallow. Upon entering the sea from the beach, the depth increases after just ten meters.

There are few markets, bars, or restaurants situated behind the beach. Only one or two bars and restaurants can be found along this extensive coastline, with Zeytin Lina being the most popular choice. Zeytin Lina offers breakfast in the mornings and features seaside tables.

It is worth noting that there is a small sandy beach at the beginning of the coastline. This area is considered more pleasant compared to the rest of the coastline. However, due to its limited size, it can get crowded during the summer months. This small yet spacious sandy beach is conveniently located near markets and restaurants.


In spite of these drawbacks, the public beach in Yalıkavak boasts crystal-clear and refreshing water. The presence of trees near the beach enhances the overall ambiance of the area. This spot may particularly appeal to young couples seeking tranquility. The beach and seabed are both covered in pebbles. Lastly, it is worth noting that the sea can get quite choppy during windy weather.

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Bodrum Public Beaches
The Gumbet sea can be described as shallow in nature.


In our article about Bodrum beaches, the Gumbet public beach stands out as being in close proximity to the center of Bodrum. Gumbet, known as one of the most popular entertainment hubs in Bodrum, boasts a lengthy beach lined with numerous hotels, cafes, and bars. During the summer season, minibuses depart from Bodrum bus station to Gumbet every five minutes, making the journey to Gumbet a quick and convenient 10-minute ride. For a detailed overview of Gumbet, feel free to explore our Gumbet Travel Guide article.

Gumbet public beach, with its sandy shores and shallow waters, is a favored spot for swimming and sunbathing. Families with children particularly appreciate the family-friendly environment. The businesses along Gumbet public beach provide sun loungers and umbrellas at no additional cost when you dine or enjoy a drink at their establishments. It is worth noting that Gumbet is often referred to as “little England,” as it attracts a large number of foreign tourists, especially from the UK.


Gumbet boasts a shallow sea, making it an excellent choice for families with children. The beach floor is adorned with smooth pebbles, which are not overly bothersome. Similarly, the sea floor is also covered with fine pebbles in the initial meters.

However, it is important to mention that Gumbet public beach tends to get crowded during the summer season. Nonetheless, its crystal-clear and shallow waters, coupled with its close proximity to Bodrum center, contribute to its status as one of the most sought-after public beaches.

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Bodrum Public Beaches
Bitez public beach boasts a pristine sandy shore and, naturally, a crystal-clear sea.


Bitez public beach stands out as the most suitable beach in Bodrum for families with children. The extensive sandy beach and shallow sea create an ideal environment for families. As you stroll along the right side of Bitez beach, you will find the beach situated towards the end. Its cleanliness is truly admirable, making it a beloved public beach. 

Being centrally located, both the sandy beach and the sea remain consistently clean. Moreover, Bitez public beach is conveniently close to shopping areas and restaurants. Due to its bay location, the sea remains calm even during harsh weather conditions, with minimal waves.

The clean sand beach has an approximate width of 60 meters and a length of approximately 15 meters. This provides ample space for your children to enjoy playing games. Similar to other beaches in Bodrum, there are sunshades available for use. However, sunbeds are not allowed on the beach, but you are welcome to bring your own folding chairs and sit comfortably.

While this shallow sea is perfect for families with children, it may not be ideal for adults who wish to swim extensively. You will find many families with children enjoying the beach. If you are sensitive to children’s noise, Bitez public beach may not be the best choice for you. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Bitez, we suggest reading our Bitez Travel Guide article for more information.

Additionally, there are numerous establishments located to the left of Bitez public beach. If you dine or have a drink at these establishments, you can use their sun loungers and enjoy the sea in front of them. This area is recommended for adults seeking a quieter alternative to the public beach. Bitez is home to a variety of businesses, both large and small, along its extensive coastline.


The sea at Bitez public beach boasts an exceptionally shallow depth and crystal-clear water. Upon wading a hundred meters from the shore into the sea, you will find that the water barely reaches your waist. Even during strong winds, the sea remains tranquil at Bitez public beach. 

The sandy beach is meticulously cleaned by Bodrum Municipality on a regular basis. The sea floor at Bitez public beach is sandy as well, allowing for comfortable barefoot walks akin to strolling on a carpet.

 Lastly, due to the minimal wind exposure in the vicinity of Bitez public beach, the sea tends to be pleasantly warm throughout the summer season.

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Bodrum Public Beaches
Turgutreis public beach is renowned for being one of the widest and longest sandy beaches in Bodrum.


During the holiday season, Turgutreis public beach attracts a large crowd due to its beautiful and expansive sandy beach. Although the sea at this beach is slightly wavy, it is mostly frequented by foreign tourists who still find it enjoyable. Families with children may find the wavy sea a bit challenging, but the beach offers a spacious area for children to play, along with a small playground located right behind it.

The public beach, located in the center of Turgutreis and right in front of Amiral Cafe, is the most popular spot for swimming. Its long sandy stretch is favored by many because of its proximity to various restaurants, markets, and cafes. While sunbathing on the beach, you can easily grab a bite to eat from the cafes and restaurants just a few steps away.

One of the main reasons why this public beach is preferred is the presence of Admiral Cafe. This municipality-owned cafe offers more affordable prices compared to other businesses in the area.

Besides the expansive public beach located to the right of the marina, there are also several smaller, more tranquil spots to swim on the left side. These beaches, typically frequented by locals, can be spotted along the route to Şevket Sabancı Park. Rather than heading to these crowded smaller beaches, consider venturing in the opposite direction towards Bahçelievler District, where you’ll discover serene sandy beaches of different sizes.

Turgutreis Halk Plajı
As you stroll from Turgutreis towards Bahçelievler District, you will come across deserted sandy beaches.
Turgutreis Halk Plajı
Families with children are strongly recommended to visit Turgutreis public beach.

If you head past La Blanche Resort Hotel and walk a few kilometers towards Bahçelievler District, you will discover serene sandy beaches perfect for swimming. There are no amenities provided by the municipality here, such as umbrellas or sun loungers. 

However, these spots are ideal for those seeking a peaceful beach getaway away from the crowds. It’s important to note that there are no nearby facilities like markets, so make sure to stock up on supplies before visiting. If you are considering spending your vacation in Turgutreis, we suggest reading our comprehensive Turgutreis Travel Guide article.


The sea in Turgutreis is frequently choppy in comparison to other areas. However, it is important to note that this does not necessarily mean there are large waves. Nonetheless, it is uncommon to find the sea as calm and smooth as a flat surface. 

Turgutreis public beach is an ideal destination for families with children. The shallow sea ensures that even if you venture several meters away from the shore, the water will not exceed your height. Although the sea bottom may have some stones in the first few meters, you will soon experience the delightful sensation of walking on a sandy ground as you take a few more steps.

The Turgutreis sea presents two contrasting views. Looking towards the sea, the right side of D-Marin Marina provides a somewhat hazy sight, whereas the left side offers a crystal-clear view. It is feasible to observe the seabed with the naked eye. The slightly murky appearance of the sea on the right side is attributed to the ground’s composition. Upon moving a short distance away from the shore, a clearer sea with a visible seabed becomes apparent.

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Bodrum Public Beaches
The Gumusluk coast offers three distinct coastlines where you can enjoy swimming.


In Gümüşlük, there are three distinct areas where you can enjoy a swim. These include the Gümüşlük public beach, the harbor beach where boats anchor, and Champagne Bay. 

Upon arriving at Gümüşlük beach, you will find fish restaurants on your right side and the Gümüşlük Municipality Cafe on your left side. If you choose to walk further past the Gümüşlük Belediye Cafe, you will come across Club Gümüşlük. From this point onwards, a sandy beach stretches along the shore, providing ample space for swimming.

You can find sun loungers in front of Club Gümüşlük along with various businesses nearby. Simply patronize these establishments by dining or having a drink to enjoy the sun loungers. 

If you prefer not to pay any fees, just continue walking. Gümüşlük public beach is located a bit further, where only sun umbrellas are available. Feel free to lay down your towel, sunbathe, and swim in the sea. Bodrum Municipality does not offer sun loungers in most of its public beaches to avoid any potential confusion and misunderstandings.

One can also enjoy swimming in Gümüşlük at the harbor beach. Simply head to the right side of Gumusluk beach until you reach the end. Upon reaching the port area where boats are anchored, a small public beach will come into view. This spot, where boats dock, offers a more peaceful atmosphere. 

Although not ideal for swimming due to boats limiting the area, it is a great place to relax and soak up the sun. Families with children are likely to appreciate this location. It is worth noting that there are no markets or restroom facilities nearby. This public beach is situated around 200 to 300 meters away from the town center. Therefore, it is advisable to stock up on supplies before heading here. Additionally, there are no amenities such as sun loungers or umbrellas available in this area.

Gümüşlük boasts a plethora of fish restaurants, making it a prime destination for seafood enthusiasts. Known for its bohemian vibe, Gümüşlük stands out as one of the trendiest towns in Bodrum. Indulge in a delightful lunch or dinner experience at the fish restaurants here, with evenings being particularly enjoyable. During the summer months, Gümüşlük becomes bustling in the evenings, so it is advisable to make a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment. 

For more insights on the culinary delights of Bodrum, check out our article “What to Eat in Bodrum” to discover the must-try flavors at these restaurants. Dive deeper into the charm of Gümüşlük with our comprehensive Gumusluk Travel Guide article.


The narrow sandy beach on the left side of Gümüşlük beach may not be very wide, but it is certainly long enough. Rest assured that you will have a pleasant time sunbathing here. Additionally, there are a handful of cafes and bars situated just behind you, enhancing your overall experience. While the sea is crystal clear, it is not particularly shallow.

The smaller sandy beach near the harbor is likely to be favored by those seeking a more secluded spot. The water in this area is also clear with a sandy bottom, although it may not be the best for swimming. Families with children might appreciate this location due to the slightly wider sandy beach.

Despite the sandy bottom of the sea in Gumusluk, caution is advised when swimming near rocky areas. Watch out for sea urchins, and take care to avoid any mishaps that could disrupt your holiday.

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Minibuses depart from the bus station to Akyarlar, located 20 kilometers from the center of Bodrum, with a travel time of around 40 minutes. Akyarlar boasts two distinct beaches, the first being the sandy beach in the heart of the town. This particular beach is ideal for individuals seeking a bustling atmosphere. The public beach in the town center is typically vibrant and crowded. Additionally, Akyarlar public beach is a great spot for surfing and sailing enthusiasts. If you are interested in these water activities, this beach is the perfect destination for you.

Karaincir beach in Akyarlar is the second option worth mentioning. It is a tranquil bay that offers solace and rejuvenation for those seeking peace of mind. While there are establishments along the beach that require an entrance fee, it is more accurate to consider it as an investment towards enjoying the amenities provided, such as sun loungers and food and beverage options. In essence, it is a commitment to spend a certain amount of money. The sea at Karaincir is truly magnificent, but the sunset view is even more breathtaking. Therefore, if you visit Karaincir, make sure not to miss the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing sunset.


The Akyarlar coast boasts numerous public beaches, both large and small. Among them, the Akyarlar public beach stands out with its expansive sandy shoreline, making it an ideal destination for families with children. 

Additionally, the sea floor is covered in soft sand, enhancing the overall experience. This wide sandy public beach is widely regarded as one of the top choices among the beaches in Bodrum. Some even claim that the Akyarlar sea offers the most pleasant waters in the entire region. With its generally calm sea conditions, Akyarlar is particularly favored by surfing enthusiasts during windy periods. 

While the Karainci public beach shares similar characteristics, it tends to be quieter compared to the bustling Akyarlar public beach. The majority of the beach area is privately owned, with only a small section designated as a public beach. Visitors can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in these areas by renting sun loungers for a certain fee.

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How to Get to Karaincir Public Beach : googlemaps

Kadikalesi Halk Plajı
Despite its small size, Kadıkalesi public beach boasts a magnificent sandy shore.


Kadıkalesi, situated between Turgutreis and Gümüşlük, is renowned for its stunning sandy beach, making it one of the popular public beaches in Bodrum. However, during the summer months, this small beach tends to get overcrowded, mainly due to the guests of Pitos Bungalows located right behind it. Consequently, it becomes challenging to find tranquility and indulge in activities like reading or sunbathing, especially for families with children.

Despite its picturesque sandy beach, Kadıkalesi public beach does not stretch over a vast coastline, making it insufficient to accommodate the summer crowds. However, during the months of May, June, September, and October, when the peak season starts or ends, the number of visitors significantly decreases. During this time, you can relish the serene atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of the sandy beach and the magnificent sea at Kadıkalesi.

Nevertheless, despite its pristine appearance, this immaculate sandy shoreline frequently appears unsightly as a result of the thoughtlessness exhibited by vacationers. The refuse abandoned by these holidaymakers not only tarnishes the beach but also poses a threat to the nearby sea. It is our firm belief that Pitos Bungalows, the neighboring establishments, and, of course, the Bodrum Municipality bear the responsibility of safeguarding the natural beauty of this splendid public beach in Bodrum. 

Adjacent to this idyllic stretch of sand, one can find a selection of markets, while the renowned Yalı Balık and Körfez Restaurant stand out as two exceptionally successful seafood eateries.


The public beach of Kadıkalesi is often breezy due to its location in an open bay, resulting in slightly windy conditions most days. However, when the wind is calm, the sea becomes tranquil with clear water. Surprisingly, the windy days actually enhance the appeal of this bay during hot weather, as the breeze helps to alleviate the sweltering heat. The sandy bottom of the sea resembles the coast, providing a pleasant swimming experience on calm days.

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Gündogan public beach stands out as one of the exquisite beaches in Bodrum. This beach, adorned with natural sand, is highly favored by vacationers. The perpetual tranquility of the sea is a primary factor attracting crowds, alongside the presence of numerous restaurants conveniently located behind the beach.

There are numerous enterprises offering paid services along the shoreline as well. Simply ensure you have something to eat or drink. It is worth mentioning that these establishments, which offer amenities like showers, restrooms, eateries, and sun loungers, experience high levels of congestion during the summer months.

You will come across minibuses that can transport you from the center of Bodrum and various neighborhoods directly to the entrance of Gündogan public beach. It takes around thirty minutes to reach Gündogan public beach, which is situated 22 kilometers away from Bodrum center. The stunning coastline and crystal-clear sea attract a large number of visitors to Gündogan public beach. To secure a good spot at this popular beach, it is advisable to arrive early. 


Gündoğan public beach, renowned for its extensive sandy shoreline, stands out as one of the top choices among Bodrum’s beaches. Due to the high concentration of summer vacationers in Gündoğan District, the beach tends to get quite crowded during the summer months.

During the summer season, visitors can enjoy the splendor of the sandy beach along with the tranquil and warm sea. The sea floor mirrors the sandy texture of the beach, and as you venture further into the sea, you’ll encounter a mossy terrain. However, the depth of this area is so profound that it won’t touch your feet.

How to Get to Gündoğan Public Beach : googlemaps

Yalıçiftlik Halk Plajı
Yalıçiftlik public beach provides an ideal environment sought after by families with children.


Yalıçiftlik public beach, situated 15 kilometers from the center of Bodrum, can be considered as an excellent choice for families with children seeking a delightful beach experience in Bodrum. The beach features a spacious and contemporary municipal cafe, managed by Bodrum Municipality, known as Yaliciftlik Municipality Cafe.

Just like in all cafes operated by Bodrum Municipality, we kindly ask that you refrain from bringing outside food and drinks to Yalıçiftlik Municipality Cafe. The prices at this municipal cafe are quite reasonable. Your cooperation in adhering to this simple request and showing your support is greatly appreciated. By visiting Yalıçiftlik Municipality Cafe, located on one of the finest public beaches in Bodrum, you are contributing to its clean and excellent services.

Yalıçiftlik public beach boasts an extensive stretch of sandy shoreline, complete with amenities such as sun loungers, showers, and changing cabins. It is worth noting that the use of sun loungers comes at a fee, with the cost set at 10 TL in 2022. Adjacent to the beach, visitors can find a lush wooded area and recreational spaces with grassy grounds. Additionally, within the municipality cafe, there is a generously sized playground catering to children.

Yalıçiftlik Halk Plajı
Yalıçiftlik Public Beach stretches along a lengthy coastline.
Yalıçiftlik Halk Plajı
Yalıçiftlik Public Beach is efficiently managed by a successful municipal enterprise.

During the summer season, this Bodrum public beach tends to get overcrowded due to its popularity as a regular business. However, the crowd may not be bothersome unless you are a couple seeking tranquility. As you walk towards the sea from the wide sandy beach, the sand gradually transitions into a gravel ground, which is not large enough to cause discomfort to your feet.

Version 1: It is worth noting that due to its location facing an open sea, Yalıçiftlik public beach experiences waves during windy periods. Despite the waves, the water remains consistently clean and clear. As you venture a few steps into the sea from the beach, you will notice its gradual deepening, indicating that it is not a shallow body of water. Adjacent to the beach, there is a concrete pier which often transforms into a lively event area for children and those seeking amusement.

To ensure a spot at Yalıçiftlik public beach, we highly recommend arriving early. Otherwise, you may encounter difficulties in finding a place.


The sea at Yalıçiftlik public beach is consistently choppy, even if only slightly. However, when strong winds blow, the waves become more intense. Regardless of how windy it is, the sea always maintains clear and clean water.

If you are seeking a shallow sea, we regret to inform you that the sea at Yalıçiftlik public beach is more suitable for families with children. Upon entering the sea from the beach, the water gradually deepens after a few steps. The seabed is sandy and scattered with small pebbles. This pebbly surface is gentle on your feet as you walk, allowing you to comfortably stroll barefoot.

How to Get to Yaliciftlik Public Beach : googlemaps

Camel Beach Bodrum
Camel Beach is widely regarded as one of the finest beaches in Bodrum by many individuals.


Camel Beach, located in Ortakent, is widely regarded as the most stunning public beach in Bodrum. To reach this picturesque destination, minibuses are available at the bus station for convenient transportation. As the name suggests, Camel Beach offers the unique experience of camel rides along its two-kilometer stretch, making it a distinctive attraction. 

Moreover, this beach stands out as one of the longest public beaches in Bodrum and boasts excellent organization. Visitors can also indulge in sailing and various water sports activities, further enhancing their beach experience on this blue flag beach.

Moreover, one of the essential activities in Bodrum is undoubtedly the boat tours. These tours always include a stop at Camel Beach, allowing you to witness its beauty firsthand. It would be unwise to visit Bodrum and not partake in a daily boat tour. For more in-depth knowledge on this matter, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide on Bodrum Boat Tours article.


Camel Beach boasts a shallow sea, making it an ideal destination for families with children. Its long stretch of sandy beach and stunning sea further contribute to its appeal as a secluded public beach. As the most sought-after public beach in Bodrum, it tends to get crowded during the summer months.

The shallow sea at Camel Beach also features a sandy bottom, ensuring a tranquil experience for visitors. Moreover, the public beach offers various amenities provided by local businesses, including sunbeds and showers, in exchange for food and beverage fees.

How to Get to Camel Beach Public Beach : googlemaps

Bodrum Yelken Cafe&Plaj
Yelken Cafe&Plaj, conveniently located near the center of Bodrum, is a municipal establishment offering affordable prices.


İçmeler beach is another highly recommended option for those visiting Bodrum. Located in close proximity to the city center, this beach is actually a bay with numerous hotels lining its shores. The main area of İçmeler beach is managed by the Sailing Club, which is operated by the Bodrum Municipality. To reach the Sailing Club, one can take a minibus from Bodrum bus station, which typically takes around 10 minutes. This beach is known for its popularity and tends to be quite crowded during the entire season. However, visitors can enjoy various amenities such as sun loungers and showers.

Given that the Sailing Club is a municipal establishment, its prices are considerably affordable in comparison to numerous other venues. The convergence of the mesmerizing sea, the array of amenities it provides, and the reasonable prices undoubtedly contribute to the beach being heavily frequented. If you plan on visiting the Sailing Club, it is highly recommended to arrive as early as feasible, as staying until noon may pose challenges in securing sunbeds.

When discussing İçmeler, it is important to mention that there is a secluded bay near the Sailing Club where no businesses operate. This bay is often frequented by people who prefer a tranquil environment, especially during the summer when some visitors set up tents. It is advisable to bring essentials like water and food when visiting this bay, as there are no amenities available and the nearest grocery store is quite a distance away.


Icmeler public beach boasts crystal clear waters. Yelken Cafe & Beach, which is municipally owned, enhances the beauty of the area. This establishment, run by the municipality, offers a variety of services at very reasonable prices. 

The beach itself is seven meters wide and around 50 meters long, making it an ideal spot for families with children. 

The sandy sea floor mirrors the coastline. While the sea may get a bit choppy during windy periods, its proximity to the center of Bodrum makes it a popular choice for sunbathing and swimming during the summer months.

How to Get to Icmeler Public Beach : googlemaps

We trust that you have gained insight into the public beaches of Bodrum. Nevertheless, it is imperative not to depart from Bodrum without exploring the extraordinary bays accessible through private boat tours. We highly advise you to peruse our article on the Exquisite Bodrum Bays and consider joining a tour to witness the splendor of these exceptional bays.

We sincerely hope that you will have the opportunity to enjoy your time at the stunning beaches of Bodrum at the earliest convenience. As you plan to visit the public beaches in Bodrum, we kindly request your cooperation in maintaining the cleanliness of these beautiful shores. It is crucial that you refrain from leaving any litter behind, as our dedicated staff may clean the area, but it is our collective responsibility to preserve the pristine condition of the beaches. In particular, we urge you not to dispose of your cigarette butts in the sand, as it can be harmful to the environment. We understand that you may encounter situations where trash cans are not readily available, but we encourage you to use a plastic bottle to safely extinguish your cigarettes and dispose of them in a proper trash can before leaving the beach.

Please ensure the cleanliness of Bodrum’s beaches, sea, and environment.

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Wishing you a delightful holiday with your loved ones.


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